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Broadcast Theme Shopify: Unleashing Sales Potential or Falling Short? An In-Depth Review

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When was the last time that you visited an online store to purchase something, and you were welcomed with something that's nongeneric? Most of the time, first-time online store owners get into the habit of doing what other online merchants are doing with their digital storefronts. It's always the same boring layouts, color palettes, and of course, not-so-great product imagery.

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Trust us, a poor-quality website can significantly affect the purchasing decision of a buyer, no matter how good the product might be. Now, if you are looking for a theme that can increase your store's potential, then you probably need something like the Broadcast theme Shopify. We will cover everything about the Broadcast theme in this blog, so you can assess its suitability for your store and understand if it is the right Shopify theme for amplifying your store sales.

Exploring the Broadcast Theme Shopify

Improving the sales of your business might sound easy, but in reality, it can be a bit tricky. It definitely goes beyond the theme and your products. With the Broadcast theme Shopify, you get a store that is designed to convert mobile traffic with rich features including color swatches, sticky headers for seamless navigation, and recommended products, all incentivized for sales o. Packed with over 20 sections, the theme equips store owners like you to launch your websites rapidly.

Pre-built content pages, such as About, Story, FAQ, and Contact, make it easy for you to customize your store and convey your brand story effortlessly. It also offers one-click add-to-cart functionality, product upsells, and robust promotional features that ensure your customers have a seamless journey from discovery to purchase, all within a visually captivating interface.

Who Created the Broadcast Theme Shopify?

Invisible themes, who created the Broadcast Theme Shopify
Image Credits: Invisible Themes

The mastermind behind the Broadcast theme Shopify is a theme development brand called Invisible Themes. It isn't a popular theme developer, and Broadcast theme is their one and only Shopify theme. And yet, the Broadcast Shopify theme is a premium offering with top-notch functionalities and visual elements.

Where to Find the Broadcast Theme

The Broadcast Theme is available for exploration and purchase on the official Shopify Themes marketplace. This marketplace serves as a hub for entrepreneurs and businesses seeking themes that can transform their online stores into engaging and sales-driven platforms.

You can also visit the theme page directly by clicking on the link here → Broadcast theme Shopify

4 Unique Theme Styles of the Broadcast Shopify Theme

Here are 4 outstanding style offerings from the Broadcast theme of Shopify:


The Clean style of the Broadcast theme

The Clean style of the Broadcast theme Shopify has a minimalistic sophistication in it. With a focus on simplicity and clarity, this style showcases your products in an uncluttered environment. Clean lines, ample white space, and a subdued color palette highlight the elegance of your products, making them a perfect choice for premium or luxury brands. This style is also great for businesses aiming to convey a sense of refinement and purity.


The modern style of the Broadcast theme

The Modern style, like the name suggests, is a testament to contemporary and modern design aesthetics. Sleek layouts and dynamic visuals of this style will help you capture the essence of present-day trends. With a neat and white background space, contrasting headers, and stunning imagery, you can make a bold statement, ensuring that your products leave a lasting impact on visitors.

Whether you're in the fashion, technology, or lifestyle niche, the Modern style creates a visual narrative that resonates with the modern consumer's preferences.


The bold style of the Broadcast theme

The Bold style of the theme is tailored for brands that wish to stand out from the rest. Similar whitespace usage to the other styles is combined with retro and bold style typography, vibrant colors, and striking imagery. This style commands attention and lets your customers understand your brand style at a quick glance. It's the perfect choice for brands that want to break away from the ordinary and make a statement.

Budget-Friendly Premium Theme
Blum equips your store with premium features like blazing-fast speed and mobile-first design, all at an affordable price.


The bright style of the Broadcast theme

The Bright style infuses your store with vibrancy and cheerfulness. Radiating energy through its lively color palette and playful design elements, this style is ideal for brands that want to create an engaging and inviting atmosphere. Whether you're selling products related to wellness, children's items, or anything that sparks joy, the Bright style resonates with customers for an uplifting shopping experience.

Is the Broadcast Theme For You?

The Broadcast theme is a versatile and dynamic solution designed to cater to a diverse range of e-commerce ventures. It is particularly suitable for those who seek a seamless fusion of aesthetics and functionality. Its power-packed conversion-focused features are a big plus for brands looking to transform their store from scratch and turn it into a sales machine. It's an excellent match for businesses across various niches, including fashion, lifestyle, technology, and more.

Broadcast Shopify Theme Cost and Free Trials

The Broadcast Theme is priced at $360, positioning it as a premium solution for those seeking a polished and effective online store. However, it comes with an unlimited trial period. This means you can fully explore the theme's capabilities and customize it to fit your brand identity without any rush or pressure. You will only have to pay the one-time price of $360 when you publish your store with the theme.

Price Evaluation

When considering the price of the Broadcast Theme, its comprehensive features, innovative design, and potential impact on sales must be taken into account. The unlimited trial further adds value, allowing you to make an informed decision without a time constraint.

