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Trendsi: The Best Fashion Dropshipping App? [In-Depth Review]

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Trendsi is a fashion dropshipping app that’s gaining traction for emerging ecommerce fashion brands. It’s got good reviews on Shopify – but does it mean that it is the best fashion dropshipping app for aspiring fashion entrepreneurs? Can it live up to the hype? In this article, we will put it to an in-depth review so we can answer all your questions.

Fashion Ecommerce Statistics

Fashion is one of the most competitive ecommerce niches in the world. As such, it’s also one of the fastest growing ecommerce industries.

In the US alone, the apparel and accessory industries accounted for 29.5% of all ecommerce sales in 2021. In Europe, it’s expected that by 2025, each consumer will spend $999 on fashion-related items over the course of a year (Shopify).

Fashion Ecommerce Statistics


To top it all up, the Apparel, Footwear, and Accessories ecommerce retail sales in the US is projected to balloon up to $295.7 billion by 2025.

With all that in mind, the fashion industry now looks like a very attractive business, doesn’t it? And if you like to be in the game as it grows, finding reputable overseas suppliers for your dropshipping apparel business is the important first step.

Now, let’s see if Trendsi is the supplier you should be working with.

Trendsi - Fashion Dropshipping: What’s It All About?

Trendsi - Fashion Dropshipping: What’s It All About?

Trendsi is a B2B fast fashion app that caters US entrepreneurs who want to establish an online fashion brand. It uses a dropshipping business model, so their customers (dropshippers) don’t need to worry about product sourcing or buying inventory and storing them in a warehouse.

Unlike other dropshipping apps, their website can be accessed by anyone – with or without an account. This is a plus to those who are still researching and don’t want to commit to an app yet.

However, without an account, you won’t see the wholesale prices and SRPs of the products.

So we suggest that if you are using Trendsi for product research, you might as well sign up. It is 100% free. And since you’ll need a Shopify account to do so, you can start a 3-day free trial on Shopify or you can subscribe to a plan starting at $1 per month for the first three months.

Let’s Talk About The Price

One of the good things we like most about Trendsi is that it is 100% Free to use. Thus, new dropshippers don’t have to worry about an app subscription (aside from Shopify subscription and other operating costs).

Since using the app is free, you might say:

“What’s the catch?”

“Are there hidden charges?”

“It must have compromised on a few things.”

We’re also very curious to know the answers. So we decided to dig in a little deeper.

How To Install Trendsi

Search the app in your Shopify dashboard and click “Search Trendsi in the Shopify App Store.”

Search Trendsi in the Shopify App Store

You will then be redirected to the Shopify App. Click Trendsi and then click Add app.

click Add app

After clicking Add app, you will be redirected back into your Shopify dashboard where you can click Install. After installing, Trendsi you need to sign up and fill out some information about your business.

installing in Shopify dashboard

After filling out the sign up form, you will be logged in to Trendsi where you’ll have access to all their interesting products. As you will see, when you have signed up to Trendsi, the product cost and suggested retail prices of all products are displayed – giving you an idea as regards your potential gross profit on each of them. 

Trendsi is now installed

Let’s Put It To The Test

In this section, we will explore all the features of Trendsi to see if product sourcing for your Shopify store is indeed easier and profitable in this app.

We will tackle the following:

  • Process of buying inventory
  • Variety of products
  • Integrating products to your Shopify store
  • Figure out the shipping fees
  • Custom packaging
  • Creating a branded invoice
  • …and more.


For those who have an account, Trendsi uses its website as an all-in-one tool.

Trendsi Menu items

Upon signing up, their website instantly gives you access to their business dashboard.

In here, you’ll find a multitude of products organized by:

  • Categories
  • New launches
  • Women
  • Luxe
  • Jewelry & Beauty
  • Trending
  • Brands
  • Sale

Since everything is neatly organized, finding an appealing product is very easy. You can also utilize the search bar to input keywords for faster results.

Their dashboard provides a delightful user experience as it is minimalistically designed without skimping on any functionalities.

Enhanced Product Searchability

You can be very specific when looking for products to sell on your online store. 

Product filters

You can narrow down the search results based on these filters:

  • Type - whether Open Pack Wholesale or Dropshipping
  • Ships From - choose where your products come from: US or Overseas
  • Shipping time - choose products that have shorter shipping time
  • Inventory - find high or low-inventory products
  • Picture Style - select products with a certain photography style on their stock photos (studio, outdoor, chic, etc.)
  • Size runs - narrow down the sizes that you want to sell: regulars sizes, full sizes, and plus sizes

Product Variety

There is no published official tally as regards the total numbers of products that you can find in Trendsi. So we improvised to get an idea as regards the width of their product range.

product variety

In their homepage, we clicked the Category menu and clicked All – which we assume would display all the products that they have. This yielded a total of 12,463 items – which, for a single niche alone, is quite large.

It is worth mentioning that their product list is growing everyday courtesy of Trendsi Luxe (we’ll talk about this in the next section).

