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PageFly 4.7.4: Streamline Your Customer Purchasing Process

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Hi mates, it's still Richard here from the PageFly team. Great to catch up with you with our latest updates. I'm thrilled to announce that we've recently integrated with Wishlist ‑ Wishify by Zooomy and Appointment Booking Cowlendar. These two integrations aim to streamline your customer purchasing process and experience. Let’s dive in!


Integrate with Wishlist ‑ Wishify by Zooomy

Wishify is a Shopify app that allows your customers to save their favorite items and revisit them later to make purchase decisions. By enabling this feature, you can enhance customer retention and boost sales.

Wishlist ‑ Wishify by Zooomy Shopify app

Customers can also share their wishlists via email and on social platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter, bringing new visitors to your store. Why is this feature important and may be worth your investment?

  • Boost your brand awareness. When customers share their wishlist links, you not only gain potential new customers but also gather valuable data from those who engage with the shared lists.
  • Create more personalized marketing campaigns to boost sales. When a customer adds a product to their wishlist, it signals a clear interest. To promote purchases, adjust your marketing strategies. For example:
    • Offer specific discounts on wishlist items.
    • Bundle a product from the wishlist with another product to encourage cross-selling.
    • Send an email or notification when an item on their wishlist goes on sale.

👀 Here's a quick overview of how you can integrate the Wishlist feature into PageFly’s editor page:How to use Wishlist ‑ Wishify by Zooomy in PageFly

📘Read more: Check out our latest manual on “How to Use Wishlist ‑ Wishify by Zooomy with PageFly”.

Integrate with Appointment Booking Cowlendar 

Appointment Booking Cowlendar is a Shopify app that allows customers to make bookings, appointments, events, and schedule services on your calendar. No coding skills are required.

Appointment Booking Cowlendar Shopify app

 With this app, you can also arrange in-person meetings or virtual bookings for individuals or groups via Google Meet or Zoom. Cowlendar simplifies the process of setting up different appointment types, durations, and availabilities based on your business's unique requirements.

This makes it a breeze for your customers to find and book just what they're looking for, while keeping your schedule nice and tidy.

👀 Here's a quick overview of how you can integrate the Appointment Booking Cowlendar feature into PageFly’s editor page:

How to use Appointment Booking Cowlendar in PageFly

📘Read more: Check out our latest manual on “How to Use Appointment Booking Cowlendar with PageFly”.  

Wrapping up, the entrepreneurial journey will be much less challenging when you have your best sidekicks. We always strive to offer the most innovative and user-friendly solutions, and we're more than happy to support you every step of the way.

If you have any queries or require further assistance with our integrations, feel free to reach out to us via our 24/7 live chat. Stay tuned for upcoming updates. 💬

Best regards,


PageFly Team

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