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Best 10 Easter Advertising Campaign Ideas Of All Times

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With the right planning and execution, Easter has incredible potential as a sales season. Easter specials, discounts, and other treats can help you attract more customers. The first step is choosing the best channels to launch your Easter advertising strategies.

You can start preparing specific Easter marketing campaigns once you have a few platforms. Finding the best promotion ideas for 2024 is different from finding those for 2023 or earlier, even though there are many marketing campaign ideas online. You'll find 10 effective Easter marketing ideas in this article that you can use for your online store.


What Is Easter Day?

Christians rejoice in Easter because it symbolizes the accomplishment of Old Testament prophecies and the disclosure of God's salvific plan for all of humanity. Easter not only honors the Resurrection of Jesus but also the triumph of life over death and the promise of eternal life.

In 2023, U.S. consumers planned to spend around 24 billion U.S. dollars on the occasion, a considerable increase compared to 2022.

With 85% of Americans looking forward to celebrating Easter in 2023, it’s a fantastic opportunity to boost sales for any merchant.

Can Easter Be In March?

Yes, the first Sunday after the first full moon following the spring equinox should be designated as Easter. The Sunday between March 22 and April 25 can therefore be any Sunday.

This year's Easter is March 31, 2024 and merchants must not miss those sales.

What Products Customers Buy On Easter Day?

  1. Easter Rabbit
  2. Easter eggs
  3. Candy
  4. Meat
  5. Bread
  6. Toys
  7. Easter gift

10 Best Easter Marketing Ideas

Easter marketing campaigns frequently involve creating content or products with an Easter theme, launching sales or discounts, and utilizing the holiday to pique customers' interest and anticipation. It can appear in a variety of ways, such as Easter marketing ideas, social media campaigns, email marketing, and in-store displays.

The goal is to connect with and interact with consumers who are actively looking for Easter-related products and services, as well as to increase brand awareness and loyalty by fostering a favorable association between the brand and the Easter holiday. We’ve listed a few Easter marketing ideas for you to get inspired:

1. Easter marketing for your website

Easter marketing hotel chocolate


hotel chocolat home page


Easter marketing campaigns should be hosted on websites since they act as your company's online home. It's also one of the simplest to go all out for Easter because your business has the most control over its website.

Setting up the resources for website promotion ideas is the first step. The home page, specialized landing pages, and purchase "thank you" messages can all be decorated with Easter eggs and springtime hues. Planning, however, enables everything to line up.

Once you have the Easter marketing campaign assets, you do need to schedule the launch.

If you haven't gotten a website, try Shopify, a popular eCommerce website builder that small businesses can use to build online stores or sell products on third-party marketplaces or social media platforms.

2. Easter egg marketing on social media channels

Easter egg marketing on social media channels

Source: Instagram

Social media is a broad marketing medium that includes numerous specialized platforms. Although it's unlikely that your business will be present on every platform, you should have a few dedicated ones. You should concentrate your Easter egg marketing ideas here.

You can add Easter-themed elements to your various cover photos, profile pictures, and posts, just like your website. Not just your audience, but all platform users, can be the target of your Easter promotion ideas.

Most social media platforms have some form of post scheduling. This option lets you plan campaigns well in advance so that the Easter campaign idea requires less attention during your busy Easter season.

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3. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing

Source: Tiktok

Adidas and Bad Bunny - Easter Egg Influencer Campaign Example

Paying someone else to market your products to their audience is known as influencer marketing. However, payments aren't always made with cash. Some influencer marketing involves trading products or a portion of your audience for influence.

Finding influencers with audiences similar to those of your business is the foundation of influencer marketing. Additionally, it offers some original Easter promotion ideas. You can test your strategy using the influencers' audiences or you can copy an existing campaign idea.

Children's Day Magic Made Easy
Don't spend hours building the perfect Children's Day page from scratch. The Plushie template gives you a beautifully designed, high-converting page in just minutes. Make selling your cuddly plushies a breeze this holiday!

4. Easter advertising via PPC

Easter advertising via PPC


Pay-Per-Click, or PPC, is a method of advertising to particular client avatars. PPC typically uses specific demographic and keyword targeting rather than your current audiences. This might be where your company's funnels begin.

Changing up your PPC spending can have an impact on your success when discussing Easter marketing ideas. Find or hire someone to create a list of Easter-related keywords for your niche before the holiday. Then you can decide which ones might provide your campaigns with the highest return.

These words can also aid in the creation of Easter campaign concepts. Consider the scenario where Easter sales are not popular but Easter egg hunts are. In that case, you might want to base your marketing strategy on that data.

