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Hatchful Shopify: A Closer Look at Shopify’s Free Logo Maker

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A compelling logo is the cornerstone of a successful brand, representing its identity and leaving a lasting impression on customers. How many times have you been able to guess the name of a brand by simply seeing its logo? We bet it's a lot. And honestly, a logo stands as a company's most potent symbol, representing the very essence of what it stands for.

In fact, the ever-so-popular Coca-Cola brand logo is recognized by 94% of the world's population.

So, if you are looking to effortlessly create professional logos for your Shopify store without the need for extensive design expertise or expensive software, then Hatchful Shopify might be the solution for you. In this blog, we'll explore this Shopify logo maker and understand its pros, cons, and essential features, along with a comparison to professional logo design services.


What is Hatchful Shopify?

Hatchful homepage

Credits: Hatchful

A well-designed logo holds the potential to leave a lasting impact on consumers and can significantly influence their perception of the company. According to a study conducted by Siegel+Gale, an international branding firm, logos that are unique and unforgettable have a 13% higher likelihood of assisting consumers in identifying and remembering a brand.

In the competitive landscape of the business world, having a strong and distinctive logo is crucial for standing out and gaining recognition. Shopify, a leading e-commerce platform, understands the significance of a compelling logo in building a successful online business. And for this very reason, Shopify offers many free tools to help first-time merchants and other aspiring store owners to grow their businesses and take their Shopify stores to the next level.

To cater to this vast community of entrepreneurs, Shopify offers an app called Hatchful, a free logo-maker tool that empowers business owners to create professional and eye-catching logos without the need for extensive design skills or resources.

This tool provides access to a wide range of customizable logo templates, allowing users to tailor their logo to align perfectly with their brand vision.

7 Benefits of Using Hatchful for Your Shopify Store

There are quite a few benefits to using Hatchful as your logo maker, and here are some of them:

  • Cost-effective


Image Credits: iStock

Creating a logo can be an expensive undertaking, especially for small businesses and startups with limited budgets. One of the most notable benefits of Hatchful is that it is entirely free to use. This cost-effectiveness lets you allocate your resources more efficiently, investing in other critical aspects of your Shopify store, such as marketing, product development, and customer service.

  • User-friendly Interface

User-friendly Interface

Image Credits: iStock

Not everyone has the design expertise to create a professional logo from scratch. Hatchful Shopify addresses this challenge by providing a user-friendly interface. With its intuitive design process, merchants with little to no design experience can easily navigate the tool and create visually appealing logos. The step-by-step guidance and template options simplify the process, enabling users to design logos quickly and efficiently.

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  • Wide Range of Templates and Customization Options

Coffee Shop customize template

Image Credits: iStock

Hatchful has an extensive library of logo templates spanning various industries and design styles. This diverse selection allows users to choose a template that aligns with their brand vision. Additionally, the tool offers a multitude of customization options, such as color schemes, fonts, and layout adjustments. You can personalize the chosen template to reflect your brand's unique personality and differentiate yourself in the market.

  • Time-efficient


Image Credits: iStock

Time is of the essence for any business, and Hatchful recognizes this. By providing ready-to-use templates and easy customization options, the tool significantly reduces the time required for logo creation. You can swiftly design a logo that captures your brand's essence without the need for prolonged design processes or back-and-forth with designers.

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  • Branding Consistency

checking color

Image Credits: iStock

Consistency is a fundamental aspect of successful branding. With Hatchful, you can maintain a consistent brand image by using the logo across all customer touchpoints. Consistency builds brand familiarity and trust, making it easier for customers to recognize and recall your brand. Whether it's on product packaging, marketing collateral, or online platforms, a cohesive logo reinforces your brand's message and positioning.

  • Personalization for a Unique Identity

magnifying glass

Image Credits: iStock

While templates offer a starting point, personalization is crucial to create a logo that truly represents the brand's identity. Hatchful Shopify allows users to add their brand name, icons, tagline, and preferred color palette to the chosen template. This customization ensures that the logo reflects the brand's values, positioning, and unique identity. A personalized logo sets your business apart from competitors and establishes a distinct brand presence in the market.

  • Enhanced Social Media Presence

Enhanced Social Media Presence

Image Credits: iStock

Hatchful empowers your brand's visibility on social media with high-quality PNG files. Downloading your logo in this format ensures clarity and transparency, making it visually appealing across various digital platforms. Consistent branding on social media reinforces brand recall and trust as your logo becomes familiar to your audience. The adaptability of PNG files allows easy collaboration with influencers and partners.

