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PageFly Shopify app 1.2.0 is live! New page type support and more.

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Updated on November 20, 2020. 

Striving for the betterment has long been sculpted in our DNA and PageFly have continuously released new updates with way better features, better UI and stronger customization capacities. 

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The PageFly Shopify page builder app version 1.2.0 is officially shipped. With this release update, we’re officially rolling out a new Premium plan with outstanding features such as Collection, Coming Soon, and Blog article support.

In addition to the Premium and Pro plans, we have added the history version feature, made UI improvements for PageFly ease of use and more. Let’s take a quick look at some new things in the PageFly app.

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PageFly Premium

As you probably know the PageFly app has the FREE and PRO plans. From today, we’re going to add one more plan with the name PREMIUM with the new features to fulfill the needs of Shopify merchants. The Premium plan has all the features that you can find in the Pro plan plus some exciting bonuses. Let’s explore what you can find in the Premium plan.

Premium #1: Import / Export page

Get full control of your page data via this huge improvement available exclusively for Premium plan users. Here are some examples of why you will find huge value in this feature.

You are an owner of several Shopify shops running on the different domains. With this feature, you can easily export the page from one shop and import it to another. This unique PageFly function will save you a lot of time when building the same page concept.

Another scenario. You spend a tremendous amount of time building a page with PageFly. The page data really matters to you and you want to have a backup file copy. Now you can export the page data content easily with one single click inside the PageFly editor. The exported file has the json type format.

Premium #2: Collection page support

You can build page content and assign it directly to your Shopify collection pages. The page content will go just below your current collection page layout. Now you can add additional information to your collection page and boost your SEO ranking. Add a video or image gallery to make that page more informative and deliver a better shopping experience.

collection page support

From the screenshot below you can see that if you have the sub-collection, you can introduce it on the main collection page. With such a collection page building approach, you can help your customers easily find the right product faster.

In our example, we’ve built 2 sections. Each section contains the collection image, paragraph, and Call To Action button. The PageFly app has 35+ elements to build your uniquely designed collection page.

collection page with pagefly support

Premium #3: Blog article page support

Another useful feature of the Premium plan is that PageFly now supports building the content of your blog articles. You can now easily build the blog article layout that fits your business niche.

For example, you can add the Shopify product collection list directly into the blog list. In another blog, you can write creative content to collect leads and subscribers via PageFly Mailchimp element. There are endless possibilities when ti comes to Blog article integration.

Inside the PageFly editor dashboard for the blog article type, you can find all necessary and essential settings for setting up a blog post. They are the featured banner, author, blog category, excerpt and tags fields.

In addition, you can still configure your blog post SEO settings including title, meta description, and URL handle. PageFly blog integration gives you the essential onsite SEO tools.

PageFly blog integration gives you the essential onsite SEO possibility

The blog article settings can also be accessible from the PageFly Page list dashboard via the settings icon.

The blog article settings

Premium #4: Coming soon (Password) page support

If you’re just starting your business or rebuilding your current Shopify store, then you will want to temporarily close public access to your store. The default password page looks quite simple and doesn’t allow you to customize it a lot.

With the PageFly password page support, you can use the power of PageFly's building mechanism and apply it to your coming soon page. Moreover, the page setup is even easier with just one click setup.

password page integration

Let me give you an example. My store selling the best socks on this planet is opening soon. I used the Debut free Shopify theme and the only thing I can do for the password page (coming soon) is a short text message - a feature to enable collection of email subscribers with related settings. There is not much luxury with the customization of this page.

coming soon page with default shopify theme

Now, let’s take a look at what PageFly can do. I’m going to the PageFly Editor dashboard to build my unique and customer focused coming soon page. I put necessary information with simple mobile-friendly section layouts.

I still keep the simplicity with my coming soon page, but I provide more information to my customers and design the layout to fit my sock’s store.

password coming soon page with the pagefly shopify page builder

Here is how it looks inside the PageFly editor app dashboard. All elements on the page editor can be built with the simple drag and drop mechanism. It’s pretty easy.

pagefly page elements

History Version

This feature supports all three PageFly plans including Free, Pro, and Premium. With the history version, you can easily access the old page copy of your PageFly page.

Rest assured when your web browser is crashed you can restore the currently editing and past version of your page. For example, when you have a phone call and need to talk far from your work desk, PageFly automatically detects no activity and saves the page as a draft.

pagefly history page version

Sections Outlines

To understand how your page layout looks, we have added the section outlines. This is a powerful feature that allows you to really easily understand where elements are located on your page. It helps you build the right mobile friendly Shopify pages.

In addition, near the outline element, you can notice the icon with three dots. Just click on it and you’ll find the functional menu. With each element outline, you can now lock, remove, duplicated or hide on the specific devices.

drag and drop sections

Element Search Bar Improvement

The PageFly app has 35+ built-in general and Shopify elements. With this PageFly update, you can seamlessly find any element based on the keyword. For example, I’m looking for the Youtube video element then the Facebook one. I wish to add more social network areas on my landing page. The search bar is located inside the Elements sidebar.

search the element in the editor

Some Minor PageFly page builder UI improvement

The PageFly changelog

We are moving with transparency and keep you updated with the details of changes to each PageFly update. Inside the PageFly home dashboard on the right column, you can find the change log file.

We do outlines of all new features we implement with the updates. If you want to see the changes in the previous version click on the “See the changes” link at the end of the change-log area.

pagefly app changelog

Display and Custom CSS fields finds the hew home

The Display and Custom CSS fields in the past were located at the “Advanced” tab of PageFly inspector. We’ve moved it to the Styling tab, so it’s now placed in the right settings area. Moreover, even with the Free plan you can apply the Custom CSS attributes and make the page fit your design.

new location styling settings custom css

Page Settings changes

Below you can see the old page settings layout. For the regular page, you can see there the options to edit the SEO Title, meta description, and URL handle.

old page settings edit website seo

With the new update, as you know, we have added Password, Collection and Blog article support. Each page type has unique settings, so we have redesigned the layout in the following ways. For example, the Regular page.

new page settings

The Blog article page type page settings.

The Blog article page type page settings

And last but not least, we have invested a huge amount of time into the official help center with improvements in the platform and content. Visiting the PageFly help center you can find a new and improved method for learning how to use the PageFly app.

Each article has a three column layout including the articles in the category, the content of the article and the article navigation. You can easily move around the article from one section to another.

new help center pagefly page builder

Coming soon in the PageFly app

Quick Start Video tutorials

PageFly Quick Start video series is close to public release. In this video tutorial series, you’ll learn how to use PageFly and accomplish specific tasks. The video tutorials come in two formats: image/text and video with voice narration.

quick start video tutorial

PageFly Partner program: increase your revenue stream

We’re looking for trusted partners with whom we can work with. The PageFly partner program is designed to increase your revenue stream and keep your audience happy with a high-quality solution in the e-commerce page builder niche. We have exclusive privileges and bonuses for early PageFly partners.


The final words. With this app release, we’re committed to long-term investment in the PageFly page builder app. We would like to say thank you to 6,500+ merchants for giving us trust. Happy page building!

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