However, there’s one thing that is evidently missing – they don’t have a Men's category. So we tried digging to see if that’s really the case.

only one product for men

Unfortunately, this is all they had – Short Sleeve Polo Shirt. Thus, we can infer that Trendsi is dedicated to brands who want to sell fashion products for women.

It’s quite disappointing to say the least. Their product list could have been wider had they included men’s products. Nonetheless, it is what it is.

Trendsi Luxe

Trendsi Luxe is an “elevated boutique dropshipping service” with product uniqueness at its core. In this category, the product sourcing app promises to launch new curated collections every business day. Yes, new products everyday.

Additionally, Trendsi Luxe is committed to providing a fast shipping service of 2-7 days to US customers.

trendsi luxe selection

The main difference between the regular products on Trendsi and Trendsi Luxe is their price point. Products on the latter are more expensive. As such, these are targeted towards customers who are willing to pay a higher price for more stylish and exclusive designs.

Impressive Collection of Marketing Assets

To accompany their vast collection of apparels and accessories, Trendsi provides free, high-quality marketing materials on all the products that they have.

On the checkout page of each product, dropshippers have instant access to media and product information that can be used in their Shopify store.

Let’s take this dress for example:

where to download marketing assets

We downloaded their media file and here are some of the photos that we got:

photography of a dress

Trendsi Luxe’s products also have the same marketing assets: 

product video Trendsi Luxe

The biggest difference is that products in Trendsi Luxe have videos like the one shown above. And here are some of the photos we got for this particular product:

photography of a dress

Having access to marketing materials like these is a huge help for new entrepreneurs – especially to those who don’t have the resources to conduct product photography.

Easily Add Products To Shopify

Pushing products from the app to your Shopify store is very easy.

how to push a product to shopify

Hover over the product that you want to add to your Shopify store and click Add. You then choose a channel where you want to publish it (Trendsi can be used to dropship on multiple Shopify stores that you own), fill out the details and click Add to Shopify. 

Trendsi luxe sample products

After that, go to your Shopify dashboard to double check if you want to change anything on the product description or other specific details. As you can see, each field has been pre-filled right off the bat – including the variants, quantities, and retail price.

It’s pretty convenient.

how to push a product to shopify

Additionally, you can add items in bulk to your Shopify store.

When choosing products to sell, hover over the product and click Add to Collection. Do the same on all products that you choose. When you are done selecting products, click the Profile icon, go to Collections, and select the folder that you want to publish to your Shopify store.

Click Add, check the details, and click Add to Shopify. With those simple steps, you now have published an entire product collection to your Shopify store.

Cost-Saving Order Management 

Cost-Saving Order Management

Trendsi has a money-saving order management feature called Auto Combine Orders.

This feature allows you to combine orders from a single customer into a single shipment. But to do this, you should turn on Delay Processing (delay shipping for 24 hours). This will give you ample waiting time for when customers purchase additional orders within 24 hours from their first product checkout.

Custom Branded Invoice But No Custom Packaging

Custom Branded Invoice But No Custom Packaging

As of the moment, Trendsi doesn’t have a custom packaging option. Instead, they use blind packages so customers won’t know that the product came from them.

Be that as it may, Trendsi offers a Branded Invoice so that you can print your logo (and a personalized message to customers) and stick it on every package that they send on your behalf.

Expedited Shipping When Buying Inventory

Expedited Shipping When Buying Inventory

Trendsi has expedited shipping for dropshippers who are sampling their products before selling them on their stores. The shipping time for this is only 2 to 7 days so dropshippers can immediately receive the samples and list them up in their store if they meet quality expectations.

However, it is a bit expensive – starting at $14 per shipment.

Free Sign Up & Low Shipping Fees 

Free Sign Up & Low Shipping Fees

As mentioned, Trendsi doesn’t charge a monthly fee for using their platform. We might think that this free access would equate to higher shipping fees.

For context, a single order of t-shirt from Trendsi would cost you $3.99 for shipment. What we like about their shipping structure is that it is based on weight and not on quantity.

Therefore, you can ship multiple products on a single parcel to save on fees. Those Delay Processing and Auto Combine Orders under Order Management will come in very handy in this one.

Very Responsive Customer Service

We tried sending a sample question to see the response time of their customer support. 

Very Responsive Customer Service

As shown above, we initiated the chat at 10:07 am. As soon as we sent a question, Trendsi automatically connected us to a live agent in just one minute – Raymart responded at 10:08 am.

We asked their representative more questions regarding shipping, custom packages, and other stuff, and we’re very happy to say that he has been extremely helpful.

This is a huge plus on our list. Other dropshipping platforms initially connect you to an AI chatbot which, most of the time, we find not very helpful. Still, nothing compares to the efficiency of live agents.

Job well done!

Did Trendsi Do Well In The Review?

All in all, we were pretty satisfied with what we saw in our in-depth review. As such, there are a lot of good things to say about it and just very few negatives.