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How to Use Hatchful Shopify?

Here's a step-by-step guide to using Hatchful Shopify to create a free logo:

Step 1: Accessing Hatchful Shopify

Hatchful homepage 1

Image Credits: Hatchful

To begin, navigate to the Hatchful Shopify website by clicking here - Visit Hatchful.

You don't need a Shopify account to use the app. You can simply sign up using your email address and password so that all your designs are saved. You can also jump right into creating a logo without creating an account by clicking on 'Create a Logo Now.'

Step 2: Choose Your Business Type

Choose business type hatchfull

Credits: Hatchful

Once you access Hatchful, the first step is to select your business type or industry. This step helps Hatchful understand your brand's context and tailor the logo templates accordingly. You can choose from a wide range of business types, including fashion, beauty, food, technology, and more. Select the category that best represents your business to ensure relevant logo options.

Step 3: Select Your Visual Style

Select Your Visual Style

Credits: Hatchful

Next, Hatchful will prompt you to choose a visual style for your logo. The available options range from classic and modern to minimalist and playful. Pick the style that best aligns with your brand's personality and target audience. Consider your brand values and the impression you want to make on your customers when selecting the visual style.

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Step 4: Add Your Business Name & Slogan

Add Your Business Name & Slogan Hatchfull

Credits: Hatchful

We had chosen 'home and garden' for the business type and 'natural' for the visual style. After you have completed this, you'll be prompted to fill in your business and slogan. This is optional, and you can change it once your designs are finalized.

Step 5: Choose Where Your Logo Will be Used

Choose Where Your Logo Will be Used Hatchfull

Credits: Hatchful

The next step would be to choose where your logo is meant to be used. You can choose more than one option at this stage. Whether it's for your website, social media profiles, business cards, or product packaging, customizing your logo ensures a consistent and professional brand image. And by optimizing its appearance for each application, you can enhance brand visibility and trust among your audience.

Step 6: Customize Your Logo

Customize Your Logo Hatchfull

Credits: Hatchful

At this step, you'll be presented with numerous logo templates. Once you have found the template you like, you can click on 'Edit Logo' to personalize it further. Hatchful lets you change the colors, fonts, and names to suit your brand identity. You can experiment with different combinations to find the perfect match that aligns with your brand's vision.

Step 7: Preview Your Logo

Preview Your Logo Hatchfull

Credits: Hatchful

Once you've customized the logo to your satisfaction, it's time to preview the final result. Hatchful allows you to see how your logo will appear on various marketing materials, such as business cards and social media profiles. This preview feature helps you envision your logo's impact across different platforms and touchpoints.

Step 8: Download Your Logo

Download Your Logo Hatchfull

Credits: Hatchful

When you are happy with the design and preview, it's time to download your logo. Although you don't need to have an account to create a logo, you definitely need one to download it. You will get your high-resolution logos with unlimited revisions, Facebook profile image and cover photo, Instagram profile image, Twitter images, etc, in this package. You will get the zip file straight to your email address, and you can download it from there.

download popup Hatchfull

Credits: Hatchful

You will be getting around 16 logo images optimized for different platforms, so you don't have to spend any extra time on them. And that’s all. In just under 5 minutes, you’ll be ready with your business logo, and that too, without spending a penny.

Pros and Cons of Hatchful Shopify

Like with any other application, Hatchful Shopify also comes with certain pros and cons that you need to be aware of to choose and create a relevant and unique business logo for your online store.

So, we decided to list them down for you, so you can save time!


  • One of the most significant advantages of using Hatchful is that it is entirely free. As a small business owner with a limited budget, you can create beautiful and professional logos.
  • Hatchful offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, even for individuals without design experience. With clear CTAs, as a user, you won't be confused as to what the next step would be.
  • We were quite surprised to see the extensive template library and the designs that were generated for our query. This is not something you see commonly with free logo makers.
  • We also enjoyed the feature for tweaking colors, fonts, and layouts to create a truly unique logo that represented a brand's true personality.
  • We were amazed by how quickly we could design a professional logo. The simplicity of the process saves valuable time, allowing merchants to focus on other aspects of business.
  • It’s available on both iOS App Store and Android Playstore.


  • While the customization options were great, we wished for more advanced design tools to fine-tune some aspects of the logo. It may not be suitable for those seeking intricate designs.
  • The popularity of some templates could lead to other businesses having similar-looking logos. More unique options would help prevent potential brand identity clashes.
  • We found the font selection somewhat limited.
  • We also think having more export options for the images, like additional file formats and higher resolution options for various marketing materials, would have proved useful.