5. Run Special Easter Promotions

Easter is a time when people shop for deals and discounts in addition to eating a lot of chocolate, bunnies, and eggs.

sale badge on product grid on calpak online merchandising


Calpak uses large red badges to clearly show which of their products are on sale.

To make this known to deal-hungry consumers, create promotion banners for your homepage and place them above the fold.

An ad displaying a limited time special Easter sale

Source: strikingly

Given how brief the holiday season is, you can evoke a sense of urgency to encourage customers to act right away.

  • Use words and phrases like Limited time only, and Hurry on your homepage banner, or incorporate a countdown timer.
  • Make it clear which products are on sale no matter where a shopper is by including an icon or a badge on these items.

Ahead of time, be sure to communicate with potential customers via email or your social media platforms such as Shopify email, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, and more.

email marketing app shopify


An eye-catching Easter themed email pop up.


Surprise gifts at checkout

happy wagon product page


Surprise gifts are a fantastic Easter promotion idea. Most businesses accomplish this by including the gift in every shopper's basket throughout the promotion period. You could also set this up to function like a coupon code and then promote it in the banners outside your shop.

Easter gifts for minimal spending

An Easter ad encouraging customers to spend more money in order to receive a limited offer.


Throughout other seasons of the year, businesses frequently employ this Easter marketing strategy. Customers typically have to spend a certain amount of money in order to receive free products. People like these Easter promotion ideas because they believe they are getting something for nothing.

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6. Create Easter-themed collections

Create collections of Easter-themed items to help those who will be celebrating Easter get in the mood. Finding out what products consumers want for Easter celebrations is the first step.

top easter items | easter online merchandising ideas


During Easter, people buy a lot of clothing, candy, and presents. If you sell any of these items, they need to form the core of your stock. Use images with an Easter theme to prominently display the collection on your store's homepage. Choose images like bright Easter eggs, bunnies, and chicks to emphasize the joy of the occasion.

homepage merchandising with promotion banner on yummy bazaar online merchandising


Yummy Bazaar has curated an Easter collection that is shown on their homepage.

Children's Day Magic Made Easy
Don't spend hours building the perfect Children's Day page from scratch. The Plushie template gives you a beautifully designed, high-converting page in just minutes. Make selling your cuddly plushies a breeze this holiday!

7. Create a landing page

A landing page might be useful if you want to use several merchandising concepts over Easter. It's a fantastic way to upgrade your Easter-themed imagery without having to completely rebuild your website.

Use Easter-themed or springtime imagery and colors on this page, just like the homepage assets and your holiday-related collections.

Emphasize the specials you are running during the holiday. It's a good idea to include a countdown timer in case visitors arrive at the page before the sales start. If you plan to run a site-wide promotion, include links to all of your Easter-related collections as well as to the trending, featured, and new products.

landing page for spring sale on sephora online merchandising


To assist shoppers Sephora has created a landing page for visitors to easily browse through products up for sale. They use pastel shades to evoke springtime.

Using a page-building app is a great way to make your Easter landing page come to life with little hassle. PageFly could be a big help as it offers Shopify merchants complete design control thanks to its extensive and customizable design elements. It’s really simple to use as it employs a drag-and-drop system for page building. What’s more, there are more than 100 pre-made templates so you can create your Easter-themed landing page in an instant.

To save you time to launch your promotion and start generating conversions, this PageFly app brings you a large selection of stunning, fully responsive and easy-to-use Easter ad page templates with simple drag-and-drop technology. With PageFly, you will have all materials you need to create landing pages for any campaigns.

PageFly page builder dashboard

Source: PageFly Page Builder

8. Use social media to build up excitement

Social media can be an excellent tool for promoting your products and igniting consumer interest in your Easter advertising ideas. A campaign with lots of shareability will also aid in increasing awareness of your company's name and its goods.

Inform your followers of any discounts and special offers coming up for Easter. For your sales day, you might also try a daily countdown.

online merchandising easter puns ideas for social merchandising during easter


Run a Social Media Contest

People love to get involved with your business when there's a prize at the end! It's a fantastic way to connect with both existing and potential customers to ensure that they understand your brand. In order to encourage customers to share Easter-themed images or videos for a chance to win prizes, you could run a social media contest with an Easter theme.

An interesting example of utilizing user-generated content during Easter is the Cadbury's campaign shown below. Even their official Instagram hashtag (#cadburybunnytryouts) allows users to share their own versions You will see engagement with these campaigns across a variety of channels.

Cadbury's campaign


9. Limited edition Easter bundles

Bundles for Easter are a useful Easter marketing strategy. While bundles appeal to bargain hunters, making them limited edition increases their appeal to your audience. Bundles typically come with a small discount, but the discount does not have to be so great that you lose money.

