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Build Up A Shopify FAQ Page: 05 Basic Guidelines For New Beginners

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What Is A Shopify FAQ Page Template? 

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. This page is often included in company websites or online stores to address common questions about products and services. If you're the owner of a Shopify store, consider having a Shopify FAQ page to reduce customer inquiries on common questions such as shipping terms, payment methods, and more. 

The questions on the FAQ pages vary depending on the industry that companies operate in.

For example, eCommerce platform Shopify has their own FAQ page below: 

5 Reasons To Have A Well-structured Shopify FAQ Page

Beside its basic function, a Shopify FAQ page plays a supportive role for other functions:

  1. Solves uncertainty from new customers. This can relieve customers anxiety in purchasing decisions.
  2. Decreases workload for customer support activities. Most customers have questions on pricing, payment methods, and so on. The repetitive questions can be burdens for staff. The FAQ page is a public channel for customers to find solutions by themselves. 
  3. Increase SEO efficiency by building a Shopify FAQ template. FAQ pages can appear in Google search results which means more traffic for your website. 
  4. Builds trust. Customers want to see that you recognize their pain points and can address them clearly. 
  5. Stops people leaving in frustration. Your FAQ Shopify page is your last line of defense before visitors drop off in frustration. Make sure it’s clear. 

The Shopify FAQ page provides information on how to start out with Shopify, payment information and shipping with Shopify. 

They provide a lot of information on the eCommerce market in general, and on their platform specifically. 

First-time users of Shopify can take comfort in having their problems addressed directly, giving them more confidence to use the platform. 

FAQ Shopify Templates

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry too much about the design of your Shopify FAQ page. Shopify has plenty of great Shopify FAQ templates to help you get started.

What Are The Main Elements of A FAQ Template?

A common FAQ Shopify page often includes the sections below: 

  1. General questions: Answers to the most popular questions on products and services
  2. Payments: Solutions for shoppers to process a payment transaction 
  3. Shipping: Details on shipping methods, costs and times, as well as tracking options for orders. 
  4. Returns: Clear policies on returning items.  
  5. Other: the content of these questions varies depending on the industry. 

How to Find Popular Shopify FAQ Templates

There are no official rules for displaying a FAQ Shopify page. However, if you want to have a look at how this page is often designed, you can go to well-known brands or even your competitors to see how they’re doing it.

However, if you want to have a look at how this page is often designed, you can go to well known brands or even your competitors to see how they’re doing it.

Here are some websites that have great examples. 

Firstly, private websites in themes such as Maestrooo, Typeform, Outofthesandbox or apps providing FAQ themes creation. These apps are often paid choices. They provide Shopify FAQ templates for your store.

First, you’ll need a FAQ page template. Then, install PageFly from the Shopify app store. It’s ranked first with 5 stars in the page builder apps list. Building Shopify FAQ pages is easy and doesn’t require coding skills. 

How to Create A FAQ Page on Shopify From Scratch 

First, you’ll need a template.  Then, install PageFly from the Shopify app store. It’s ranked first with 5 stars in the page builder apps list. 

I recommend you to only use Shopify apps to ensure a smooth integration of the template to your website. 

Building a FAQ Shopify template is easy and doesn’t require any coding skills. 

If you want complete training on how to build a FAQ page for Shopify, go to the PageFly Academy

Common Questions in a FAQ Shopify Page

Now let’s assume that you have built a draft Shopify FAQ page, the next concern is what questions to put in. 

Popular questions are usually on products, services, payments, shipping and returns. 

You can audit your website to get an idea of what specific questions you need to answer. You can also use customer feedback for this. 

Try giving people a 10% discount if they fill out a survey on your website. 

Examples of Shopify FAQ Pages

Let’s look at some examples of Shopify FAQ pages so you can take a bit of inspiration. 

Factory 43

Factory 43 uses an uncluttered design to their FAQ page. They stick to the most crucial concerns. 

Questions are written in a direct way. For example, “Where’s my refund?”. This allows customers to quickly get the right information. 


Shwood faq page

This FAQ page is more lively with a cover image. Questions are hyperlinked with related answers. 

The design is unique and fitting with the rest of the website style. If you click on specific questions, you can see longer questions explanations. 

Shopify platform

Shopify faq page

This last example will be familiar with Shopify merchants. The main difference between Shopify’s FAQ page and the two other examples is the sheer amount of information available. 

Shopify gives information on everything from themes and apps to shipping and partner services. 

The topics walk you through the average merchants journey with the platform. They start with selling and shipping and move into expansion and moving up the paid plans. 

All of this is laid out simply and clearly.

For more Shopify Page Templates and Tutorial, Check Out: 

Key Take Away Points 

  1. You need to understand how to use Shopify FAQ effectively before building your own FAQ Shopify page.
  2. There are no official rules for FAQ Shopify page display.
  3. You can use Shopify page builder apps like PageFly to build your own FAQ Shopify page efficiently.
  4. You’ll need to audit your site to figure out the questions you still need to answer 
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