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An In-depth Review on Kalles Theme: Is It the Best Shopify Theme for Startups?

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A visually appealing and user-friendly Shopify theme can significantly impact the success of an online store. In fact, 38% of shoppers would stop interacting with your store and leave if the layout or content is boring. On the flip side, a well-designed and optimized theme can enhance the shopping experience, improve customer engagement, and ultimately boost sales.

In this in-depth review, we will explore one such theme: Kalles theme, a popular Shopify theme that claims to be perfect for startups and various eCommerce ventures. We'll delve into its features, design, performance, and suitability to understand if it's one of the best Shopify themes for startups. Whether you're a Shopify store owner, a developer, or someone interested in eCommerce themes, this guide aims to provide you with valuable insights into the Kalles Shopify theme.

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    Exploring the Kalles Theme: A Closer Look

    The Theme website

    When you are new to the world of eCommerce, it is important to choose a theme that is fuss-free and easy to use. And if you are a startup, you certainly don't want to end up spending a lot of your time and money on figuring out how a certain theme works. To ensure we give you accurate feedback on the Kalles Shopify theme, we decided to give it a try. And in this blog, we'll cover all the essentials of the theme based on our experience, including the pros and cons we noticed, and finally, whether this is the theme you are looking for.

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    Behind the Scenes of Kalles Theme: Who Created It?

    The Theme creator website

    The Kalles theme was developed by a team of talented designers and developers from The4, a reputable theme development company. They are also the brain behind some of the most popular Shopify themes, including Unsen, Basel, and Gecko. Having expertise in creating high-quality Shopify themes, poured their creativity and technical skills into crafting a theme that caters to the specific needs of startup online merchants.

    The Kalles Shopify theme is available for purchase on Themeforest, a popular marketplace for website templates and themes. Being a premium theme, it offers a range of exclusive features and designs that set it apart from many other Shopify themes, which we'll explain in the following sections.

    Discovering Kalles Theme’s Exclusive Layout Designs

    Theme layout design

    The Kalles theme's exclusive layout designs are a true standout feature that sets it apart from other Shopify themes in the market. This is also what makes it apt for any business, including a startup. Kalles offers a diverse range of over 50 pre-designed layouts that cater to various industries and niches. Whether you're running a fashion boutique, an electronics store, a beauty brand, or any other eCommerce business, there's a layout tailored to your specific needs.

    On purchasing the theme, users can access all home pages, inner pages, and elements that come bundled with the purchase of the theme. What we really loved about this theme is its mix-and-match feature that lets you choose different elements from different demo stores, a unique feature indeed!

    The categories the theme caters to are many and include fashion, furniture, electronics, sports, plants, etc. Each layout focuses on showcasing the target products with elegance and style. At the same time, the theme adopts a variety of forms to match the aesthetic requirements of the store. For example, if you run an electronics store, the Kalles theme layouts will provide you with sleek and modern options that highlight technological innovation.

    Who Can Benefit from Using the Kalles Theme?

    The Theme demo

    The Kalles theme is a versatile Shopify theme, and with its rich set of features, it makes it a suitable choice for a broad spectrum of users in the eCommerce space. Though we are analyzing its suitability for startups, the theme caters to large businesses or businesses with a high volume of sales.

    However, the primary audience for the Kalles theme remains to be startups and small businesses with an extensive collection of layouts and easy customization options. This enables them to quickly create a professional-looking store without the need for extensive design or development resources. 

    If you run a niche-specific store, the diverse layouts of this theme will enable you to create a stunning online storefront giving you a competitive edge in the market and enhancing user engagement.

    You can purchase the theme by visiting this link → Shopify Kalles theme.

    What is the Price for Kalles Theme?

    the theme price

    Kalles is a premium Shopify theme that comes at an affordable price. It offers two licensing options. Understanding these options is crucial when considering the purchase of the Kalles theme.

    The licensing options available for the Kalles theme on ThemeForest are typically categorized as follows:

    1. Regular License: The regular license is the most common and cost-effective option for individual website owners, startups, or small businesses. With this, you are granted the right to use the Kalles theme for a single-end product, which typically corresponds to one website or online store. This license allows you to customize and display the theme on a single domain, making it suitable for most small-scale applications. It is priced at $89.
    1. Extended License: The extended license is geared towards larger businesses, developers, or agencies that may need to use the Kalles theme for multiple projects or for clients. With the extended license, you are granted the same rights as the regular license but with the added advantage of using the theme in multiple end products. This option is suitable for those who require flexibility and versatility to use the theme across various websites or applications. The extended license is priced at $4,750.

    It is essential to carefully assess your business needs and goals before choosing the appropriate license for the Kalles theme. Additionally, the licensing options also include some standard terms and conditions that users must adhere to.

