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Shopify Turbo Theme Review: Which Is The Best Store Type For Turbo?

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The looks of your Shopify store matters. It’s the bridge that takes your visitors on a path to become customers and buy from you again and again.

Studies show that website visitors form an opinion about any website they visit in just 50 milliseconds. That’s insane!

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Shopify Turbo theme are premium themes that help make your store shopping worthy and hook your customers to your website for longer durations.

In this article, you will learn what exactly is a Turbo Shopify theme, all the features that come with it, and how to install the theme and set up your ecommerce site in minutes.

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I. Turbo Theme Overview

Turbo is a premium theme that holds the potential to skyrocket your e-commerce store’s performance to the next level. 

It adds immense value to your online store with its high configuration and amazingly flexible designs.

Turbo theme

For instance, as an owner of an e-commerce store, it’s recommended to enrich your store with a quality look and feel to enhance customer experience. When there are 12-14 million e-commerce stores worldwide, do you think a person will visit your store even if it looks like a vintage car?

An ideal customer will take seconds to decide whether to stick to your store or pave a way out and look for other options. 

The Shopify Turbo Theme brings speed and a mobile-friendly experience to your website. This makes your customer's journey quick and convenient.

Shopify Turbo themes have great conversions and are a perfect fit for Shopify Plus Merchants. 

Like the most popular Shopify themes, which offer customizations, Turbo themes come with multiple customizations to fit perfectly to your business needs.

However, the only downside to Turbo them is the learning curve. With so many customization options, the learning curve is relatively higher than other similar themes.

Customization and set up options like mega menu, usage of submenu and its customizations, setting up predictive search can all be quite overwhelming.

So, knowing the ins and out of the Turbo theme might be a little challenging and time-consuming. 

But this doesn’t mean you can’t learn about it.  The best way to overcome this hurdle is by starting off with a free theme and getting the hand of the Shopify theme editor first.

Once you’re comfortable, you can then go ahead and install the Turbo theme and explore new features.  Patience and practices are the two things that will help you learn everything about Shopify Turbo themes. 

The Shopify Turbo themes have a collection of six gorgeous themes. These six themes are designed for different kinds of e-commerce stores depending upon their use case.

Let’s have a look at what each Turbo theme offers and which one’s the best for your ecommerce store.

01. Turbo Theme Portland

Turbo Theme Portland


  • A great theme for health and fitness stores
  • Powerful tools like infinite scrolls, product sliders, testimonials, and more
  • Multiple speed modes with quick navigation between pages
  • Compatible with popular touch screen devices

Electro theme - Empower Your Vision
Electro is more than just a Shopify theme - it's a technological leap forward. Embrace a theme that speaks your language, offering advanced features like product comparison, product page navigation, and sticky add-to-cart.

02. Turbo Theme Florence

Turbo Theme Florence


  • Best suited for ornaments and beauty products businesses
  • Attractive and spacious design to keep your product in focus
  • Neat font and subtle color palette makes your product shine
  • Predict-search feature to help your customers find products quickly

03. Turbo Theme Dubai

Turbo Theme Dubai


  • Ideal for apparel shopping or luxury beauty e-commerce stores
  • Adheres to a strong and elegant style
  • Designed to keep your products in focus
  • Have similar features to other themes but differ in style

04. Turbo Theme Seoul

Turbo Theme Seoul


  • Presents your customers with a smooth and attractive vibe
  • Clean and advanced layouts to showcase your products better
  • Beautiful sparkling color combinations to hook your customers

05. Turbo Theme Chicago

Turbo Theme Chicago


  • Best suited for e-commerce businesses selling clothes, technology equipments, music, or similar products
  • Expresses a dramatic, powerful, and courageous appearance
  • Subtle yet impactful design

06. Turbo Theme Tennessee

Turbo Theme Tennessee


  • Best suited for e-commerce businesses selling home decor products
  • Focuses on showcasing your product as prominent and creates sympathy for customers
  • A simple yet bold design with a long-lasting impression on customers
  • Subtle balance between images and white space to make your website look neat 

Electro theme - Empower Your Vision
Electro is more than just a Shopify theme - it's a technological leap forward. Embrace a theme that speaks your language, offering advanced features like product comparison, product page navigation, and sticky add-to-cart.

07. Pricing of Shopify Turbo Theme

All the themes mentioned above are priced at $400 each. You can buy any one of these from the Out of the Sand Box website.

Shopify Turbo themes are premium themes and are the most expensive ones in the market.

If we talk about all the official themes of Shopify that you can buy via the Shopify Theme page, the most expensive theme there is Fresh - priced at $350. 

But are these Turbo themes worth paying $400? Let us answer that for you after discussing the features that come along with these themes.

II. Turbo Theme Features

01. Page Load Speed

Did you know that every 1 in 4 website visitors abandons your website if it doesn’t load in 4 seconds? That’s a loss of 25% traffic just due to slow load speed.

The Turbo Shopify theme is primarily built to solve this issue. The theme has an instantaneous page transition software in place that helps pages load in a fraction of seconds.

This software isn’t just limited to optimizing desktop load speed, but it also enhances the mobile load speed for optimal m-commerce experience.

The theme also comes with a smart page preloading feature. What this will do is predict the next page a shopper might potentially visit and start loading it in the background.

