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PageFly 2.11.0 - Introduce German version and Bold Bundles element

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It’s no exaggeration to say that the 2.11.0 version was one of the most long-awaited and painstaking updates of all PageFly versions. Having been prepared for months with the dedication of the whole PageFly localization team, it’s expected to make your experience with PageFly smoother, easier, and more “like home”.

PageFly goes multilingual, starting with German 

Going multilingual has always been a part of our plan to improve the app’s user experience. And German was the first language to be selected. With this update, all the touchpoints where you interact with the app will be available in German, including the user interface and the Shopify app listing page.

German User Interface

Everything from the dashboard, page list, tooltips, and element names are now available in the German interface, which can be turned on within the app’s settings.


The PageFly editor in the German language

English will still be the default language and users can switch back and forth between the two languages quickly, easily, and without affecting the other app features.


Users can easily switch between the two languages

The German App Listing

The PageFly app listing on the Shopify app store is the next touchpoint to be Germanized. This is where new users get to know about PageFly, and existing users can update to the latest changes. 

Now, things are much easier with the German available, as well.


PageFly’s German app listing is now available

Why German?

You might be wondering why we’ve chosen German. Our first and foremost purpose of going multilingual is to improve user experience. Though German is not the most popular language in the world, a large amount of PageFly users speak it as their first language. 

Making the app as easy to use as possible is - and will always be - our top priority.

Our plan with other languages

Other languages are on track to be implemented and are expected to be available one by one in the coming months. 

The process is 100% user-centric. So stay tuned - your language is coming in the near future.

Bold Bundles - Increase average order value with product bundles

Along with the German language update, the Bold Bundles element was also launched as a collaboration between PageFly and the Bold Bundles app.

Offer products in bundles

The Bold Bundles app allows you to offer products in combos and bundles, which is a popular cross-sales technique. Bundles and combos give your customers more choices among your existing products, with a better price. 


Bold Bundles allows you to offer products in bundles

Within PageFly, the Bold Bundles element allows you to place product bundles at any custom position by dragging and dropping, similar to any other PageFly element.

Bold Bundles offers three types of bundles:

  • Buy X get Y
  • Offer the same product in multiple bundles
  • Offer many items as one “product”

Bold Bundles app is now available as a PageFly's third-party element

Bold Bundles app is now available as a PageFly's third-party element 

The element requires the installation of the Bold Bundles app, and all the settings need to be done from the Bold Bundles app.

Why use product bundles?

Oftentimes, there are products that go with one another as perfect pairs or combinations. In some cases, the products are inseparable. Typical examples include laptops and adapters, shoes and socks, phones and cases, and so on.

In such cases, offering products in bundles gives customers a good recommendation. Customers get the products they need, and you increase your average order value. It’s an easy win-win.

Your feedback is appreciated

PageFly 2.11.0 was officially launched on May 19, 2020. For the PageFly team, it’s the beginning of the localization process, in which the support and feedback from users are more precious than anything else.

To our new and existing users, try the new version, criticize it, and let us know. Your feedback helps to form the previous versions, the upcoming versions, and the future of the app. 

Just drop us an email at

We'll see you soon in future versions of PageFly with powerful updates!


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