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Is Symmetry Theme Shopify the Ultimate Choice for In-Person Selling? A Comprehensive Review

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The choice of a Shopify theme can significantly impact the success of an online store, especially when it comes to in-person selling experiences. Imagine stepping into a store where every detail feels just right – the colors, the layout, the ambiance – all meticulously designed to captivate and engage. Now, picture this as an online store. A theme helps you craft a similar valuable and engaging experience for your site visitors in your online store.

In order to make the best out of this and deliver an impeccable shopping experience for your customers both online and offline, you need a theme like Symmetry.

This Symmetry theme Shopify review will help you understand the theme in-depth and its potential as the ultimate choice for in-person selling. By reviewing features, theme speed and feedback, we're diving deep to uncover what sets it apart. Let's start!D

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A Close Look at the Symmetry Shopify Theme

Try Symmetry Theme

A theme is the face of your business, influencing how customers perceive your brand and navigate your products. This is where the Shopify Symmetry theme steps in as a game-changer.

Designed to drive sales and create an impactful online presence, the Symmetry theme is tailored for businesses that understand the importance of aesthetics and user experience.

As a top-selling theme, it offers a versatile range of highly customizable drag-and-drop sections and features. These elements help you to shape your online store according to your brand's identity and your customers' needs.

With powerful filters designed to enhance conversions, the Symmetry theme Shopify is an ideal fit for various types of stores.

Creator of Symmetry Theme Shopify

Clean Canvas - The creator of Symmetry Theme Shopify

Clean Canvas excels in pushing design boundaries, evident in the meticulous creation of the Symmetry Theme. As an established theme partner, Cleancanvas consistently delivers themes that elevate brand presence and empower businesses to thrive in the competitive digital landscape.

Clean Canvas, the creative force behind the Symmetry theme, has carved a niche for itself in the world of Shopify theme development. They are one of the leading Shopify Theme Partners with over 11 years of experience and a portfolio brimming with high-end premium themes for all types of merchants.

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Other Popular Themes by Cleancanvas

A gif showing Other Popular Themes by Cleancanvas

Beyond Symmetry, Clean Canvas has gifted the e-commerce world with a collection of notable themes. Some of them include:

  • Enterprise
  • Boost
  • Mode
  • Showcase
  • Canopy
  • Alchemy
  • Expression
  • Masonry

All these themes have unique design languages and feature sets. This consistency across their portfolio reinforces the reliability and quality Clean Canvas brings to the table.

Where to Find the Symmetry Theme

For those eager to check out the Symmetry theme's magic, a visit to the Shopify Themes marketplace will lead you to its digital doorstep. This is where you can explore the range of styles Clean Canvas has to offer and choose the one that aligns best with your brand identity and goals.

If you're keen to explore its capabilities, you can find more information about the various styles and features it offers by visiting the following link: Symmetry theme.

Symmetry Theme: Who Is It For?

The Symmetry theme Shopify is tailored to cater to a wide spectrum of businesses, making it a compelling option for a diverse range of entrepreneurs and merchants.

However, based on the highlight features, we find that the theme is best suited for fashion and beauty brands seeking to captivate style enthusiasts. The theme offers customizable features that adapt to your specific niche and aesthetic preferences.

What is the Cost of the Symmetry Theme?

The cost of Symmetry theme is $340

The Symmetry Theme, with its rich set of features and customizable elements, comes at a one-time price of $360. This investment offers businesses access to a well-crafted theme that can potentially revolutionize their online presence, enhancing their in-person selling experience.

Are There Any Free Trials Available?

Yes, Clean Canvas understands the significance of allowing users to explore the theme's potential before making a commitment. As a result, they offer unlimited free trials, enabling businesses to delve into the theme's various styles and features well before they purchase the theme. This trial period also allows users to experience firsthand how the theme aligns with their brand identity and in-person selling goals.

Is the Cost of the Theme Reasonable?

Price explain of the theme

Considering the comprehensive package of features that the Symmetry theme presents, the cost of $360 is average. It provides access to a range of customizable features enabling visual storytelling, in addition to its conversion-focused features, including cross-selling, promo banners, and quick buy elements.

The Symmetry Theme's potential to enhance brand presence, engage customers, and drive sales makes the cost a worthwhile investment for businesses seeking a competitive edge in the digital space.

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4 Exclusive Style Offerings by Symmetry Theme

The Symmetry theme isn't just a one-size-fits-all solution. Here are the 4 styles offered by the theme:


Beatnik - a style of the theme

The Beatnik style is a visual symphony of minimalism and sophistication. With its clean lines, ample white space, and uncluttered layout, Beatnik represents a sense of timeless elegance. This style is perfect for businesses seeking to highlight their products against a backdrop of white. The overall layout is neat, and the navigation is intuitive and straightforward, guaranteeing your store visitors an exceptional experience.