Optimal page load speed is one of the features of Turbo themes that makes it a winner.

02. Predict Search

The Shopify Turbo Themes come with many prominent features. One of those is the predictive search widget. 

You might have understood what this widget does, right? For those of you scratching their heads, here’s what it does. 

This feature can make your customer’s journey quick and convenient by finding exactly what they want. 

The widget enriches your website’s professionalism and convenience, which indeed will be loved by your customers. 

But suggesting customers what to search for, this feature saves time for your customers, leading to better engagement and lower bounce rates.

03. Quick Shop

Shopify Turbo themes have a preinstalled Quick Shop feature. 

This feature is extremely beneficial in reducing the page load time with slow loading yet necessary content. 

Not only this, the Quick Shop feature allows customers to quickly check product details without opening the product page, just by hovering over the product image.

Quick Shop also assists customers to seamlessly pick and import products into the shopping cart directly from the collection page. 

04. Multi Tag Filter

Multi tag filter allows customers to select multiple tags for a particular product in the collection. 

Suppose you are a customer looking for a medium-sized green shirt. 

Multiple tags will enable you to select multiple filters and display products that match your needs.

This feature is desirable to customers as they can quickly filter products by size, color, supplier, or material.

05. Advanced Mega Menus

Advanced mega menu is the perfect fit for e-commerce stores with high volume inventories. 

They help you combine multiple elements like images, texts, and drop-down menus to craft an ideal layout for your website.

Its ultra fast navigation can be advantageous for promoting collections, featured items, and sales and keeping your products focused on the customer's eye.

06. Advanced Layouts

At a time, it was hard to believe that you could design a perfect web page with no coding expertise! 

But Shopify Turbo Themes provides you with a wide range of customizable templates. 

Its convenient drag and drop interface helps you seamlessly design the perfect page layout as per your business requirements. 

You can choose among the best templates for your product pages or about us page and even create a photo gallery in no time and with no coding expertise. 

07. Product Suggestions

This feature allows you to suggest similar products to your customers while they purchase. 

You can leverage this feature to upsell or cross-sell products and increase revenue. 

It's a win-win situation! The customer finds the product they want, and you increase sales significantly.

08. Interactive Mini Cart

Whenever a customer adds a product to the cart, a smaller version of the cart page will slide down from the header. 

The mini cart consists of the products you added, the price and compare-at-price of those products, the total amount, and a text box to add some content that you want your customers to read while making purchases. 

The mini cart makes it easier for your customers to check out and explore your store side-by-side without switching between pages. 

The cart is also accessible by hovering the cursor over the cart icon.

09. Infinite Scrolling

This web design technique chains together multiple content blocks in a flow. 

Unlike clicking the next page button, infinite scrolling detects when a user reaches the end of the first group of products and automatically loads the next group. 

This technique is handy for stores having high volume inventories.

10. Gallery Page

If you want a product from your store to go viral, the product image is the part you need to nail. A beautiful and eye-catching image can immensely help you sell products online. 

Hence, the Turbo theme is well equipped to assist you with a free library page to showcase your products images as a lookbook. 

It also comes with an easy drag and drop interface to help you create the perfect gallery to showcase your products attractively.

III. How To Set Up Your Shopify Store With Turbo Theme 

Shopify Turbo Themes are quick and easy to set up with its intuitive drag and drop customizations and a subtle framework. 

Here we'll discuss the steps involved in setting up your Shopify store with Turbo themes. 

Let's dive in!

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: A page with six gorgeous themes will open with pricing and precise details. Just like shown in the picture below

Browse Out of the Sandbox's Theme Catalog

Step 3: For a better understanding of the setup, let’s download the most recommended theme Portland. Click on the theme, and then a purchase landing page appears, as shown below

Purchase theme

Step 4: Click on Add to cart to purchase the theme. You will be redirected to the thank you page and receive a mail with the Turbo theme file attached to it

Step 5: Go to your Shopify store’s backend. Under the Online store menu, click on Themes

Shopify Admin Themes

Step 6: Next, click on the ‘Uploadtheme’ button

Upload Theme

Step 7: Click on ‘Choose file’

Choose Theme File

Step 8: Choose the file from the window that appears on the screen You can also choose the in case there’s an error

Choose theme's zip file

Step 9: Click on ‘Upload file’

Upload chosen theme file

Sit back and relax for a few minutes, as the theme might take some time to upload. 

Step 10: Once the theme is uploaded, you can open the theme editor and start customizing every store page as per your needs.

Customize theme

IV. Conclusion

Conclusively, the Turbo theme is a fully loaded feature-rich premium theme out there in the market. The theme is suited for multiple-page(200+ products) Shopify stores but is not just limited to these kinds of stores.

If your budget allows, we’d suggest every dropshipper to at least try out the Turbo theme no matter what niche your store is in.

Why so? 

The theme has incredibly fast load speed and features that are best for stores with huge catalog, making visitors drop their jaw!

The Turbo Shopify theme isn’t cheap! It's used by the best Shopify stores worldwide. Using Turbo is only worth it if you're serious.

From multi column submenus to multiple action buttons, Turbo themes offer all the design capabilities and functions you require as a store owner. 

It's optimized for mobile devices, allows unlimited customization options, and has unmatched loading speed. Don't forget to check other best free Shopify themes to choose the most valuable to your business!

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