Furthermore, you decide how the term-limited edition is used in your company. To encourage sales, you might set a cap on the number of bundles that are available and implement a first-come, first-served policy. The bundles could also be limited by a timeframe by your business.

An example of a limited time Easter gift basket given out by Mouth.


Since fewer people could own the products they buy, consumers are always more tempted by limited edition series. As a result, one of the essential strategies for developing the most effective Easter marketing campaigns for your business is to produce a limited edition item or series.

Creating 'product bundles' is easy with the right app. While some apps only offer one type of bundle, PickyStory lets you make more various types.

With a few clicks, you can group products together, display them on your site, track sales, and improve results. Stay tuned for a quick guide on how to get started:

Go to the Shopify app store and add the app to your store.

PickyStory app


10. Host a Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

Source: instagram

Hosting an online Easter egg hunt where your customers can look for hidden eggs to win prizes or discounts can be an entertaining idea. While you market your brand with an Easter campaign, it's an entertaining way for customers to spend time and get more involved with your online brand.

5 Easter Egg Marketing Campaign Examples

1. Banana Republic’s fun egg hunt experience

Easter Marketing Campaign ideas


When presenting their Easter campaign, Banana Republic adheres to the brand's traditional simple and clean lines.

This Easter campaign is entertaining, encourages subscribers to explore the brand's website for additional discounts, and offers a 40% discount to everyone. Everyone enjoys an Easter egg hunt, so the CTA is also catchy: "Start Hunting"!

2. Topman by Topshop

Topman by Topshop

Source: topshop

Given that it is a PacMan video game graphic, this humorous gif appeals to men and gets right to the point. With a clearly visible free shipping offer, it not only encourages customers to buy, but it also offers "massive" savings if you can find the Easter eggs hidden throughout Topman's website.

This Easter campaign breaks the mold by focusing on a particular customer group, men, with a CTA highlighted in the message's center.

3. IKEA’s DIY Easter bunny

The biggest challenge facing brands during Easter is figuring out how to fit into a market that isn't really theirs. The world over, everyone is aware of Ikea's claim to fame: flat packing! They also debuted their Vrkänsla, a flat-pack chocolate Easter bunny.

Along with the instructions for building the 3D chocolate bunny, Vrkänsla's packaging design is also a work of creativity. Due to its humorous creativity and success in luring customers into IKEA stores, this campaign has received significant attention on social media and in the media.

It is among the best illustrations of IKEA's digital marketing approach because it is accurate to the company's image, original, and enjoyable while enhancing what they are known for.

IKEA’s DIY Easter bunny


IKEA sticks to its flat-pack, low cost, self assembly mentality, even if it means you’ll have to build your chocolate Easter bunny all by yourself.

IKEA is renowned for its innovative marketing initiatives. IKEA increased its in-store traffic and garnered a significant amount of social media shares with this inventive and yet humorous product release.

4. Nestlé’s Alice in Wonderland

Instead of blatantly promoting Nestlé's goods, it was a warm Easter marketing campaign that emphasized the emotions we have about family holidays.

It can be challenging to promote food, particularly food that is connected to certain holidays. However, Nestlé is all too aware that celebrations, food, and of course, chocolate, are all about emotions. Therefore, the company created a touching short clip that combines family, the Easter holiday, chocolate, and one of our favorite stories from childhood, Alice in Wonderland!

5. Deliveroo | Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs

A very clever and good-looking marketing campaign! These colored, sparkly-ish three limited-ed eggs by Deliveroo will be purchasable through the mobile app in a select number of cities in the UK for a bargain price.

Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs


It is likely that the business is aware of its target market and has calculated that Game of Thrones fans will appreciate the service while placing an order for their preferred cuisine. The concept's originality plays to the popularity of Game of Thrones, and already a number of national news outlets have covered this story, giving the brands excellent exposure.

This is a perfect example of a follow-up to show how they are still promoting this campaign both online and offline.


You can run several marketing campaigns to boost sales during the Easter season. However, before selecting marketing ideas, you must determine the most advantageous channels to use. The platforms for Easter marketing campaigns have undergone significant change now.

You also have many distinct Easter marketing ideas available to you. The best Easter campaigns will appeal to your audience and attract new customers. You can do these using gifts, discounts, or any combination of the two throughout the Easter sales season with proper planning.

This Easter season, you can generate explosive following growth and sales numbers by combining the appropriate channel with the appropriate marketing idea for your target audience. Along the way, don't forget to enjoy the journey and the outcomes.

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