We also found some insightful Hatchful customer reviews on ProductHunt, and you can take a look at some of them here:

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Image Credits: ProductHunt

More reviews from App Store. Hatchful has a 4.9/5 rating on Apple’s App Store, and 4.7/5 on Playstore.

Hatchfull app review on Apple apps store

Image Credits: Apple’s App Store

Expert Tips for Designing a Memorable Logo with Hatchful Shopify

Creating a memorable logo shouldn't be that hard if you keep the following things in mind:

  • Understand Your Brand Identity

Before diving into the design process, have a clear understanding of your brand's personality, values, and target audience. This foundation will guide your visual choices and ensure your logo resonates with your intended market.

  • Keep It Simple

We cannot emphasize this enough, but keeping your logos simple can go a long way! So, opt for a simple and clean design that conveys your brand message effectively. Avoid cluttering the logo with unnecessary details, as simplicity enhances memorability and versatility.

  • Choose Appropriate Colors

Colors evoke emotions and play a crucial role in logo design. Pick colors that align with your brand's personality and industry. Aim for a color palette that complements your brand message while standing out amidst competitors. And most importantly, do not use too many colors.

Approximately 95% of brands use up to two colors only. This will remove the unnecessarily cluttered look of your logo.

  • Versatility Matters

Ensure your logo looks appealing and legible across various platforms and sizes. A versatile logo will maintain its impact on business cards, social media profiles, websites, and even billboards. With Hatchful, you get all these in a single click.

  • Balance Text and Icon

Strike a harmonious balance between your brand name (text) and the icon in your logo. Each element should complement the other, creating a cohesive and visually appealing design.

  • Test It Across Platforms

After designing your logo, test it across different platforms and applications. Ensure it looks sharp and recognizable on mobile devices, social media, and print materials.

  • Seek Feedback

Don't hesitate to seek feedback from colleagues, friends, or target customers. Honest feedback can provide valuable insights and help you refine your logo design.

Top 5 Hatchful Alternatives to Check Out

If you want to compare Hatchful to other popular logo makers out there, or simply wants to explore, here are some of the best Hatchful alternatives to check out in 2023:

  • Looka

Looka homepage

Image Credits: Looka

Looka offers an intuitive logo maker powered by artificial intelligence. It provides a vast selection of logo templates and customization options, making it easy for users to create professional logos without design skills. Looka also offers branding kits to create a comprehensive brand identity. Looka is not a free logo maker, and hence it comes with a lot of professional design and branding features.

Pricing: Starts at $20 (one-time purchase)

  • DesignEvo

DesignEvo homepage

Image Credits: DesignEvo

DesignEvo is a popular and user-friendly online logo maker that offers 10,000+ logo templates. Users can customize their logos using a wide range of fonts, shapes, and colors. The platform provides high-resolution logo downloads and supports vector files, ensuring logo scalability for various applications.

Pricing: It is a 100% free tool.

  • homepage

Image Credits: is a logo maker that is meant for everyone be it small businesses, or enterprises. Users can choose from 100+ templates and then customize them to match their brand identity. It is extremely easy to use and requires zero coding skills.

Pricing: Starts at $12 (one-time purchase)

  • Wix Logo Maker

Wix Logo Maker homepage

Image Credits: Wix Logo Maker

Wix Logo Maker integrates with the popular website builder, Wix, offering users a seamless logo design experience. The platform provides a step-by-step process to create a personalized logo, and users can preview the logo on various marketing materials before finalizing the design.

Pricing: It is a free tool.

  • homepage

Image Credits: is an AI-powered design platform that includes a logo maker among its various design tools. It offers an extensive library of logo templates and allows users to customize colors, fonts, and layouts. In addition to logos, also provides tools for creating videos, social media graphics, and presentations.

Pricing: Complete access starts at $19 per month.

Each of these alternatives offers unique features and benefits, catering to different design preferences and business needs. When exploring these options, consider factors such as template variety, customization options, pricing, and additional design services to find the best fit for your logo creation requirements.


Hatchful Shopify serves as an excellent free logo maker for Shopify store owners, providing user-friendly customization options and a diverse array of templates. While exploring other alternatives is valuable, Hatchful remains a top choice for entrepreneurs seeking a hassle-free and effective way to create a memorable and custom logo and brand identity for their Shopify businesses.

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