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PageFly 2.14.0: New Integration With Growave And Better Instagram Element

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Updated in April, 2021

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Welcome October with the new 2.14.0 update of PageFly. In this release, we will celebrate the integration of PageFly and Growave, one of the newest 3rd party PageFly elements. Additionally, there are some small changes to the Instagram elements and HTML video elements that will make these elements more useful and easier to customize.

I. Integration with Growave

The biggest update in this version is the new integration with Growave. It is an all-in-one marketing platform for small and medium-sized Shopify stores that helps businesses extend marketing with powerful tools like Reviews, Wishlists, Q&A, Loyalty and referral programs, Social login, Instagram galleries, and more.

Such a multifunctional profile of the app allows it in effect to stand as a complete app for all-in-one marketing and makes it as much as 6 times more cost-effective when compared to the alternatives.

Growave element

Start your journey with Growave and get 50% OFF on paid plans.

In the new integration with PageFly, Growave can be used to display reviews or collect social proof from customers, which should improve the trustworthiness and the brand of your Shopify Store.

The Growave element has 3 variants:

  • Review Widget
  • Product Average Rating
  • Collection Average Rating

01. Review Widget

The review widget can be used to collect reviews. If you place this element on a product page, it can be automatically assigned to this product. Otherwise, you can drop this element into anywhere in your page and assign to any products.

This element not only allows customers to write reviews but also upload the pictures of their products.

In addition to reviewing, customers can also directly ask questions to the Store owner and team members on the Product page. Store owners can also give answers right on this element. All questions and answers are recorded and shown to other visitors.

Growave review

02. Product & Collection Average Rating

In this version, PageFly users no longer require to seek a third party app from outside and test their code to see if that app can be compatible with PageFly anymore which costs a lot of time and money to purchase that app. 

Growave review

The new built-in Groove wave integration can satisfy the need for product and collection reviews can be displayed and shown off on-page with slick and elegant design. Also with this feature, our merchant can freely choose where the reviews will show up on their pages with simple drags and drops options as avoiding complex coding and simplifying the user experience is PageFly top priority. 

Learn more on how to use Growave with PageFly HERE.

II. Instagram element

In this new update, the Instagram elements of PageFly have support equal height for all the images. You can set a fixed custom height for this section.

instagram element

Learn more: How to Use Instagram Element with PageFly

III. Thumbnail for HTML video

Don’t let customers skip your video because of an unattractive thumbnail. 

This new version allows you to easily change the thumbnail for your video in the HTML elements. 

html video

Learn more: How To Use HTML Video element in PageFly

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