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10 Ideas for Upselling on your Shopify Store with Candy Rack [ + Examples ]

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Upselling is indeed a powerful technique to improve the store's conversation rates and increase its average order value. When the upselling strategy is set correctly, it will motivate and encourage your store visitors to purchase something extra, upgrade the chosen product or take some additional services that you sell as an option for the products.

This article will give you 10 ideas for your upsell offers and explain how to easily create the upsells with Candy Rack App.

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1. Product Upsell

Starting from the simple product upsell, you can offer your clients any item from your current product portfolio. For example, when your current product is a T-Shirt, you can cross-sell another T-shirt in a different color, or you can sell a matching pair of jeans that would create a perfect outfit. Also, try selling complementary products: let's say you are selling a coffee machine, a complementary product would be coffee capsules.

Another great example is to offer a true upsell which allows your customers to upgrade the initially chosen product and replace it with the new superior option. For instance, instead of a simple phone case, you can offer a glitter phone case, which will be a more premium alternative.

Product Upsell

2. Smart Auto-Upsell

Sometimes it is impossible to predict which product your customer might be willing to buy. To save you some time and at the same time make sure you display your customers the most relevant products, you can create an AI-driven smart auto-upsell that uses a Shopify product recommendations API and choose the products based on customer interaction with the website.

smart auto upsell

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3. Gift Packaging

Additionally to creating upsell offers for physical goods, consider having some service upsell. For example, you can offer gift packaging for all of your products which can bring added value to your customers who are purchasing from you to give somebody a gift.

gift packaging

4. Custom Note

Another service that you can offer as an upsell is a custom gift note or any other note that can be added to a parent product. For example, a customer can add a special engraving to the glass vase that he/she has chosen as a gift.

customer note

5. Extended Warranty

If you are selling some electronic devices or other goods, where you have to deal with return issues, you can offer your customers to extend the warranty that would normally go together with your product and display it as an add-on service.

extended warranty

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6. Premium Email Support

Customers love premium support. Especially if customer satisfaction is one of the key values of your company, you can try offering premium Email Support as an upsell.

Premium Email support

7. First In line

Give your customers a chance for priority shipping. Fast delivery can attract those of your customers who value superior shipping and do not mind paying for such a service.

First in line

8. Incognito Shipping

If applicable for your business, another good idea for upselling a service is to offer your customer the option to order a product without your brand's label.

Incognito Shipping

9. Mystery Product

Your most daring customers can try their luck and add a mystery product to their order. Creating a mystery product upsell, you can set the limit and then select any product from your stock once you get such an order.

mystery product

10. Custom Service

With Candy Rack App you can think of any custom service that is relevant for your business (green shipping options, donation opportunities, loyalty points etc.)

customer support

Questions? Remarks? Ideas?

Candy Rack Support Team will be happy to help you to configure your upsell offers and listen to your valuable feedback. Additionally, you can check the Candy Rack Help Center, where you can read useful articles explaining how to create and configure the upsell offers with Candy Rack and find answers on a frequently asked question.

Feel free to download the Candy Rack App from Shopify App Store. It’s free of charge to its full extent for 14-day.

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