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Best Tips And Shopify Landing Page Examples To Boost Your Conversions

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Suppose you are running a Shopify store or learning how to build one, you should know that over 1,000,000 businesses are running online stores on Shopify, which means there is a high chance that your competitors also use Shopify for their business.

They will have the same tools to hand as you have when using Shopify services. You will also only have the same basic pages as all other e-commerce sites as a homepage, product category page, product info page, checkout page, and a few more.

You don't want your store page to look the same as millions of other online stores; even a scam website looks more attractive than yours, do you? Checking out Shopify landing page examples from different stores, are you curious why they are so beautiful and want to know more about them?

A landing page is a powerful tool for finding leads, but it can be hard to use it effectively. Don't worry; together, we can help you master this tool to improve your online store's CRO and performance.

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What is a landing page?

A landing page is a specially designed page for products or services that you want to highlight or promote. The ultimate goal of these pages is to urge users to perform a specific action like filling out a form, making a purchase, or signing up for a service.

In simple terms, it converts visitors into leads. It's like a trap that you set when a visitor enters your landing page. The primary purpose of the trap is to get customers to "set foot" on the CTA.

To do that, we can present the "bait" on the landing page like offers, free content, and more. If your "bait" is attractive enough, then visitors will be captured and turned into leads; otherwise, you should improve the "trap" of your online store.

But how is it different from other pages like the homepage?

The landing page is used to find leads, while the Shopify Homepage is used for many purposes. Of course, it has additional uses, but often it is a page containing forms to gather information from visitors.

Is the landing page important to the Shopify store?

When customers visit your Shopify store from search engines, online advertising, or other sources, the first store page they land on will be the landing page. It's like the customer's first impression of your store. If customers are not interested in what they see on the landing page, they will not be willing to spend time researching your promotion, product, or company.

Focus on improving your landing page design because it can affect 94% of your customers' first impressions when they visit your page.

According to Hubspot's report, the number of potential customers of a business increases up to 55% when they increase the number of landing pages from 10 to 15. In contrast, the change from 5 to 10 landing pages will not make any difference. We can see how vital the landing page is.

Let’s have a more in-depth look at some uses of the landing page and Shopify landing page examples in the next sections of the article.

How to build a better landing page for your Shopify store?

With Shopify's inbuilt tool, creating an eye-catching landing page to attract customers is time-consuming and difficult. Also, they are accessible to hundreds of thousands of other stores and offer limited customization. Your site won't look unique if you use these tools.

But they are free, aren't they? Everyone loves free stuff. But do you know what else is free, with much better page customization and is even easier to use?

PageFly. This Shopify page builder offers a simple set of drag and drop tools that users can use to build a good-looking and efficient site. It also has more than 50 pre-designed, optimized Shopify landing page examples by experts. All of this is free.

Before publishing your Shopify Landing Page, maybe you need more time to work on it, so you should create a display on your site to tell visitors that your website is not ready and they need to stay tuned for it. The perfect choice at this time is to consider some of these 10 Coming Soon Tools in this article for quick page- building.

Shopify landing page examples

Squeeze page

A squeeze page is designed to collect emails from visitors, often in exchange for free content, or an offer that benefits them. Marketers usually use it in the awareness stage of the Marketing Funnel. The primary elements of a Squeeze page are a form with a CTA button and offer details that are attractive enough to catch your visitors' attention.

People usually design it as a small pop up page. The bigger the offer, the more motivated customers will be to fill in their information. So make sure your bait is big enough before making a ‘squeeze’ trap.

The Shopify landing page examples below are from rising stores Adoredvintage, Cheekbone, and DEFY.

Adoredvintage Squeeze page with 10% OFF for the 1st purchase

Adoredvintage’s Squeeze page with 10% OFF for the 1st purchase

Cheekbone uses 10% offers for Squeeze page.

Cheekbone uses 10% offers (for second orders) for its Squeeze page

DEFY with their 20% deal to get users’ attention

DEFY with their 20% deal to get users’ attention

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Collection page

The collection page is no longer just a page for displaying a list of products. It’s increasingly common for it to be designed like a Homepage with a banner and other elements to help optimize the conversion rate.

Here are some different Shopify landing page examples of Collection templates that were pre-designed using PageFly.

Kidoki - Shopify landing pages examples built with PageFly


Father's Day Collection Page by Shopify

Father day

A Collection Page with Full Banner of Otobrush

A Collection Page with Full Banner of Otobrush

Click-through landing page

Click-through landing pages are often used at the bottom of a funnel. It provides product information and offers. It also removes distracting elements like the menu to keep the focus on clicking on the CTA.

Removing the header and footer is the top priority because users navigating to other pages will ultimately reduce your conversion rate.

You can see some landing page examples below:

A simple landing page of Google Cloud

A simple landing page of Google Cloud

Unbounce with their landing page

This Click-through landing page is from Unbounce

A Shopify landing page built with PageFly

A Shopify landing page built with PageFly

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True to its name, customers will land on this product landing page when they click on your ad on Facebook or Google.

While running your Shopify store's online advertising campaign, you’ll no doubt have to pay for advertising services. But if their bounce rate is high then the ads are ineffective and you’re wasting your advertising budget.

This is like setting up a trap with lots of bait, paying for advertising services to attract visitors, but those lures are not attractive enough, and no "victim" is trapped. Solving this problem requires an optimized landing page; it helps improve conversion rates and reduce your budget.

A sale promotion page with a Christmas design

A sale promotion page with Christmas design

Valentine Sale Promotion Page for Shopify

An example of Valentine Sale Promotion Page for ShopifyPaid advertising landing page examples for fashion store

Paid advertising landing page examples for fashion store

Don’t forget about the mobile landing page!

Visitors use multiple devices with different resolutions such as PCs, Macs, laptops, and smartphones to view your landing page. It’s essential to design individual landing page templates for each device. Nobody wants to shop on a site where you have to zoom in to see pictures, read product information, and even find the Add to Cart button.

Smartphones are where you should be most concerned - even more than laptops. According to Shopify's statistics as of Q3 2019, mobile traffic accounted for 81% of the total traffic of Shopify stores and 71% of orders also came from mobile devices.

These numbers cannot be ignored. Every landing page needs to optimize for this significant market.

Here are some tips for optimizing your Shopify mobile landing page:

  • Avoid using videos in the site, turn off the site's auto-play function for mobile devices. You won't want your customers to leave your well-prepared "trap" because it consumes tens of MB of their mobile data. Most of the time, visitors will close your page quickly since every second they spend on it is costing them money.
  • Bigger content, bigger buttons. When using mobile devices, most customers will use small touch screens and navigate with their fingers. Bigger content makes your page more comfortable to see. If your business target market is elderly, using larger font sizes will make it easier to read. The giant button is, of course, more accessible for customers to press and prevent them from mistakenly touching another link on your site.
  • Clean text; don't make it too long. The primary purpose of the landing page is to convert visitors into leads on any device. Text content that is too long, especially the heading, will make your mobile page stretch, visitors will have to swipe more to see all the content of the landing page. Trimming the content on the mobile landing page will make the content clearer and open room for CTA.

Building Mobile responsive pages with PageFly:

The Valentine Sale Promotion Page with a responsive design for mobile devices:

Valentine Sale Promotion Page for Shopify with mobile design


We’ve shown you what a landing page is and how it works to find leads through some types of Shopify landing page examples such as squeeze pages, collection pages, click-through landing pages, and paid advertising landing pages.

But your landing page will have to go through a long optimization process, with lots of experiments to improve conversion rates and capture more leads. If you don’t want to waste time building and optimizing your landing pages, then sign up to PageFly for free now.

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