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PageFly 4.7.0: New Slide Show Elements. Uninstall Policy Update

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Hi everyone,

Richard here from the PageFly team! We're thrilled to announce the release of PageFly Version 4.7.0 on October 10, 2023. With this new version, we have updated 2 key things: First, We have added the Slide Show Display Options for all elements. Second, we have some New Updates For The Uninstall Policy. We're committed to delivering more value and making PageFly accessible to even more merchants. Now, let's dive in.


Add Slide Show Display Options For All Elements

Key Update

With the update of version 4.7.0 elements that have a grid option now have an additional choice for you with a slide show option.

Slide Show Options

Each element list will have two new variants: Display partial items or Don’t Display partial items. Example: The content list has 2 new variants at the bottom of the list.

two new variants

This slideshow layout type allows you to easily organize your content into a list of slides

Silde show list

What Element Can Use Slideshow Layout Type On PageFly?

  • Product List
  • Collection List
  • Blog Post List
  • Content List
  • Instagram Feed
  • You can see more details about the Slideshow list item Layout type of PageFly in this article

    What Happens If You Uninstall PageFly?

    Some updates in this version 4.7.0 with notifications will help to remind and make sure that users can fully understand the impact of uninstalling PageFly.

    Notification From Shopify

    Apps and Sales Channels

    If you uninstall from Shopify by the way: Setting => Apps and sales channels => Uninstall, you will receive a notification about your features and time to request for uninstall (about 48 hours).

    Notification from Shopify

    The data of your store will be saved in 24 hours from the time you uninstall PageFly.  After that, all data will be deleted from the PageFly system. Some data will be deleted after 24 hours including:

  • Bearie coins
  • Option Swatches
  • Pages/sections
  • Trash
  • Global Styling
  • Uploaded Fonts
  • Page Analytics
  • Besides that, some themes made by PageFly still remain including:

  • Active theme template
  • Asset theme
  • Notification From PageFly

    PageFly preferences

    When you uninstall from PageFly dashboard: Preference => Uninstall

    You will receive a notification that data will be removed if you uninstall PageFly. We want to make sure that you fully understand the impact of uninstallation.

    Notification from PageFly

    As per Shopify Policy, the following data will be deleted forever including:

  • All PageFly pages and sections
  • All Legacy page analytics data
  • All Option swatches
  • All Uploaded fonts
  • All Configured global styles
  • All Trashed items
  • All Unused Bearie coins
  • Besides that, It will have check-box options to clear theme data.

    The important thing to remember is that If you uninstall PageFly directly from the PageFly dashboard, all data will be deleted forever, and can't recover even when you reinstall.

    To get more information about updates for the Uninstall Policy of PageFly you can also read this article

    We always strive to provide you with the most innovative and user-friendly solutions. If you have any queries or need further assistance with our 4.7.0 version, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

    Feel free to reach out to us anytime via our 24/7 live chat. Stay tuned for the upcoming updates. Let us know what you think, or what specific thing you want to know about our updated version.


    PageFly Team.

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