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    7 Attractive Features of Kalles Theme That We Loved

    • Stunning and Easy-to-Import Layouts

    Demo layout


    The Kalles theme stands out for its collection of stunning and easy-to-import layouts, making it effortless for store owners to create functional and aesthetically pleasing websites. You get 50+ pre-designed layouts, 50+ HTML files inclusive of images and graphics, 800+ Google fonts, and 25+ Shopify sections, allowing users to select a design and customize it to align it with their brand identity and product offerings.

    By simply importing the desired layout, users can quickly establish a professional-looking online store without the need for extensive design or coding skills. This feature is especially beneficial for startups and small businesses that may have limited resources for website development. Additionally, businesses in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle niches, where aesthetics play a crucial role in attracting customers, utilize this feature to create captivating and immersive shopping experiences.

    • Product Swatches

    Product Swatches

    Product swatches are a popular feature in modern eCommerce stores, and the Kalles theme incorporated this functionality pretty well. Product swatches allow customers to preview different color or style options of a product directly on the product listing page without having to navigate to individual product pages.

    You also get gallery and image swatch features as well in this, which enhance the user experience, making it easier for customers to visualize product variations and make quick purchase decisions. Fashion, apparel, and accessory stores, as well as home decor businesses offering products in multiple colors or patterns, benefit significantly from product swatches. It streamlines the product selection process and increases customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

    • 360-Degree Product Viewer

    360 view

    The 360-degree product viewer feature enables customers to interact with products as if they were holding them in their hands. With a simple click and drag, customers can rotate products 360 degrees, offering a comprehensive view of the item from all angles.

    This feature greatly enhances the online shopping experience, providing customers with a better understanding of the product's details, design, and quality. Stores specializing in electronics, furniture, or any product where a detailed examination is essential for the buying decision, make optimal use of this feature.

    • Sticky Product

    Sticky product

    The sticky product feature keeps essential product information, such as the "Add to Cart" button or pricing details, constantly visible as the customer scrolls down the page. This ensures that crucial elements remain accessible and within the user's reach at all times, even on lengthy product pages. The feature enhances user convenience and streamlines the buying process, reducing the need for customers to scroll back up to access any information.

    Online stores offering a diverse range of products, particularly those with lengthy product descriptions, benefit from this feature. Additionally, stores with a focus on mobile users, where screen space is limited, find the sticky product feature especially valuable.

    • Product Upsell

    add to cart

    As an eCommerce store owner, you might be familiar with this feature and its importance in nudging customers to make informed and quicker purchases. It helps in increasing the average order value of a customer's purchase. When a customer adds an item to their cart, the Kalles Shopify theme intelligently suggests relevant and complementary products that they may also be interested in.

    At the same time-bound, sales and offers also helps in getting customers to add that product to their cart and make a purchase before it the stock gets over. At the same time, it encourages customers to explore additional products and consider purchasing more items, ultimately increasing the store's revenue per transaction. Stores offering complementary products or bundles include fashion boutiques suggesting matching accessories or electronic stores promoting related gadgets.

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    • Instagram Lookbook

    Instagram lookbook

    The Instagram lookbook feature totally elevates the shopping experience with visually captivating content. By showcasing products in real-life contexts using Instagram's influential platform, it inspires customers and bridges the gap between aspiration and reality. Fashion brands, lifestyle stores, and home decor businesses can definitely benefit from this feature as it enhances brand identity and fosters brand loyalty.

    This feature extends the online store's reach beyond its website, tapping into social media's potential for customer acquisition and brand exposure. Seamlessly integrating social media and eCommerce, this innovative feature presents an authentic and inspiring shopping journey, driving sales and customer engagement.

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    • Storefront Filtering

    Storefront Filtering

    This unique feature is aimed at enhancing the browsing experience of customers, enabling them to quickly and efficiently view their products in different formats, such as large grids with improved focus on imagery, displaying products in vertical and horizontal formats, etc. Customers can also filter it further based on their liking, and this includes choosing the price range, colors, etc.

    This dynamic filtering system simplifies product navigation, making it easier for customers to find exactly what they're looking for without the need to scroll through numerous pages. Online stores with a large inventory and diverse product categories, such as fashion, electronics, or home decor, can capitalize on storefront filtering to improve user satisfaction and reduce bounce rates.

    Pros & Cons of Kalles Theme

    It's important to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the theme before making a purchase. And like any theme out there, Kalles' theme also comes with a few pros and cons. Let's take a look at some of them.


