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PageFly Guest Blogging Guideline

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1. How to submit a guest post request?

If you are a Shopify App Partner please contact us via this form

2. Topics and main keywords

You need to suggest 3 topics with the main keyword for each topic that adapts to our requirement:

  • Topic category: Relevant to Shopify Knowledge, Shopify Pages, Shopify Themes, Shopify Apps and Dropshipping
  • Check the duplicate article: We write, a lot! It's a good idea to go over our content to avoid any overlap. You can quickly search to avoid duplicated content by the way search: keyword.
  • The Search Volume of the main keyword: from 150

3. Content Expectations, Quality & Standards

  • The content must be valuable and “actionable”.
  • The content must be original and never be published anywhere else online.
  • The length of content starts from 2000 words upwards.
  • Well-researched with all supporting data, links, examples, and screenshots wherever needed.
  • Shouldn’t contain any copyrighted material. Give proper credit wherever needed.
  • Should be SEO-friendly. We recommend you run your guest post through Yoast SEO Tool or SurferSEO prior to submitting your article.
  • We love data-driven content, and so do our readers.
  • The more concise, understandable, and actionable it is, the better.
  • If information can be displayed as graphs or other forms of visual content, our readers can better digest and understand its relevance.

4. PageFly Audience

  • Shopify/eCommerce merchants.
  • The TOP 5 countries visiting our blog include the US, CA, UK, AUS, and BR.

5. Tone of voice

All writers relay a unique tone of voice in their content, and we welcome them all. Just remember to give it a human touch. We don’t seek perfection - just genuine, actionable, down-to-earth stuff.

6. Policy for outbound links

  • 2 - 3 outbound links are allowed (all do follow).
  • The position of the anchor text needs to be from the half of content
  • Links must be relevant to the core topic.
  • Link anchor text must read and flow organically in the article
  • There shouldn’t be multiple links towards the same domain.
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