How To Upsell And Cross-sell With PageFly And WISER - Personalized Recommendations App


The new year 2020 has come and so do new PageFly improvements and partnerships. Along with the new PageFly version 2.7.2, the PageFly team happily announced affiliation to the Expert Village Media team in terms of technology, for specific, the integration of WISER - Personalized Recommendations App by Expert Village Media into PageFly to upsell and cross-sell for Shopify online stores.

How Upselling and Cross-selling boosts sales

Needless to say, a merely beautiful store gets less chance to make money from visitors. So certain marketing concepts including upsell and cross-sell are largely used to increase sales or stimulate buying behavior of consumers.

What are Upselling and Cross-selling?

So, what are Upsell and Cross-sell?

Let’s say on one fine day, you go to the supermarket wanting to buy a basic toothbrush but then you see the electrical ones that are placed beautifully right next to that aisle. You take a look, contemplate, considering, and decide to buy that expensive one instead. That trick of store owners is called up-selling.

Upsell means to sell higher-value products or services to customers. In other words, it is designed to make customers spend more money on basically the same type of products but with better contributions. 

Or have you ever gone to the store just to buy an electric toothbrush, then the PG girl suggests to you: “Hi there, this toothbrush needs to use this kind of toothpaste for the best possible outcome” then you return home with a full package of a toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouth wash, etc. That’s what we call cross-selling. 

Cross-selling encourages the purchase of anything in conjunction with the primary product.

pagefly wiser upsell and cross sell 1

You can learn more about upselling and cross-sell strategy here.

How to upsell and cross-sell for online stores?

For online stores, this kind of strategy is presumably easier to implementing rather than physical stores. Based on data of customer’s browser history, it’s trouble-free to detect the customer’s preference with recently viewed products. 

pagefly wiser upsell and cross sell 2

With order history, store owners can easily suggest Also Bought or Frequently Bought Together items into primary product page to enhance the conversion rate. All things can be done automatically. For products in a specific campaign, it’s also simple to create handpicked items.

WISER - Personalized Recommendations App integration with PageFly

Acknowledging the power of upselling and cross-selling to increase the conversion rate of online stores, the PageFly team has been seeking a way out to help users retain their existing customers and boost sales. That’s why the new integration took place for a new category: UPSELL & CROSS SELL is live now on PageFly.

This category contains the element of upselling and cross-sell apps that allow users to drag and drop elements/widgets into PageFly. The power of a page builder and upsell & cross-sell apps definitely bring higher value to users to customize and utilize the page to increase sales.

About WISER - Personalized Recommendations App

WISER - Personalized Recommendations App - one of the most trustworthy apps in the Shopify app store - provides merchants a means to boost sales on every page types with recommendation widgets. You can show multiple recommendation widgets on the homepage, product page, cart page, thank you page and almost every page of your store. By showing these widgets, it increases the visibility of your products to customers and hence increases the conversions by helping customers in their buying decision.

pagefly wiser upsell and cross sell 3

Especially, using database recommendation, WISER app smartly suggests products for consumers using browsing history and last orders, for example, to show: Recently Viewed products, Also Bought. Hence, this wise app as it’s called, allows merchants to handpick cross-sell and upsell of the same collection, tags, and so on for specific items base on their strategy. You can track the sales made by WISER easily with an enhanced analytics system in-app. It shows the sales made by different widgets.

Learn more about the App here.

About WISER - Personalized Recommendations App and PageFly integration

With the integration with PageFly, the power of drag and drop tool allows merchants to drag and drop the WISER widgets to any position of your pages to make it visualized and stimulate the buying decision of store visitors.

pagefly wiser upsell and cross sell

You can also insert recommendations widgets in between other elements, not necessary under product details and make your product’s recommendation appealing as much as possible.

Without this integration, the widgets will line up one by one under product details or at the bottom pages.

You can learn more about the integration and how to use it in PageFly here.


In conclusion, the partnership between PageFly and WISER - Personalized Recommendations app in the form of technology integration comes in handy for merchants to build a high converting store, take control of store design, upsell, cross-sell, and ultimately increase sales.

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