Chantilly - a style of the theme

If Beatnik represents simplicity, then the Chantilly style exudes opulence and luxury. Chantilly's lavish design features intricate details, rich textures, and an aura of grandeur. This style is tailor-made for businesses dealing in high-end products, offering an ambiance that mirrors the experience of entering a high-fashion boutique.

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Duke - a style of the theme

For those who dare to stand out, the Duke style offers a contemporary and bold approach. Duke's modern design incorporates strong visual elements, striking typography, and a vibrant color palette. Ideal for businesses looking to make a statement, Duke is a perfect fit for brands with edgy and progressive identities. Its dynamic layout and vibrant aesthetics contribute to an energetic and captivating browsing experience.

Salt Yard

Salt Yard - a style of the theme

Balancing tradition with a touch of modernity, the Salt Yard style offers a versatile visual language. Salt Yard's design is characterized by its harmonious blend of classic and contemporary elements. The theme gives immense priority to product imagery, giving customers a true sense of what the brand has to offer right from the very second they enter the store.

5 Best Features of the Symmetry Theme Shopify

The theme offers multiple powerful features. Overall, here are 5 of the best features of the Symmetry Shopify theme that might impress you:

In-cart Recommendations

In-cart recommendations

This feature enhances the shopping experience by displaying product recommendations to customers when they have added a product to the cart, or they are viewing their shopping cart before checkout. These recommendations are based on the items already added to the cart, suggesting complementary or related products that might interest the customer.

How It Helps Shopify Merchants

In-cart recommendations capitalize on the customer's intent to make a purchase by presenting them with additional products that enhance their shopping journey.

  • Contributes to a personalized shopping experience.
  • It's an effective tool for cross-selling, allowing merchants to promote products that are likely to be used together or add value to the customer's original selection.
  • Encourages additional purchases.
  • The feature keeps customers engaged even as they're finalizing their purchases, offering a chance to discover more from the store.
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    Long-form Homepage

    The theme long-form homepage

    The long-form homepage is a dynamic element within the Symmetry theme that allows Shopify merchants to create a visually engaging and comprehensive homepage with multiple sections of content. Unlike a traditional homepage layout, which might feature only a few key elements, the long-form layout extends vertically, accommodating various types of content and storytelling.

    How It Helps Shopify Merchants

    • Long-form layouts excel in presenting a brand's story and ethos.
    • With the extended space, merchants can showcase a variety of content formats, from images and videos to testimonials and product highlights, increasing visitor engagement.
    • The feature accommodates detailed information about products and services.

    Reorderable Homepage Rows

    Reorderable homepage rows

    The reorderable homepage rows feature is the customization of the layout of the homepage by rearranging sections, such as products, blog posts, and promotional content, in any desired order. This flexible functionality allows merchants to create a personalized and visually appealing homepage that aligns with their specific brand narrative.

    How It Helps Shopify Merchants

    This puts merchants in the driver's seat when it comes to curating their homepage's visual journey.

    • The feature provides agility in adjusting the homepage layout to reflect current business priorities and engage visitors effectively.
    • Merchants can craft a narrative by organizing sections in a sequence.
    • Easily promote limited-time offers, seasonal collections, or new arrivals by featuring them prominently in the desired order.

    Horizontal Product Tabs

    Horizontal product tabs

    This feature offers a user-friendly and organized way to present a variety of product categories or collections on a single page, mostly the product page. In addition to the vertical scrolling, this feature presents products in a tabbed format horizontally, allowing visitors to easily navigate between different sections without the need for excessive scrolling.

    How It Helps Shopify Merchants

    • Horizontal tabs promote intuitive navigation, making it easy for visitors to switch between different categories or collections.
    • By reducing clutter and optimizing content organization, this feature maintains a clean and visually appealing layout.
    • Visitors are more likely to explore different product categories when they're presented in an organized and accessible manner.

    Live Search

    The theme live search

    It enhances the search functionality on your Shopify store by providing real-time search results as users type in the search bar. As users input keywords or product names, the system instantly displays relevant products, categories, and pages in a dropdown menu.

    How It Helps Shopify Merchants

    Live search significantly improves the user experience by reducing the time and effort visitors spend searching for specific products or information.

    • Visitors can quickly discover products without having to load a separate search results page.
    • The feature's autocomplete suggestions can guide users toward popular or relevant search terms, optimizing the search experience.

    Pros & Cons of Symmetry Theme

    Before choosing any theme, you need to know its benefits and drawbacks to make an informed decision. So here are some of the pros and cons of Symmetry theme Shopify that might help you make the right choice:


    • The range of customizable designs helps businesses establish a professional and captivating online presence.
    • The theme's seamless mobile responsiveness is a game-changer, ensuring an engaging experience for customers on various devices.
    • Features like quick buy, in-cart recommendations, and live search have affirmed their capacity to enhance user experience and significantly boost conversions.
    • Symmetry's array of style offerings accommodates diverse business types.
    • Clean Canvas, the creators of Symmetry theme Shopify, live up to their reputation with responsive customer support and consistent updates.


