How to boost sales with the landing page and blog for your beauty Shopify store

Shopify is a great e-commerce platform for many businesses in different industries. If you’re a business owner and have a Shopify beauty store, this blog post will give you the insight into the importance of the landing page and its connection to the blog. We’ll take a look at some successful Shopify stores in the beauty industry and try to build our own beauty blog and cross-sell goods.

From the Shopify success stories page, choose the filter by category: 'beauty' and you’ll find a lot of business examples selling beauty products with Shopify.

Shopify success stories page

To run a successful beauty Shopify store, you have to be an expert in the niche. Sharing valuable information with your audience and benefits of the products will help the Shopify merchant build trust and gain a reputation as an “expert”.

The customers choosing beauty products have the typical behavior of researching the product deeply before making the purchase. So the customer’s touchpoint here is usually the blog and product page. Now, let’s go step by step through the process of creating a blog and investing the time in building a beautiful product page.

Before that, let's look at some examples for inspiration.

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Alitura Naturals review

First of all, when you visit the website you can notice in the menu section “BLOG”. It’s outlined clearly in our screenshot below when we mouse over to that menu item.

The beauty niche requires trust and credibility and a good way to achieve these goals are by sharing knowledge of the industry.

Alitura Naturals review

Scrolling down you can notice that in the content there is a product mentioned from the store and it’s The Alitura Pearl Cleanser.

Scroll more, and by the end of the blog post, you can find another product - The Alitura Night Cream. It’s obvious that the blog will be used for generating traffic and mostly it’s from search engines like Google, and a place to share knowledge then cross-sell products.

cross sell page

The question will be how to use the Shopify 'Buy Button' for increasing the overall conversion rate of your Shopify store. Well, let’s do some practice and execute this brilliant solution from Shopify.

Visit this blog post to see how this store owner executes the sales funnel from Blog -> Product Page -> Cart Page -> Checkout -> Thank you.

Building the blog and using the Shopify Buy Button

The Shopify buy button is a piece of code generated from any of the products from your store and can be easily integrated to any web platform. In our case, we have the product My awesome Lip Balm. We want to reproduce the example above, but we’ll add more creativity and better user experience with the help of the Shopify Buy Button.

Shopify Buy Button

How the Shopify product looks in our store?

You can see the blog post with the Shopify Buy button integrated here

So the whole product with the title, description, and “Add to cart” button will be placed inside the blog post.

place shopify button into blog post

See the result? Now, let’s get to the execution. First of all, the “Shopify Buy Button” is defined as the sales channel, and you can easily find and add it from the Shopify navigation at the left column. Let’s add it.

install shopify buy button

After installing it you’ll need to choose the product you want to generate.

shopify buy button - choose the product

When you have the code, just insert it in the Shopify blog post like the example below. Just keep in mind that you have to enable “HTML mode. And that’s all. You don’t have to be a genius to do that and spend some money for Shopify experts.

Let these great guys do more advanced coding stuff. As for the Shopify Buy button integration, you can do it yourself.

install buy button into the blog

Building your product page for Shopify beauty niche that sells

To build a product page that converts, you have to define it with goals. Make the full outlines of this page and start writing the content. Ask yourself what information you want to provide to customers, so you can get their attention and start them on the “learn more” process about your product. In our case, we’ve made a product page for Shopify beauty store via this link below.

In our case, we used the PageFly page builder app to build the product page.

the product page by pagefly

We hope that the information above provided you with some insights into how to utilize Shopify blog, Shopify Buy Button and PageFly drag and drop page builder app to help you build the eCommerce store.

The beauty niche is quite competitive, and to stand out from this market you have to attract customers with expertise and in-depth knowledge. You have the tools, and now it’s the part of your creativity in execution and hard work and the long queue of sleepless nights.

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