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PageFly Guest Blogging Guideline

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The post will be marked as a “guest blogging article” at the beginning. E.G. Contribution by expert ... ”.

I. Topics Accepted on PageFly

We’re looking for articles in two primary topics: Shopify Best Practices, or eCommerce Best Practices as the goal of PageFly blog since day one is to help merchants make more sales, strengthen branding and increase the conversion rate of their stores.  We operate with a value-first mindset, therefore all articles must be written in the interest of our readers.

If your topic meets our requirements, great! There are a few more things you should know to make sure your article is a good fit for PageFly Blog: 

  • Check to see if we’ve published your topic before. We write, a lot! It's a good idea to go over our content to avoid any overlap. If we’ve already published a post on your topic before, consider writing something with a new angle, a different perspective, or added analysis.
  • Check to see if your idea is relevant at the time. Your post does not need to be tied to a news story or a product update, but it is advisable to be up-to-date with the current eCommerce landscape.
  • Explain your authority. We love guest posts as they offer our audience insights from experts and business leaders in the eCommerce industry. We love to read content with authority and expertise too. So if you have a specific experience that can strengthen the post's trustworthiness, tell us.
  • Review your title. When working on the guest post, your title, aside from having your focus key phrase to be SEO-friendly, should convey the topic eloquently and engagingly. Ask yourself and whether or not you would want to read that post. 

II. Content Expectations, Quality & Standards

  • The content must be valuable and “actionable”.
  • The content must be original and never published anywhere else online.
  • The length of content starts from 2000 words upwards.
  • Well researched with all supporting data, links, examples, and screenshots wherever needed.
  • Shouldn’t contain any copyrighted material. Give proper credit wherever needed.
  • Should be SEO-friendly. We recommend you run your guest post through Yoast SEO Tool or SurferSEO prior to submitting your article.

We love data-driven content, and so do our readers.

The more concise, understandable and actionable it is, the better.

If information can be displayed as graphs or other forms of visual content, our readers can better digest and understand its relevance..

III. PageFly Audience

  • Shopify/eCommerce merchants.
  • TOP 5 countries visiting our blog include US, CA, UK, AUS, BR.

IV. Tone of voice

All writers relay a unique tone of voice in their content, and we welcome them all. Just remember to give it a human touch. We don’t seek perfection - just genuine, actionable, down to earth stuff :)

V. Policy for outbound links

  • 2 - 3 outbound links are allowed (all dofollow).
  • Links must be relevant to the core topic.
  • Link anchor text must read and flow organically in the article
  • There shouldn’t be multiple links towards the same domain.

VI. Formatting Guidelines

Follow these basic formatting requests that will make your post easier to read. 

  • Submit your post in Google Docs. 
  • Stick to H2 and H3 subheader levels. This helps keep formatting clear and simple.
  • Include all images in a Google Drive folder
  • Follow general best practices for web writing. Concise sentences and brief paragraphs work best.
  • Include your bio/company info at the bottom of your article. 

VII. Image Optimization Guidelines

  • All images used in the article must be stored in a Google Drive folder and shared with PageFly.
  • All images must be optimized for optimal loading time, we recommend PageFly's Guide on How To Optimize Image Loading Time HERE
  • Every image must have a caption to deliver the message it’s trying to deliver. If the images being used are not free-stock photos, it is mandatory to credit image sources.

IV. PageFly Authority

We'll edit for content and clarity, or request you to do so, doing our best to keep your original voice. Requests for edit will be made no more than 02 times from the original submission.  

In the event of the draft falling short to our standard after 02 rounds of revision, we reserve the right to reject the guest post. 

V. How to submit a guest post request

Send us your pitch via this form.

  • Tell us who you are. If you have a portfolio website please, include it in your pitch.
  • Add at least 3 links to your best work.
  • Suggest 3 topics you want to contribute.

We look forward to collaborating!

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