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PageFly 4.9.1: Sync Multi-Platform Reviews. Skyrocket Sales with Bundles.

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Hey folks,

Richard here again from the PageFly team! It's fantastic to catch up with you all and share our latest exciting updates. I'm beyond thrilled to announce our recent integrations: Import Etsy, Facebook Reviews, and Pumper Bundle Quantity Breaks.

These integrations are game-changers, designed to build trust in your store, boost sales, and skyrocket the average order value. Ready to deep dive into these amazing features? Let's get started!


Integrate with Import Etsy, Facebook Reviews

Import Etsy, Facebook Reviews

Import Etsy, Facebook Reviews is a Shopify app that seamlessly syncs your reviews from Etsy, Facebook, Google, Amazon, and more, directly to your Shopify store.

This tool is a powerhouse for boosting trust and credibility for your brand. Once you've synced up, you have the flexibility to publish these reviews either manually or automatically - the choice is yours.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to engage and retain your customers by offering them exclusive coupon codes.

💡 Check out our manual on: How to Use Import Etsy, Facebook Reviews with PageFly

Integrate with Pumper Bundle Quantity Breaks

Pumper Bundle Quantity Breaks

Next up, let's talk about Pumper Bundle Quantity Breaks - another incredible Shopify app. This tool is a key player in increasing profits, boosting your store’s average order value (AOV), and ramping up sales with its zero-resistance bundle volume discounts feature.

By maximizing the value extracted from each customer, Pumper becomes an essential asset for scaling your store to new heights.

Plus, you'll have a range of conversion-optimized templates at your fingertips, making integration into your store seamless. You can set discounts by unit, percentage, or flat rates. Furthermore, Pumper makes it easy for you to monitor the impact, dive into the data; and therefore,  plan your future strategies. Feel free to tailor it to fit your store’s look and feel.

💡 Check out our manual on: How to Use Pumper Bundle Quantity Breaks with PageFly

Here are some related PRO tips for you:

  • Enhance trust with authentic reviews: Bring in genuine customer reviews from multiple platforms.
  • Boost sales with discount bundles: Increase your average order value and accelerate sales by setting up strategically planned discount bundles.

Understanding and implementing these principles is crucial for every Shopify store owner aiming for growth and success.

Final Thoughts

Please keep in mind that your entrepreneurial journey becomes a whole lot smoother with the right tools by your side. At PageFly, we're committed to delivering innovative and user-friendly solutions to support you at every turn. We're here to help make your eCommerce dreams a reality.

If you have questions or need a hand with our integrations, our team is ready to assist you around the clock through our 24/7 live chat. And keep an eye out for more exciting updates coming your way. Stay connected, and let's keep growing together! 💬

Best regards,


PageFly Team

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