However, it is important to note that the theme doesn't come with any additional third-party app integrations or theme update installations. If you want to customize the theme further, you will need to seek the help of a Shopify Expert, which comes at an additional cost.

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5 Outstanding Features of the Shopify Broadcast Theme

While the Shopify Broadcast theme offers tons of features, there are a few that are integral for the proper functioning of a store. And they are:

In-menu Promos

The in-menu promos

The Broadcast theme's in-menu promo feature is a strategic element that places promotional content directly within your store's navigation menu. This includes attention-grabbing banners, announcements, and exclusive offers seamlessly integrated into the menu options.

How It Helps Merchants:

  • By positioning promos within the navigation menu, you capture customers' attention as they navigate. This immediate exposure boosts the visibility of your promotions.
  • Important messages, such as ongoing sales or new arrivals, can be communicated effectively without disrupting the browsing experience.
  • Prominent promos during navigation encourage customers to act swiftly, increasing the likelihood of conversions and sales.
  • In-menu promos also help you to shape customers' browsing journeys.

Stock Counter

the theme stock counter

A stock counter feature tracks and displays the real-time availability of a product's inventory to customers. It provides a dynamic count of the remaining items in stock, ensuring customers are informed about product availability.

How It Helps Merchants:

  • The stock counter instills a sense of urgency among customers by displaying the limited quantity of a product. This can encourage quicker purchasing decisions.
  • You can be transparent about product availability, minimizing potential frustration from customers attempting to purchase out-of-stock items.
  • Gain insights into which products are popular and may need restocking, aiding efficient inventory management.

Slide-out Cart

side-out cart

The Slide-out cart presents a convenient and user-friendly way for customers to view and manage their selected items before finalizing their purchase. This cart slides out from the side of the screen, allowing customers to effortlessly interact with their chosen products.

Budget-Friendly Premium Theme
Blum equips your store with premium features like blazing-fast speed and mobile-first design, all at an affordable price.

How It Helps Merchants:

  • Customers can easily access a summary of their selected items without navigating to a separate page, enhancing convenience and reducing friction.
  • It allows customers to proceed to checkout directly from the cart, streamlining the buying process and potentially boosting conversion rates.
  • Merchants can highlight special offers, upsell items, or showcase related products within the cart, ensuring customers don't miss out on additional purchasing opportunities.
  • With a clear overview of their items and total, customers are more likely to complete their purchase instead of abandoning it due to confusion or surprises during checkout.


the pre-order section

The pre-order functionality enables merchants to offer products for purchase before they are officially released or restocked. Customers can reserve these items in advance, ensuring they secure their desired products as soon as they become available.

How It Helps Merchants:

  • Pre-order allows merchants to gauge the demand for upcoming products, aiding in inventory planning and production decisions based on customer interest.
  • You can generate revenue before the products are physically in stock, helping to cover production costs and reduce financial risk.
  • Customers appreciate the opportunity to secure highly anticipated items in advance, leading to increased loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Pre-orders create a sense of exclusivity and anticipation, driving excitement and hype around upcoming product launches.

Before/After Image SliderBefore/After Image Slider

The before/after image slider, a compelling addition to the Broadcast theme, allows you to showcase visual transformations through a dynamic slider. Customers can compare the "before" and "after" states of products or services, gaining insights into the transformative effects.

How It Helps Merchants:

  • Effectively convey the impact of their products or services by presenting tangible visual evidence of transformations.
  • Customers gain a clear understanding of the potential outcomes, making informed decisions based on real-life examples.
  • The interactive nature of the slider captivates customers' attention, encouraging them to explore the showcased transformations in detail.
  • Before/after comparisons provide authenticity and credibility, assuring customers of the effectiveness and value of the offerings.
  • Customers can confidently anticipate the results of their purchase, reducing uncertainty and potentially boosting conversions.
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    Pros & Cons of Broadcast Theme You Need to Know of

    Before choosing any theme, it is critical to know what its advantages and disadvantages are. So, here are some of the pros and cons of the Broadcast theme Shopify:


    • Having explored the Broadcast theme extensively, it's evident that its visually captivating designs immediately grab visitors' attention, elevating the overall appeal of your store.
    • The range of styles, from Clean to Bold, is a remarkable advantage. This variety ensures compatibility with diverse niches and brand identities.
    • The theme's feature-rich toolkit, including animations, image hotspots, product videos, and trust badges, helps merchants to craft engaging and highly functional stores.
    • The theme's responsive designs ensure seamless shopping experiences on any device.
    • The overall interface is intuitive and easy to use. For simple and minimalistic websites, you don't need any technical knowledge or previous experience.
    broadcast theme review
    broadcast theme positive review


    • While the Broadcast theme's wealth of features is a definite plus, it's important to note that there might be a learning curve for newcomers if they are looking to build a highly customizable store. This would also include the need for coding knowledge for taking advantage of the extensive list of feature the theme has to offer.
    • The theme's extensive customization options can occasionally lead to complexity, potentially overwhelming those seeking simpler setups.
    • While the theme is generally optimized, some fine-tuning might be required for optimal loading speeds. This includes additional optimizing your high-resolution images and videos, that can significantly affect your site speed. It's an aspect worth looking into.
    • The support only encompasses bug fixes, theme settings, and features. It does not extend to third-party app integrations or theme update installations.