  • The dashboard is very intuitive, easy to use, and well designed
  • Daily new designs from Trendsi Luxe is impressive
  • Their products look very elegant, classy, and high-quality
  • Pushing product to Shopify is easy
  • Copywriting on their product descriptions are good
  • Free to use and no monthly fees – thus, low startup cost.
  • Their marketing assets on all their products make selling the products easier
  • Topnotch customer support – no AI chatbot


  • Lack of reporting tools – revenue tracking and inventory management would have been great
  • No print-on-demand or POD
  • No custom packaging

Customer Reviews

You now know that we are satisfied with this dropshipping platform. But how about their current users? Do they have the same sentiments in general?

Let’s look at how it fared on Shopify app reviews:

Customer reviews

With more than 2,300 online reviews, the dropshipping app got a very high overall rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Some of the 5-star reviews have these to say:

01. Vivid loved the automated product listings, easy-to-use website, and consistent product images

Vivid loved the automated product listings

02. The Honey-Pot Shoppe was very satisfied with how Raymart (the CSR agent that also assisted us) handled her concerns in a timely fashion.

The Honey-Pot Shoppe was very satisfied with CSR

03. The Poppy Chic Boutique is very optimistic with the potential of her new dropshipping store.

The Poppy Chic Boutique is very optimistic

Now, let’s look at some of the feedbacks that didn’t give a five-star rating:

04. Anything But Ordinary thinks that shipping could have been faster.

Anything But Ordinary had problems with buying inventory handling shipping

05. Distressed Monster Boutique found similar items from other dropshipping platforms that are cheaper than Trendsi

Distressed Monster Boutique found similar items from other dropshipping platforms

06. Ale! Boutique has experienced very sluggish shipping which affected their store performance on other marketplaces.

Ale! Boutique has experienced very sluggish shipping

The Takeaway:

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a dropshipping platform is that reading user reviews like these is important. And it is equally important to read the good and bad reviews for you to gain a clearer perspective on what you could possibly experience when you decide to use the app.

Shopify Stores Using Trendsi

Dropshipping via Trendsi has worked well for these stores. Take a look:

01. Luxsone 


Luxsone is a women’s fashion brand established in March 2023. For a newly launched store, we must say that they have done a great job curating their collections.

Scrolling through their products, we saw some familiar items that we also saw on Trendsi. But thanks to the dropshipping apps’s studio quality photos, their Shopify store is able to display some vibrant and colorful products as if they are the ones who actually took the shots.

We also have to commend the design of their website. It’s very easy to navigate and is very snappy and responsive.

02. Stylish Design By Julie 

Stylish Design By Julie

This Shopify store is an online boutique that aims to cater not only women but also men and children. They have curated a collection of dresses and graphic tees for women, matching outfits for children and their parents, and a stylish selection as well for men. They also have some stylish jewelry to top off their outfits.

As Trendsi doesn’t have fashion items for men, we can assume that Stylish Design By Julie is also dropshipping from other platforms.

This goes to show that Shopify stores can handle multiple dropshipping platforms at once. Browsing their collections gave us an impression that these are really handpicked designs that will surely pique their customers’ interests.

03. Touch of Wind 

Touch of Wind

Touch of Wind lives up to its tagline of being a one-stop online fashion destination for women.

We are very impressed with how they were able to organize such a huge number of SKUs. Truly, anything a woman wants for an outfit is here. From casuals, athletics, swimwears, and shoes. Add to that some accessories like bags, belts, hats, and jewelry.

Thanks again to Trendsi’s free studio-quality photos, Touch of Wind was able to pull this through. We could only imagine what a nightmare it would be to conduct a pictorial for more than 100 different products.

To Be Honest, We’re Impressed

Being a fashion dropshipping platform, we can tell that they have really done their homework in order to have a great collection of fashionable items. Products look high-tier based on photos, and thus can be marketed towards a more sophisticated audience.

Furthermore, the daily new product collections from Trendsi Luxe simply blew us away. We mean, how is that even possible?

As impressive as it is, it isn’t without flaws.

Some features that could have been added that will truly make this a one-stop dropshipping app – these are the men's fashion category and POD.

Lastly, since it’s free and shipping is actually reasonable, the tradeoff is that products are priced a bit higher. Take their shirts for example. A graphic tee from Trendsi starts at $12. On Zendrop, also a dropshipping platform with POD, a graphic tee starts only at $4 per piece. It’s a huge price difference, no doubt.

The Verdict

You might know by now that we’re giving Trendsi a huge thumbs up. It’s a great platform especially for entrepreneurs who are new to the world of dropshipping. But even for serial dropshippers, Trendsi is quite a compelling platform because of what it offers to the table.

So if you’re looking for a dropshipping app for your dream clothing line, we suggest that you give Trendsi a try. Take your time in exploring their collections and look for interesting products to sell.

Of course, you should also look at other options like Printful for a better comparison.

At the end of the day, launching a dropshipping business is just like any other ecommerce business – branding matters. If you want your store to stand out, you should also focus on marketing your clothing line as an independent brand that provides great products and exceptional value to your customers.

So remember these: Exceptional Products, Great Branding, and Awesome Marketing. These three things will help you propel your fashion dropshipping business to greater heights.

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