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Linkpop Shopify App Pricing, Reviews and Features

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It can be frustrating at times to only have a link to one page of your store in the bio pages of your social profiles because it restricts your ability to make sales and prevents you from directing customers to multiple products or pages with a single click.

In this article, we'll review Linkpop Shopify app and go over how Shopify store owners used the free link in bio tool to boost sales from social media by, in some cases, 600%. We'll also go over how you can start using linkpop to increase the effectiveness of your social media traffic.


What Is Linkpop?

Linkpop is a free tool created by Shopify to assist creators and business owners in developing a shoppable link in their bio that displays their social media profiles, store pages, and products and enables customers to make purchases and complete checkouts without leaving Instagram or TikTok and visiting your website.

It is an easy-to-use link in bio app designed with mobile users in mind that connects users to a curated list of all their sale channels and social media links. To turn followers into buyers, add shoppable links. By integrating with their Shopify store, it enables them to market their products, expand their customer base, and boost sales.

Shopify recently reported that linkpop users had doubled their checkout rates and sold over 100,000 products through links they had created, a HUGE number that translated to millions of dollars in sales.

In essence, it enables you to send visitors to a landing page with numerous links to various pages rather than a single page. Using this, you can display multiple products, share links to other social media profiles, or direct visitors to another crucial page on your website. A recent blog post or your most recent collections, for instance.

This enables you to promote numerous important pages with a single link while requiring few clicks and staying within the app, making it simple for your followers to make purchases.

Let’s Look At The Price

Linkpop requires a Shopify account but doesn’t require the user to have a paid store. That means Linkpop is FREE for anyone to use. Users without a Shopify account will be prompted to create one while existing users will be asked to login with their existing Shopify account.

How To Set Up A Linkpop Page?

Installing the Shopify linkpop app from the Shopify app store is the first step in using link pop.

Before creating your linkpop landing page, you must add some information about your store and your preferences after installing the app. This data can be automatically imported from your Shopify account or you can manually add it from scratch. These consist of:

  • Store name and bio
  • Colors
  • Social links
  • Recently added products

The next step is selecting your link, which will have the following format:[example_link]. To increase trust, I suggest using your brand name as the link title.

Your page will be published once you've completed this step, and you can continue adding this crucial data by selecting the "Bio" tab in the linkpop dashboard.

You can add your social media handles and profile links, as well as your profile picture and description, to this page so they can be added to your landing page.

Create a linkpop landing page

This is the most important step, creating the actual landing page for your linkpop. This is the page your visitors and followers will see once they click on your bio link, this should have a good design with your brand colors and all your individual links and pages that you want to add to your landing page. I will break this into two steps:

Adding Links

linkpop link

There are different types of links you can add to your page, let’s explain them one by one.

  • Product: With the help of this option, you can include a product from your shop that you can sell to your customers who can then purchase it without leaving the page. The displayed product name is the only element of this type of link that is editable.
  • Media: You can use this to embed Spotify or YouTube media.
  • Link: This option lets you include links to other pages, such as blog posts, collection pages, or links to other websites.
  • Affiliate Link: Shopify is currently working on a new feature called "Shopify Collabs" that will enable influencers to advertise products from Shopify-using brands on their Linkpop page. Therefore, this is only pertinent to influencers and content producers; however, if you own a business, you are unlikely to use this option.
  • Amazon Affiliate Link: You can use this option to add links to some of the products you're promoting to the link in bio page if you're using Shopify to advertise affiliate products from the Amazon affiliate program.

Styling the page

linkpop page

The styling of the page and creating an inviting appearance for visitors is the second step in creating your landing page. You can alter the styling characteristics of the background, Link Style, and text in the "Style" tab.

Both a solid color and an image are options for the background. You can alter the card color, which serves as the background for each link, the link shape (round or rectangular), and finally the link color in the Link Style section of your page. Additionally, you can change the text's font, color, and opacity.

Keep it simple, and avoid trying to overwhelm your visitors with links or unnecessary details as this could detract from their experience.

Add linkpop to Instagram

Any Shopify store must have an Instagram account in order to market their goods and services or to produce valuable content for their audience. With linkpop, you can link to blog posts that benefit your audience or advertise affiliate products while promoting your products and accepting payments directly on Instagram without having to leave the app. To add Linkpop to Instagram, take the following actions:

  • Login to Instagram account
  • Go to profile then edit profile
  • Add your linkpop to your website field

Add linkpop to tiktok

You must take advantage of TikTok recently allowing all users to add links to their bios if you own a store. One of the best social media sites for e-commerce sales right now is TikTok. You should take advantage of the platform's rapid audience growth and use it to your advantage by using TikTok to grow your following and market your business to this audience. You can use Linkpop to promote and analyze multiple pages in your TikTok bio with just one link. To add LinkPop to TikTok, follow these instructions:

  • Click Edit profile.
  • Click Add your website.
  • Enter the linkpop URL to add it to your profile.
  • Click Save.

