What’s new in PageFly Shopify app page builder 1.0.4?

What’s new in PageFly Shopify app page builder 1.0.4?


02 weeks passed since the latest updates. We’ve been working hard to ship the next version with bugs fixes and features updates. The most wanted feature that helps you with starting to build the landing page for Shopify and it’s “Predefined landing page template.” Moreover, we released to the public 20+ Shopify landing page templates for the different niche.

The second feature that you wanted and waited so long that it’s signup form page element with MailChimp. Since now you can build Shopify lead sales landing page quickly and convert better. With the Analytics dashboard, you’d know how your landing page performs and whether it gets leads.

So, let’s explore in details new features and product improvement.


To see the app changes please sign out from your app store and clean cache of web browser. After that login back to your account store and access to PageFly from the App page.

MailChimp integration with form signup page element

Sign up form element is one of the most asked features since the official release of PageFly Shopify app. We listened to the feedback from PageFly users carefully and decided to prioritize this feature to be available in this version. Since now you can collect the email address of leads on the landing page and connect with MailChimp service.

The signup form page element has the options to edit the text button, the placeholder in the input box and icon. In the image below you can see “Action URL” which you need to insert the Mailchimp list link. For more details how to use this feature, please read this tutorial.

mailchimp integration

Blog List page element

Since now you can put the blog list on Shopify page, (let’s say homepage) easily with the PageFly app. This page element you can find in Shopify Category - Blog Posts.

You might be asking about why should I care about blogging stuff? Well, organic traffic from Google or other search engines are free, and when you are producing more blog post, you’ll get more chance to appear in Google search results. Simply think that each blog post is the new destination which Google will send the traffic to you. And when you have the blog post updated freshly on the home page it’s a good “trust signal” to Google bot.

Another thing to think about is when you write blog posts you show that the website is live to the customers. When they read newly published blog posts, they would have more trust in your brand and your products.

Blog List page element

With default settings of this page element, you can decide whether to show the blog image or not and with what’s dimension. The blog post information with the data of publishing and author also can be configured via “Show Meta” parameter. And the final thing is to make sure that this blog list section matches your design we’ve added one more setting called “Show Excerpt” with its length. You can adjust how many words to display in the single block of the blog post.

blog listing settings

Besides, we go further with customization option of blog list layout: Vertical or Horizontal. You can quickly adjust the design of this section.

vertical and horizontal position

Shopify Landing Page Template with 20+ designs in different niche

With the version 1.0.4 of the PageFly app, you’ll have the “superpower” to build the landing page faster. We're introducing to you the Pre-designed Landing Page template feature. With this improvement, you can select one of 20+ uniquely designed landing page for your needs. Landing page templates cover many niches from fashion, business, service to beauty and health care. Just have a quick look at the image below to see how it works.

Shopify Landing Page Template with 20+ designs in different niche

Btw, did you notice that in the preview window you can see how the landing looks on mobile, tablet and desktop devices? If not, just the closer look at this part to see how it performs.

preview mobile and tablet devices

20+ landing page templates are the starting number. All landing page designs are unique and target to the different market niches. Whether you run the branded shop or drop shipping business, you’ll find the suitable layout to start building the landing page. Mostly the layouts are designed for the home and product pages. Soon we’ll be added more sales are landing pages, so you quickly create the effective landing page for ads channels.

template collection

To get start using this feature just need to click on the icon “Pick a template” at the left top area of PageFly editing dashboard.

pick a pagefly template

Bonus Tip

When clicking on the page element, you’d see the full route of that page element. Understand better the level placement such element. With this improvement, we hope you can understand better the structure of the whole landing page.

page element root

Say hi to Bearie!

To easily recognize PageFly app for Shopify we introduce to you Bearie :) our brand new mascot. Bearie will help you with the usage of PageFly and will be the personal assistant to you.

bearie pagefly mascot

That’s all for now. A little bit rest and get back to the job with the next PageFly app version update. One obvious thing during this and next week is the documentation and tutorials. We got a lot of feedback asking about how to use the PageFly app and how to utilize it in the particular cases. All product tutorials and documentation you can find on the PageFly help center.

Warm Regards,

Tony, on behalf PageFly Team.

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