    • Kalles theme's biggest highlight is its wide array of stunning and easy-to-import layouts. This makes it easy for any users to create a captivating storefront with minimal effort.
    • The theme comes with tons of features, including multi-lingual support, one-click demo importer, 10+ product layout features, 50+ demo designs, catalog mode, a popup newsletter, and many more, enhancing both the merchant's and customer's experience.
    • Kalles provides an intuitive interface for customizing layouts, colors, and fonts, allowing users to tailor their online store to match their brand identity.
    • To make it perfectly suitable for startup owners and first-time eCommerce merchants, the theme comes with a "no coding" requirement to set up a fully functional store. And it is quite easy to edit and customize your store.
    Edit Image
    • The4 has 9+ years of experience in eCommerce, and hence all their Shopify themes are created keeping in mind specific user's preferences and likings. This is The4's highest-converting Shopify theme.
    • We found it particularly easy to use this theme, as you could mix and blend the best elements of different demo designs, and that too without any complexity.
    video looping
    • The theme is fully compatible with Growave, an all-in-one marketing platform for small and medium-sized Shopify businesses.
    • Kalles is a responsive Shopify theme, so you don't have to worry much about your mobile shopper's experience.


    • If you want to leverage the more advanced features of the theme, including the EComposer, you might need the help of an expert developer.
    • While there are many designs and layouts, there's not much uniqueness in them, as most of them are created to give merchants a hassle-free experience in creating storefronts. Hence, you might find all demo designs similar to one another.
    • While Kalles offers valuable features, the extended license's price tag may be a drawback for budget-conscious users seeking a more cost-effective solution.
    • The extended support comes at a price, which may not be something startups could afford, especially if they have taken the extended license; the 12 months of extended support comes at a whopping $1500 additional.

    Is Kalles Theme Fast and Responsive?

    The website claimed that the theme's page loading speed is less than 3 seconds. While many themes make similar promises, most often, the truth is far from it. So, we decided to put two different demo pages of the store to test. We weren't disappointed to see our demo store running on the Kalles theme give a promising loading speed of 1.7 seconds! This is definitely an impressive number, and you can take a look at it below:

    • The homepage, showed promising results when we ran the theme on our demo store with a page loading speed of 1.7 seconds. That's definitely quick and fast. However, the overall performance was at an average of 57.
    Pagespeed Insight for Kalles theme Homepage
    Pagespeed Insight for Kalles theme Productpage
    • Then we ran the product page and got a speed of 1.7 seconds with an improved performance score of 73.

    This confirms their claim, making Kalles theme truly fast-loading. We also tried out the overall theme experience on mobile, and it was nothing short of the best, with quick loading of pages and easy browsing. 

    Mobile view

    Kalles Theme: Customer Reviews and Support

    The Kalles theme is very well appreciated and loved by merchants out there. Here are some of the reviews from ThemeForest and HeyCarson:

    Discover and access trustworthy reviews of the Kalles theme to facilitate well-informed decision-making.

    Review for customizability
    Review for customer support
    overall review

    Most of the feedback and reviews were regarding their exceptional customer service and support, and they are available 24/7 for all customer queries. They also provide extensive documentation to help customers throughout their eCommerce journey with The4.

    4 Types of Stores That Will Excel With Kalles Theme

    During our time testing out this theme, we found four different types of stores that the Kalles theme can work well with. Here are they:

    Fashion and Lifestyle Stores

    Fashion and lifestyle store

    With its emphasis on aesthetics and modern design, the theme allows fashion stores to showcase their products in an alluring and stylish manner. The product swatches feature enables displaying various color and style options, catering to the diverse preferences of fashion-conscious customers. Moreover, the lookbook and catalog features let clothing stores and fashion boutiques present their products in real-life contexts, inspiring shoppers and creating a seamless connection between the brand and its target audience.

    Electronics Stores

    Electronic store

    Kalles theme's advanced customization options and responsive design make it an ideal choice for electronics stores. The theme's sleek and modern layouts perfectly complement electronic gadgets and tech products. The moving CTA grabs the attention of the shoppers and pushes them to make a purchase while not having to scroll down or up to find the info they are looking for.

    Furniture Stores

    furniture store

    Kalles theme's diverse layouts cater to various aesthetics, making it well-suited for home decor and furniture shops. The theme's elegant and calming design allows home decor businesses to present their products compelling and aspirationally. With the theme's flexibility in customization, home decor shops can personalize their online store to match their brand identity.

    Sports Stores

    sport store

    The theme's versatility extends to sports stores, making it an excellent choice for businesses in the athletic and fitness industry. The theme's dynamic layouts and modern design elements cater to the energetic and active lifestyle associated with sports products. The sticky product feature could be specifically helpful here, ensuring essential product details, such as sizes and prices, remain easily accessible while customers explore sports gear and equipment.

    Key Takeaway

    To conclude, the Kalles theme is an exceptional theme option for Shopify store owners who are just starting off and needs stunning layouts and advanced customization at an affordable price tag. It caters to diverse businesses, from fashion boutiques to electronics and plant stores. Without compromising on responsiveness or the speed of the theme, Kalles offers a one-of-a-kind experience to its merchants, making it a reliable choice for startups and small businesses looking to establish a strong online presence.

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