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Make your Shopify Store Multi-Language with PageFly and Weglot - New Partnership Announcement

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With the drastic competitiveness of online marketplace, each business owner constantly seeks optimal solutions and strategies to reach as many customers as possible. One of the ideal ways to help them reach their goal is by having a multi-language store. To aid this, PageFly and Weglot have now joined hands to help over 40,000 merchants all over the world expand their business globally.

How a multilingual store helps your business

Reach out to more customers and reduce bounce rate

This is more like a reason to run your business globally. Obviously, English websites are dominant and powerful; however, targeting a portion of those who cannot speak English is indispensable if you want to expand your customer base. From this point of view, setting up a multilingual store is a must. 

When customers visit your store, they need to know instantly what you’re all about. One of the key factors to decide whether or not they take further on your store is the store’s language. Customers will be more than happy if your site supports their native language, since the foreign language is not a barrier for them anymore. Hence, they will be more informed about your products, which can help them make buying decisions as well as decrease the bounce rate of your store. 

multiple language website

Multi-language websites benefit both customers and Google
Source: Doffitt

Increase international search ranking

The effect of having a multi-language store on your international search ranking can not be overstated.

You may have heard about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is a process of optimizing your website content to get targeted traffic from search engine result pages. Imagine that you have a site in different languages; you can set a domain name for each translated version of your site or, alternatively, use a subdomain or subdirectory to make sure each version has its own unique URL. Search engines such as Google can understand all the versions of your website and it means that the traffic you get from each one will make a good contribution to search engine rankings for the whole site.

The higher your site ranks, the better your pages will be displayed on the search engine result pages. Since your website is accessible and understandable for people in multiple geographic regions and languages, you can expect to see yours sitting higher than single language sites.

Furthermore, if your website is updated regularly in various languages, it will attract attention from customers around the world, meaning that you won’t lag behind your competitors. You may be battling against those who do not provide a variety of languages to the same degree as your site, which does wonders for you in the search rankings.

Ultimately increase store conversion rate 

Multilingual website

Multilingual websites attract far-reaching attention
Source: Parcelhub

Another benefit of having a multiple-language store certainly worth mentioning is its potential to increase conversion rates

Customers now come from many different countries around the world; they speak various languages and either they may or may not have a good understanding of English. A website supporting their own native language means a lot to them.

Indeed, when a customer visits a localized website, the amount of time they spend on trying to understand your brand, your products or your services will be reduced significantly. Instead, they will be confident enough to continue discovering your store without inhibition, which makes a sizable contribution to improving customer satisfaction and scaling up your conversion rate

Moreover, a localized website gives customers a feeling of familiarity and trust, because they may recognise a store owners’ efforts to cater for them. As a result, your business will gain trust from them and this plays a vital role in increasing conversion rates. 

About Weglot - Store translations

multiple language website

Weglot offers a fantastic all-in-one service for store translation 
Souce: WPDeveloper

Weglot is one of the best plugins to help you translate your entire website into different languages. It’s easy-to-use and ensures that you don’t have to invest hundreds of hours or a huge amount of money in hiring developers or translating yourself.

Weglot integrates with various popular platforms and CMS such as Shopify, Wordpress, BigCommerce, Wix and so on. If you own a Shopify store, you can easily add Weglot from the Shopify App Store - it takes less than 5 minutes to have a multilingual website up and running.

Furthermore, Weglot offers over 100 languages for you to choose from, featuring automatic translation and powerful management tools. It also allows you to collaborate with your team members and order professional translators to contribute to your translated content. You can review and manually make any changes for your text directly through the Weglot dashboard.

Last but not least, your translated website will be automatically indexed by Google, giving you a boost to your SEO score. Find out about this and more of Weglot’s amazing features here.

About the PageFly and Weglot partnership

The partnership between PageFly and Weglot promises to bring optimal solutions for over 40,000 business owners all around the world, all through turning their websites into multilingual ones. 

If you have an online store built with PageFly and a dream to bring your store to customers across the globe, this new partnership represents a great opportunity for you to take a big step forward in ecommerce.

Check out how to use WeGlot seamlessly with PageFly Page Builder in our detailed tutorial HERE.

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