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Benefits of Green Monday 2023 And What It Means For Your Online Business?

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The number of online shoppers around the globe continues to rise annually. The total number of recorded online buyers in 2022 was 268 million. The United States e-commerce market was forecast to increase between 2023 and 2027 by in total of 15.2 million individuals. There are a lot of factors that influence this massive growth, and shopping promos and deals during Cyber Monday as well as Green Monday 2023 will surely affect the statistics before the end of the year.

Now, as a merchant, what can you do to contribute to the hype of the anticipated shopping holiday, Green Monday? To know more about it, let us put into detail what is this day for and how can you celebrate it.


What is Green Monday?

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Green Monday is one of the busiest online shopping days in the retail business industry. It happens every second Monday in December, so the exact date changes annually. This 2023, will be December 11, while last year, it was December 12. Most retail websites start at midnight on the said date.

Green Monday, which is often called Cyber Monday 2, is quite the same as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, where all shoppers go round and about on what deals to get. Cyber Monday is somehow the most special as it is considered the last chance for consumers to buy Christmas gifts at the most discounted prices possible. Green Monday's unending deals are only available online and are known to be promoted by online retail companies such as Amazon or eBay.

It was launched in 2007 by the ecommerce company, eBay, which was due to the increase in online sales during this day. Many retailers make their profit during Green Monday, which appeared to be the effect of people cramming to shop plus the side-by-side sales and promos. Note that the term green is also coined from the color of U.S. dollars and the idea that online shopping is known to be an eco-friendly activity.

Brand new products and even those well-refurbished items are all available in the marketplace, so you have all the options you need, so nothing to worry about in filling up your gift lists. Some hot deals include almost 30% off to 80% off online items.

What Businesses Can Do To Celebrate Green Monday 2023?

Green Monday is one of the most profitable shopping holidays in a year. Businesses tend to create discounts that are too hard to resist. Each industry has its own way of joining this celebration, from massive promos to new products being released. Here are some of the diverse discounts and promo ideas to celebrate Green Monday 2023:

Offer Mystery Deals

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One way to urge customers to buy your product is to surprise them. Catch them off guard, well, who doesn't like surprises, right? Consumers love good and unexpected deals, which most merchants use as a promotional strategy to accumulate larger online sales. You can establish this as an exclusive offer, wherein you can invite your target market to crack a mystery code or promotion in order to avail of a unique promo.

Post it on social media, send an email to your subscribers, or do both. Make them curious by mentioning the word "mystery" in your promotional materials. Don't give away too much information as it might ruin the thrill.

JCPenney gave away 30% off on every online purchase with code MAGIC30 during last year’s Green Monday celebration. On top of that, shoppers who went shopping in-store were given the chance for an extra 30% to 50% off during their mystery event.  

Their mystery event got their loyal customers as well as the new shoppers really curious. Its goal was to put questions in their mind regarding the process of availing these attractive promos. That is the good thing about mysteries, no one will know unless they get themselves involved in the actual happening. Be sure to deliver these promos accurately to avoid any confusion on the customers' end.

Buy five, save more

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Discounts during Green Monday are expected. But, a great way to successfully execute this is to establish various discounts that will accommodate different types of shoppers.

This discount simply implies that buying more is the best thrift approach consumers can try. This discount targets those who buy in bulk orders, or those groups of friends who do shopping together. You can cut down 10% of the total amount of the products to attract more potential buyers in availing of this promo.

Buy one take one promo can also be connected in this type of approach. This promo is commonly seen on cosmetics products, food shops, and clothing lines.

Home Depot had their Special Buy of the Day where customers got to save up to 40% on cordless combo kits, buying a whole package allowed them to save more money.

Time-bound discount

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A limited-time offer that is only available during a certain time period. You can try incorporating this promo during the first hour of Green Monday to encourage consumers to be in the front row, waiting for the celebration of this day. This increases the probability of Green Monday being trending online or offline as many will try to anticipate this specific hour intended for one-of-a-kind deals.

During last year's Green Monday celebration, Target had its Deal of the Day. It was a one-day limited promo wherein customers were eligible for discounts on popular items, like 30% off select kids’ clothing and 30% off select handbags.

Flash sale

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This is when an online store offers big discounts for a very short period of time with the main goal to get shoppers to impulse buy. Here, the discounts and promotions are much better than what your store usually offers.

The time span is also shorter than your usual online store’s sale window. You can also offer this on a limited selection of products plus those items in few available stock.

Beautycounter, the clean beauty retailer, had their Holiday Flash Sale with 30% off seasonal gift sets as a commemoration to the Green Monday. Customers got the chance to save money on eye palettes, hand creams, and more.

Free gifts

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You can combine products together, and use the not-so-selling items as free gifts for consumers who will acquire a certain amount of purchases. For example, a limited-stock shampoo can be partnered with those hair conditioners that haven't reached wider consumers.

Everyone loves free gifts, plus, perfect combinations of products will add up to this strategy. Just make sure to endorse or advertise it well by putting it in the upper part of your website or having a big poster about it pinned on your social media accounts.

Last year, aside from the up to 45% discount on select items, Home Depot also gave a free two-day delivery option, which was a very useful gift for buyers.

