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PageFly 4.9.0: Unleash 6 Cutting-Edge Integrations for a Revolutionary User Experience

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Hi everyone,

Richard here from the PageFly team. We are thrilled to present PageFly Version 4.9.0, a landmark update that propels our platform to new frontiers. Building upon the solid foundation of user feedback and dedicated refinement, this release not only enhances the overall performance but also introduces an array of dynamic features.

In PageFly 4.9.0, we proudly unveil six innovative integrations, each meticulously curated to amplify your e-commerce capabilities.

Stay tuned as we delve into the details of each integration, exploring how they can be leveraged to elevate your online store. Join us on this exciting journey and discover how PageFly 4.9.0 can catapult your e-commerce experience to unprecedented heights!


Integration with 6 New Third-party Apps

Integrate with EVM Customer Testimonials

EVM Customer Testimonials is an exceptional app for Shopify, transforming the way customer feedback is displayed in your online store. This app provides a seamless integration for showcasing customer testimonials, significantly boosting the trustworthiness and attractiveness of your products.

EVM Customer Testimonials App

By using EVM Customer Testimonials, you can capitalize on genuine customer experiences to foster trust and encourage purchases. It offers prospective buyers insightful testimonials from existing customers, adding a layer of authenticity to your products. The app's intuitive interface simplifies the process of managing and emphasizing testimonials, ensuring that your store is not only aesthetically pleasing but also deeply connected with the genuine voices of your customer base.

EVM Customer Testimonials stand out as a vital tool for any Shopify store looking to enhance its customer engagement and credibility through the power of real, impactful customer stories.

Integrate with AliReviews: Ali Reviews App by Zegsu

AliReviews: Ali Reviews App by Zegsu is a remarkable addition to the Shopify app ecosystem, offering a game-changing approach to leveraging customer reviews for online stores. This innovative app excels in integrating AliExpress reviews into your Shopify store, enhancing the authenticity and appeal of your products.

AliReviews: Ali Reviews App by Zegsu

With AliReviews, you gain the ability to import genuine reviews directly from AliExpress, providing potential customers with valuable, real-world insights from a diverse range of users. This feature not only builds trust but also enriches the shopping experience by offering a broader perspective on your products. The app's sleek and user-friendly interface allows for effortless management of reviews, enabling you to customize and highlight them in a way that aligns with your store's aesthetic and brand identity.

Moreover, AliReviews stands out with its customizable review display options, ensuring that your store looks professional and aligns with your branding strategy. The ability to showcase authentic, relatable customer feedback is invaluable, making AliReviews an essential tool for any Shopify store aiming to boost conversion rates and enhance its market presence through the power of authentic customer reviews.

Integrate with BON: Loyalty Rewards Referral

BON: Loyalty Rewards & Referral is an innovative Shopify app that elevates the concept of customer loyalty and engagement. It seamlessly integrates a rewards system into your store, incentivizing customers for their purchases, referrals, and social media interactions.

BON: Loyalty Rewards Referral App

This approach not only boosts customer loyalty but also fosters a sense of community around your brand. The app's intuitive interface ensures easy management and a smooth experience for both store owners and shoppers.

The app's standout feature is its customizable referral program, which is a key driver for new customer acquisition and deepening existing customer relationships. The flexibility to tailor the rewards system to fit your brand's identity and marketing objectives makes BON a versatile tool for any Shopify store. Overall, BON: Loyalty Rewards & Referral is a valuable asset for businesses looking to enhance their customer engagement strategy and encourage repeat business through a comprehensive and engaging loyalty program.

Integrate with TF: Ali Review & Testimonials by Trustify

Reviews Importer Testimonials by Trustify is a highly effective Shopify app designed to enhance brand trust and sales. It specializes in importing reviews from various platforms like AliExpress, Facebook, and integrates video reviews from YouTube and TikTok, providing a rich, multi-dimensional customer feedback experience.

TF: Ali Review & Testimonials by Trustify

Key features include the ability to effortlessly import a large number of reviews, including video testimonials, which add a layer of authenticity and engagement to your store. The app also supports SEO optimization with star ratings in Google Search results and offers customization options for review display, ensuring alignment with your store’s design and branding. These features make it a comprehensive tool for leveraging social proof in e-commerce marketing.

Integrate with Recomatic Related Products by Wordsense

Recomatic Related Products is an invaluable Shopify app for elevating the customer shopping experience. It intelligently recommends products, using advanced algorithms to analyze customer behavior and sales data. This results in highly relevant and personalized suggestions, enhancing customer engagement and potentially increasing order values.

Recomatic Related Products by Wordsense

The app's standout features include its seamless integration with your store's theme, ensuring a cohesive look and feel. It also offers real-time analytics and reporting, allowing you to track its impact on sales and customer behavior. Additionally, the app is user-friendly, with customizable settings to tailor the appearance of the related product sections. Overall, Recomatic Related Products is a must-have for any Shopify store aiming to provide customers with a more intuitive and personalized shopping journey, ultimately driving sales growth.

Integrate with Vidjet ‑ Shoppable Videos

Vidjet - Shoppable Videos on Shopify is an innovative app that revolutionizes e-commerce through engaging video content. This app allows store owners to integrate shoppable videos directly onto their websites, creating a dynamic and interactive shopping experience. By blending visual storytelling with e-commerce, Vidjet helps increase product visibility and engagement.

The app's key features include seamless integration of videos from various platforms, mobile optimization, and interactive elements within videos to drive direct sales. It's designed to be user-friendly, requiring no coding knowledge for video embedding. Additionally, Vidjet provides valuable analytics, enabling merchants to track the performance of their videos in real-time.

Overall, Vidjet - Shoppable Videos is an essential tool for modern e-commerce sites, offering a unique way to showcase products and engage customers. Its ability to turn visual content into a direct revenue stream makes it a game-changer for online retailers.

To summarize, the latest update of PageFly represents more than just an upgrade; it reflects our deep dedication to your success. We're eager to introduce these significant enhancements to PageFly, specifically designed for the flourishing of your Shopify store. Explore the new additions, and please share your thoughts with us – your input is crucial as we continually strive to meet your evolving needs in upcoming versions!


PageFly Team.

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