    • There might be a learning curve, especially for those less familiar with Shopify or web design, when customizing the theme.
    • While the theme's performance remains solid, we noted that extensive customizations and additional elements can impact loading times.
    • For extensive customizations, you might need additional help from Shopify Experts. Clean Canvas recommends Taskhusky, that comes at an additional cost based on your requirements.
    • The comprehensive package comes at a price. While the Symmetry theme offers substantial value, the price point might be higher in comparison to certain other themes.

    Is the Symmetry Theme Fast?

    Now coming to the ultimate question - is the Symmetry theme Shopify fast? Like all other Shopify themes, the Symmetry theme too meets Shopify's performance standards, ensuring a faster shopping experience for your buyers.

    But, there was nothing mentioned regards to this on their webpage, so we decided to put it to the test. We tested two of Symmetry's demo stores - Beatnik and Duke and got the following results.

    On mobile, the performance of the Beatnik store was mediocre, with a score of 66/100 and a speed index of 7.6 seconds. On the desktop, however, the performance was exceptional, with an overall score of 95/100 and a speed index of 1.9 seconds which means it is quick loading.

    The pagespeed test of the theme on mobile devices
    The pagespeed test of the theme on desktop devices

    The performance was almost similar for the Duke store as well, with a performance score of 97 on desktop and 64 on mobile.

    It's important to note that the loading speed of the Symmetry Theme can vary based on individual customizations, content, and app integrations. Conducting a performance test using Google PageSpeed Insights is recommended to identify specific speed optimization opportunities.

    If your focus is on a higher-performing store with quicker loading speeds and a similar style, then the Blum theme is a good option. It is perfect for businesses seeking a clean and sophisticated online presence.

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    What Symmetry Theme Users Has to Say300+ reviews of the theme

    The Symmetry theme has over 300 reviews, of which 90% are positive reviews. Going through the reviews and understanding the existing users' point of view on the theme can also help in decision-making.

    Discover and read unbiased Symmetry theme reviews to make informed decisions.

    Cuddle Decor reviewed Shopify symmetry theme
    Generayxion reviewed Shopify symmetry theme

    After carefully reviewing some of the reviews by Symmetry theme users, we found out that the theme is doing an exceptional job at a few critical things that the customers love. They include:

    • Clean Canvas's exceptional customer service.
    • The easy-to-use interface and the layouts.
    • Sales-promoting features for better conversions.
    • Great customizations.

    PageFly Verdict

    Symmetry is a compelling theme that offers numerous features, enhancing the storytelling experience for visitors. Priced reasonably, this theme represents a worthwhile investment. Additionally, merchants have the option to select from four distinct styles, coupled with commendable support from the theme developers.

    Despite certain limitations, including restricted customization options and moderate performance on mobile devices, Symmetry remains a worthy consideration.

    4 Businesses Thriving with the Symmetry Theme

    Here are 4 stores that are excelling with the Symmetry theme:

    Wall Encyclopedia

    Wall Encyclopedia shopify store

    Wall Encyclopedia, a hub for fun and curated art-based products, leverages the theme's versatility through elegant layouts and strategic placement. The website showcases posters, frames, and other artsy learning materials for kids. The theme effortlessly melds aesthetics with functionality, making it easy to discover new and unique products. They use a wide range of features offered by the theme, including the promo pop-ups as well as the "You May Also Like' section for cross-selling.


    Roark shopify store

    Roark is a brand synonymous with adventure and exploration, and the brand found a digital home in the Symmetry theme. Tailored for their outdoor apparel for both men and women, the website showcases products with captivating imagery and an intuitive interface, embodying the spirit of Roark's journey-driven ethos. We loved the full-width slide images for the banner, and the playful layout of the images, a stunning feature of the Symmetry theme.

    Make My Lemonade

    Make my lemonade a shopify store

    Make My Lemonade is a European fashion brand with a creative flair. The store employs the Symmetry theme to exude its personality. With an intuitive design, the website offers an engaging platform for customers to explore their dynamic range of fashion and lifestyle products. Apart from the quick buy feature of the symmetry theme, you can also see how the brand has utilized the reorderable homepage rows to display a wide range of content, including the linking of their Instagram account, the location of their store, a section with content for persuading customers to subscribe to their brand, and many more.


    Sepulcro a shopify store

    Sepulcro is a captivating online fashion boutique that leverages the Symmetry theme to its fullest potential. The store seamlessly blends style with user experience by showcasing its unique apparel collection against a white background to catch the eye of the customers, creating an immersive shopping journey for fashion enthusiasts. The store does an excellent job with cross-selling through the in-cart recommendations feature of the theme.

    Key Takeaways

    Symmetry theme is a versatile powerhouse, offering businesses a ticket to immersive experiences. While some nuances exist, its dynamic features, customizable designs, and user-friendly interface outweigh any concerns. Related stores with the right budget and the need for a competitive edge in in-person selling can definitely make use of this theme.

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