    Is the Broadcast Theme Fast?

    On the theme page, we noticed that they have mentioned how the theme is optimized for mobile and speed, and even that it is faster on mobile. Having a high-performing store on both desktop and mobile is critical, so we decided to analyze this claim with the help of Google Pagespeed Insights.

    We ran two of the theme's demos tores - Clean and Bright on Google Pagespeed and got the following results:

    • The Bright style showcased a below-average performance on mobile with a performance score of 51/100 and a speed index of 7.6 seconds. For the clean style, too, the performance on the mobile was rather disappointing, with a performance score of 49 and a speed index of 10.2 seconds.
    the bright style of the broadcast theme in pagespeed test
    the bright style of the broadcast theme in pagespeed test (mobile)
    • The Bright style's performance on the desktop was considerably better than the mobile, with a score of 75/100 and a speed index of 3.2 seconds. It was almost similar to the Clean style, too, with a speed index of 2.6 seconds and a performance score of 72.
    the clean style in pagespeed test (desktop)
    the clean style in pagespeed test (mobile)

    However, during our browsing experience on the demo stores, both desktop and mobile versions, we did not face any delays or long page loading times. There are various factors that can affect the loading speed of your site, so it is important to take them into account when you build your store with the Broadcast theme.

    Are There Any Alternatives?

    For merchants considering alternatives, themes like Electro and Blum offer distinct features and aesthetics, catering to various preferences and business needs. You can also check out the Canopy Shopify theme and Empire Shopify theme as alternatives. These two themes cater to large inventory stores and offer similar features and visual elements.

    4 High-Converting Shopify Stores Powered by Broadcast

    Here are 4 brands that have aced their digital storefronts using the Broadcast theme:

    Satya Jewelry

    Satya Jewelry Shopify Stores Powered by Broadcast theme

    Satya Jewelry's website reflects the brand's essence with elegance. The layout showcases their exquisite jewelry pieces with a clean and modern touch. The theme's multi-style options allowed them to align their unique aesthetic seamlessly. Moreover, the site's easy navigation enhances the overall shopping experience.

    • The store leverages the theme's 'Quick Add' feature to help customers shop quickly and more efficiently.
    • The high-resolution imagery, coupled with the image rollover feature, enables customers to view multiple product photos without having to click on them.
    • The grid-style layout of the product page is also impressive.



    Dillion's skincare store, designed using the Broadcast theme, effortlessly aligns with its brand identity, allowing its skincare products to take center stage. The layout's thoughtful organization aids in highlighting product benefits, while its user-friendly interface contributes to a smooth shopping journey that reflects the brand's commitment to quality.

    • The store uses the cart note feature to add specific messages about their order to the merchant.
    • Slide-out cart is used to show all the relevant details about your cart items without redirecting you to another page.

    Sur Coffee

    Sur Coffee

    Sur Coffee's website encapsulates the brand's ethos beautifully. The store sells coffee, goods, and apparel. bold and vibrant style of the theme resonates with the energy of their specialty coffee offerings. The layout is structured for easy exploration, immersing visitors in the world of coffee. The use of striking visuals and clear sections enhance the site's appeal, making it an engaging destination for coffee enthusiasts.

    • The store has an intuitive image zoom feature.
    • Cross-selling through the "You May Also Like" section on the product page.
    • Sur Coffee also has a sticky header, so the customer can navigate easily.



    Dame is an award-winning sustainable period care brand that sells pads, pants, applicators, and much more. The theme's versatility is evident as it seamlessly adapts to Dame's unique identity. With its bright and modern style, the theme allows for a comfortable browsing experience. The layout elegantly presents their products for their audience interested in self-care and intimacy products.

    You can spot these features in the store:

    • In-depth description and product information so customers know what exactly they can expect from their product.
    • Offer blocks to highlight special offers and shipping policies are used on the product page.
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    Final Verdict

    Undoubtedly, the Broadcast theme proves a resounding "yes" in terms of value. The theme presents an opportunity for businesses to invest in a platform that can significantly influence their online success, and the combination of its price and trial makes this investment all the more compelling. Adapting the theme to your business needs is key, as its diverse options might entail a learning curve for beginners. And since the demo stores didn't show significant results in regards to speed, it is always ideal to check out the free trial and ensure your theme is well-optimized.

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