Linkpop Shopify App Features

Checkout Process

It uses Shopify's fast and secure checkout.

One shareable link

Copy and paste your one shareable link into a social bio on social media pages like Instagram, TikTok, Youtube or anywhere else.

Links to websites, articles, videos, playlists, and other resources are also available. Shoppable links feature all the information a customer will require before making a purchase by automatically synchronizing with a merchant's product catalog. A retailer can share up to 200 links on their Linkpop after creating an account.

There will now be a Browse Products button on shoppable links.

product links

The Browse Products button will display the items in your store. A product will be added from the sales channel to the linkpop page after being clicked. When you're done adding items and links, you can click and drag them to rearrange the list.

Images can be uploaded to go with each product customizable link.

Customizing Styles

The option to modify the background color or upload a background image can be found by selecting the Style tab. Merchants have the option to change the background color, logo, font, and other elements of their Linkpop page.

Compared to competing link in bio services, Linkpop’s options are more limited.

Customizing Bio details

The Bio tab, when clicked, displays options to upload a logo, enter a name and description, and optionally enter social media handles.

Linkpop's Analytics

One of their most beneficial features is their Free Analytics Tool to track which content or goods receive the most clicks. Test performance and discover what sells on any given weekday. You'll be monitoring how well each individual link is performing. The number of visits to your page, the number of clicks on each link, and other metrics are tracked by its analytics. It may be used anywhere to bring all the links together in one spot and create a powerful, unified presence.

An essential feature of any tool for adding links to bios is analytics, which can help you determine which links are working well and which should be deleted as well as their performance, allowing you to make smarter decisions about how to promote your pages. You can examine your links' effectiveness and the revenue generated by them using Linkpop. The benefit of this is that it's integrated with Shopify Analytics, which can show you how your shoppable links are influencing conversion and sales for your online store.

Linkpop Pros and Cons


  • Allows you to create shoppable links that your customers can use to buy products and checkout on the same page.
  • All features can be used with no limits and it’s all 100% free.
  • Easy setup with just a few clicks
  • Linkpop seamlessly connects with your Shopify store
  • Keeps the visitor on the link in bio page


  • Limited types of blocks compared to other links in bio tools like linktree or For example, you can’t add an email subscription form or collections.
  • Profile customizations are limited

Top 3 Store Examples

1. Blume

Blume was born to enhance daily rituals with lattes by recreating lattes with the magic of superfoods that doesn't compromise your wellness goals.

Their first link direct customers to their main site:

2. Long Hair Pretty Nails

This Youtuber with more than 1,59M subscribers is a self taught nail enthusiast that loves all things nails. She does fun and challenging nail designs. Her online shop is created by Shopify platform and she is using a linkpop page as her sales channel page.

3. Press Publish

Colin and Samir are YouTube Creators based in Los Angeles with a long history of working with Creators large and small. They got their start working on their first project, The Lacrosse Network - A YouTube sports network dedicated to lacrosse. Today they tell stories about creators and are fans of YouTube news and culture.

And here's their sales channel where they sell products.

Linkpop VS Linktree

Two of the most well-liked options for link in bio tools are Linkpop and Linktree. There are some significant differences between the two tools, even though they both aim to assist users in optimizing their social media traffic.

The fact that Linkpop is entirely free while Linktree provides both a free and paid version is one of its main advantages. Because of this, Linkpop is an excellent choice for small businesses or people on a tight budget. It also provides all of its features without limitations, giving it excellent value for the money.

Linkpop also has the benefit of being produced by Shopify, one of the top ecommerce platforms. This indicates that it is tailored for ecommerce stores and seamlessly integrates with Shopify stores. Additionally, it has the benefit of being integrated with Shopify analytics, which makes it simpler for store owners to monitor the effectiveness of their links.

Linktree does, however, have some benefits of its own. The ability to alter how the link in the bio page looks is one of the most important. Linkpop has some restrictions on what you can add to your page, whereas Linktree has much more design flexibility. For companies looking to give their link in bio page a more distinctive and branded appearance, this can be a huge advantage.

Additionally, Linktree provides more sophisticated analytics features like the capacity to monitor clicks and conversions on specific links. Businesses that want to maximize the performance of their link in the bio page may find this to be very helpful.

Overall, Linkpop and Linktree each have particular benefits and drawbacks. The best option will ultimately depend on the particular requirements and objectives of each distinct business. For those on a tight budget looking for a straightforward and useful link in bio tools made especially for ecommerce stores, Linkpop is a great choice. On the other hand, Linktree is a fantastic choice for companies looking for more sophisticated customization and analytics features.


You will undoubtedly adore linkpop if you are a shopify store owner looking to boost traffic and sales from social media. It's a fantastic option if you want to make straightforward landing pages to market your products with fully free shoppable links that you won't find in other link in bio tools. The tool is ideal for e-commerce Shopify stores because it offers great features in a straightforward, simple-to-use dashboard that's connected to your store.

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