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PageFly 4.7.3 : Skyrocket Sales for Holidays. Personalize Customers Orders. Grow Their Trust.

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Hi folks, this is Richard here from the PageFly team. Today, I'm delighted to share some exciting updates with you! We've recently integrated with 6 Shopify apps, all aimed at providing advanced solutions to manage your store more efficiently.

These new integrations are designed to optimize your customer journey, grow your business’ credibility, and boost your sales (especially for the upcoming holidays). We are now integrating with over 100 Shopify apps that will ensure you can run your promotion campaigns with ease. Let’s dive in.


Personalize Customer Orders

There are 3 integrations included that let you personalize the customer purchase experience while saving time and reducing manual work.

Mighty Image Uploader + AI

Mighty Image Uploader offers a seamless yet easy way for your customers to upload their own images and customize them.

Mighty Image Uploader + AI integrates with PageFly

They can add their preferred texts, shapes, and colors. As the store owner, you can quickly access order information from the Admin panel. And the cherry on top? There's no limitation on the number of images uploaded or the file size. Whatever your customer needs, there's an option for it.

📘 Quick read: Check out our latest manual on “How to Use Mighty Image Uploader + AI with PageFly” to unlock the full potential of this app

Textbox - Textfield by Textify 

Textbox - Textfield by Textify is a Shopify app that allows your customers to leave notes directly on the product page, fostering enhanced interaction. You can tailor its appearance and functions to fit your needs and integrate it seamlessly into PageFly’s editor, ensuring a cohesive look and user-friendly experience.

Textbox - Textfield by Textify integrates with PageFly

Texts entered by customers are displayed on both the shopping cart and the checkout page. You can also quickly view these texts on the respective order and collect data from customers.

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Super: Gift Wrap, Gift Message 

With Super Gift Options, you can save time by allowing your customers to select from multiple paid or free gift wrapping options, add notes, and choose to hide prices, instead of manually asking about the gift wrap and message

Super: Gift Wrap, Gift Message integrates with PageFly

You can choose to display gift options on specific products or across all products. With the holidays approaching, this presents a significant opportunity for you to upsell, generate more revenue, improve your store’s conversion rates, and optimize the customer purchasing process.

 📘 Quick read: Check out our latest manual on “How to Use Super Gift Options with PageFly

Build and Grow Customer’s Trust

There are 3 integrations included that allow you to automatically and effectively display your product or service reviews, trust badges, and pop-ups.

Avada Trust Badges, Pop‑up 

Avada Trust Badges and Pop-up offer over 13 features in one, and it's no-charge! This app enables real-time sales notifications and provides a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency in your store.  

Avada Trust Badges, Pop‑up integrates with PageFly

You can set up multiple countdown timers across different pages, and also customize features like trust badges, sales pop-ups, the free-shipping bar, live chat, and more.

 📘 Quick read: “How to Use Avada Trust Badges and Pop-up with PageFly” to explore full features

Amazon Reviews by Appio

Amazon Reviews is a Shopify app that is designed to help you gather customer reviews from platforms such as  Amazon or AliExpress, and display it on your Shopify store.

Amazon Reviews by Appio integrates with PageFly

There are stunning widgets that you can customize and choose from to display these reviews. Furthermore, Amazon Reviews also integrates with Google Shopping Feed and it allows you to send email for review request manually. It ensures you that every feedback of your customer counts.  

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TestimonialHub makes it easy for you to insert or download testimonials from Google, Facebook, and Yelp, and then displays them on your Shopify store.

TestimonialHub integrates with PageFly

It builds your customers’ trust and enhances your store’s credibility. You can create a slider, a grid, or a list of rows showcasing customer reviews. Additionally, there are plenty of customization options to ensure those testimonial sections align with your store design.  

 📘 Quick read: “How to Use TestimonialHub with PageFly

To conclude, as a Shopify page builder, we continuously strive to offer the most innovative and user-friendly solutions for your e-commerce journey. If you have any queries or require further assistance with our integrations, we're here to support you every step of the way.

Feel free to reach out to us anytime via our 24/7 live chat. Stay tuned for upcoming updates. We'd love to hear your feedback and any specific apps you'd like to see added to our integration list 💬.

Best regards,


PageFly Team

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