PageFly 1.2.3: Copy section between pages and Margin with Padding improvement.

PageFly 1.2.3: Copy section between pages and Margin with Padding improvement.

We have some great news for you.

In this PageFly Shopify app release 1.2.3 we have finally implemented the feature that you wanted and requested so frequently during May and June months. It’s the “save content section” in the library and re-using it in other pages created with PageFly Shopify app. And another improvement related directly to the PageFly UX / UI with margin and padding. We have redesigned it a little bit. Let’s explore details.

Save the content section. Available in all PageFly plans.

To better understand how this function work we’ll take a look at one of 40+ page template called Halo. You can see Halo page template demo at here

Let’s say we want to re-use the content section promo at the top of our page.

copy content section pagefly app

Just click on that content section.

Tss... you can save into the library your custom built content section.

Make sure that in the page path you see “Section” selected like the image below. After that, the section menu would appear and pay some attention to the latest icon.

icon copy content section into the library

Click on this icon, and you’ll see the modal window opened asking about the name of your content section. In my case, I’ll name it “Promo Content”.

modal window with naming the content section

After successful content section saving you’ll see the confirmation message.

saved content section notification

Now, you might wonder how I can find my saved content section? Well, let’s take a look at the left icon menu at the top - left area of PageFly editor dashboard. When you save the content section, the thumbnail of Section is automatically generated, and it's saved in the library. It’s pretty convenient to save and find out later your saved content section.

load the content section from a library

We’re still on the same page, but hang on… what about if I want to use this content section in other PageFly pages? It’s possible. You can add a newly created content section in both new or existing PageFly pages. To add a content section from a library, you need to click on “Library” icon then drag and drop the element.

drag and drop new content section

You can notice when I mouse over the thumbnail of a saved content section there is the “trash” icon appears. It means that if you don’t have needs in this section, you can delete it at any time.

This PageFly function is available in all three plans including Free, Pro, and Premium. We want to make sure that everyone can give a try with this feature. Usually, you’ll need this function when you get familiar with PageFly and want to save the time for building other pages. With the PageFly free plan you can keep 1 content section and re-use it, Pro plan has 05 content section allowance, and the Premium plan has the library for 20 content section.

Moving on with the PageFly update 1.2.3 we have added one more app UX / UI improvement.

Redesigned PageFly Margin and Padding box.

In the past version of the PageFly app, you could adjust the margin and padding values of the element to create the spacing on the page. Since this version, you can do that more visually via Box Styles settings of Styling tab. This concept is applied to all elements in the PageFly app.

new margin and padding pagefly app

For the button elements, you’ll need to adjust the radius and width values. In this time we have made those values more visual as well.

radius and width of button element

Advanced Google Maps element.

In addition to the Basic Google Map element, we have added the Advanced version. You might curious what the difference is? With this element, you have more way to customize the Google Map section. The height value is responsible for adjusting the height size of the map. You’ll have options to enable or disable “Control,” “Draggable” settings.

Google Maps come with some map styles in addition to the Default one including Shades of Grey, Ultra Light, Bright Colors, Subtle Greyscale.

advanced google map element in pagefly shopify page app

Any other PageFly updates?

Yes, we have been releasing version 1.2.2, 1.2.1 and you can find details via the changelog of PageFly dashboard. Just click on “See the changes.” We outline the important changes of the PageFly app, so you keep updated with what’s new and whether bugs you reported have been fixed.

pagefly app changelog

If you have any feedback, comments, or suggestion with the PageFly Shopify app feel free to participate into Facebook group of PageFly users and ecommerce page builder enthusiasts :).

For Shopify merchants who are looking for the Shopify page builder feel free to give a try with 14 days free trial. By the end of a trial period you’ll be asked to choose free or paid plans. Learn more about the PageFly app at

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