New sustainability product ideas

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Green Monday is not just associated with dollars due to its color but with sustainability as well. Some food shops or stalls use this specific day to release healthier menus by releasing plant-based versions of their old food lists. For example, plant-based burgers as well as smoothies are composed of nutritious vegetables and fruits.

Aside from promoting Green Monday, you can also have the chance to show consumers that you support healthy lifestyles by releasing or launching these kinds of items.

Not just on Green Mondays, but especially on Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays, Purple Carrot opens its plant-based meals for limited times. Purple Carrot is known for its new vegan recipes weekly, making buyers curious about their everyday menu.

What are the Benefits of Green Monday To Your Online Business?

Businesses need to take all odds to bring something to the table. It significantly includes the holiday shopping season like Green Monday. From sales to exposure, proper implementation of deals can give a massive impact on how a business will promote itself in chances like this.

Increase in sales

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With the aforementioned discounts and promos, Green Monday is an opportunity for businesses, regardless of size, to have an increased number of sales. In a traditional setting, retailers from food to electronics would prepare deals by posting tarpaulins of stickers outside their shops in order to attract consumers to visit their stores for some Christmas haul.

However, in recent years, people do online shopping more than offline. In 2021, about 2.14 billion people worldwide bought items online. In addition to that, global ecommerce sales are believed to reach a total of $5.9 trillion worldwide in 2023 and are expected to continue increasing over the next few years.

With tons of people planning to go pre-holiday shopping as early as possible, online ecommerce retailers can surely enjoy an unending opportunity for more sales and exposure.

Added digital presence

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Creating a robust online presence also means building brand awareness for your entire business. Did you know that 93% of Americans are using the internet now? Yes, you read it right. There are 500,000 new internet users every day.  

When viewed from a worldwide angle, there are an estimated 4.9 billion active internet users. Well, that is 62% of the world’s total population. This simply means, almost everyone is using the internet nowadays. This is a very important thing to know when running a business, especially if you are targeting potential consumers through online promotions.

Those deals you are thinking of releasing during Green Monday are a stepping stone in your mission towards securing a position in this wide place called the internet. Of course, you can create informative content about your products and services for your business to be seen, but, special days like Green Monday allow you to climb to the next level of advertisement and marketing.

Be sure to correlate your branding to every single material you post online. We don't want everything to be put to waste. The goal is to let your brand be known, insert a logo, clearly state your tagline, and display the behavior and values you have in your business. Be memorable and unique, you can do this by having witty captions alongside your images or replying to queries in the most unforgettable manner.

Reach potential customers

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Having a powerful presence online also gives way to reaching potential customers. Through Green Monday deals, you can tap buyers that are already curious about your brand or even those who have no relative idea of who you are.

Promos and discounts are influential, it can provide you the customers you don't expect to have. By having them in your zone, you also open the doors to future plans for innovation with the aim to cater to these new markets. So, don't underestimate what days like Green Monday, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday can do.

Build strong relationships with existing clients

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By rightfully and accurately executing all these marketing strategies, you are bridging gaps between you and your current customers. They will surely notice how generous and exciting your business can be at times like these.

Remember, loyal customers are equally essential as new customers. At times, they can be quite more important to your brand. Most shoppers seek reviews and recommendations from other people who already use the products or services they are eyeing for.

Of course, they will look for those customers who have been under your roof for a long time. These loyal customers' feedback will matter significantly, that is why as a merchant, you have to take good care of them.

Having happy customers is what you should always work for. Through Green Monday, you can tailor deals just for them, like a simple gift for being there throughout the way.

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How to Promote Green Monday To Consumers?

Send a personalized email to customers

Create and send an email message to each of your customers several days before the Green Monday celebration. This is to let them know that you are preparing for exciting Green Monday sales. The process of revealing it depends on you.

The most important things are to catch their interest and to get them to hype it up. The word of mount follows next.

Post about it on all your social media accounts

Just like what the statistics reported, a large number of people are on social media right now. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok, you name it all.

Compared to emailing the customer, posting about your deals on social media can potentially bring you a wider scope. Be sure to release information correctly to avoid complaints from interested buyers.

Create content that is intended for each digital platform. For example, you can do a short video about it on TikTok as it is a platform for content like that. While, you can post photos about it on Instagram, as more people use it for visual intent.

Mention the upcoming Christmas

Green Monday being observed near Christmas is an advantage in itself. You can mention it or write blogs about it while relating it to the upcoming Green Monday.

By doing this, you are putting ideas in the consumers' minds, which will hopefully bring them to go shopping online for gifts. With side-by-side sales, they will surely make the most out of it.


Shopify revealed that more than 52 million consumers worldwide purchased from brands powered by Shopify during 2022, which was a 12% increase from 2021. Shopping holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend had the highest volume of shopping events of the year for Shopify merchants.

Months or several days before Green Monday, you should already have finalized the deals you are bound to release in commemoration of this day. Avoid panicking and cramming as these might be the cause of mistakes such as wrong information, data being leaked in advance, and such.

Make use of this thrilling day to increase sales, be seen by many, and rank higher above others. Let your business be known to the general audience. Everything should be further communicated on all channels with understandable and expressive visuals as well as captivating captions.

Let your deals be the reason for them to shop in a hurry for Christmas presents for all their loved ones. Lastly, don’t forget to express your gratitude to your customers for warmly welcoming one of the most awaited shopping holidays of the year with your services and products.

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