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PageFly 2.10.0: Instagram, Product Element and New Pricing Update

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Updated on 19 April, 2021. 

We have gone a long way since PageFly 2.16.0, check out the latest version of PageFly: PageFly V3 - Built For Tomorrow of eCommerce 

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Updated on Novemeber 20, 2020

July 30th marks the final day of our discount campaign. Starting from August 1st, all PageFly plans will return to their original prices.

Learn more about PageFly Pricing Plan HERE


With our minds set for continuous improvement and betterment, after the 2.9.0 update released in April, on May 05 1, 2020, PageFly officially released PageFly 2.10.0 with new Pricing Plans and new changes aiming to deliver a better experience and higher value to our customers. 

This article will explain the details of the new pricing plan and the reasons behind all of the adjustments.

I. Instagram Element

Instagram recently rolled out an update in the API system, to ensure a smooth UX experience for our customers, our Instagram Element also gets an update. 

With this update, bringing your Instagram feed to your page is just one-click away. 

Instagram Element in PageFly Page Builder

Before Instagram feed is displayed on your page, you need to connect to your store’s Instagram, in just a few small steps. 

As the saying goes: one small step forward, one step conversion rate

Step 1: Drag and drop the Instagram element into the editor and you can see a notification “To active Instagram Element, please fill out the Access Token parameter!”.

To get the Access Token, choose Connect To Instagram option of the CONTENT parameter in the General tab like the image below.

Instagram Element tutorial step 1

Step 2: You will be brought to the Authorization page to authorize PageFly to access your profile info and media.

Click on the Authorize button to let PageFly access the above requests.

Instagram Authorization

The Instagram element comes with plenty of parameters allowing you to fine-tune the content appearance to reach the best possible conversion rate. Select the element in the layout to see its parameters.

Instagram Element example

One small note: It is advised to regularly update your Page Editor, as the Instagram Access Token will expire if the page editor stays dormant more than 60 days.  

For more details on how to master Instagram Element, check out our step-by-step Instagram Manual. 

For more details on how to sell on Instagram with Shopify, check out: How To Boost Shopify Sales With Instagram Shopping

II. Product Images

We’ve been talking about the importance of product images, and how a good presentation of beautiful product images will speak for your brand dearly! 

Our new product element is born to help you get one step closer to making product images an arsenal for conversion rate optimization! 

So, what's new? 

2.1. Image Hover Action

Now you can add a hover image over your original product image. When your visitors hover over the product, they will see another image, this way, they are guaranteed to get more invested into the product. All you need is to go to General Tab, Select Hover Action, and choose a Hover Image Options. There are three options for Hover Image 

1. None: Choose this option if you don’t want the product image to be hover.

2. Enable Image Magnifier: Each image list of the product image will be magnified when you hover on each of them. You can see the demo below

3. Show Hover Image:

  • Last Image: Show the last image in the product image gallery 
  • Next Image: Show the image next to the featured product image.  
  • All Image: As a visitor hover over the product, they will see all product images.

2.2. Show Image Full-screen

You already have beautiful product photos, how to make them even more dazzling and keep your visitor jaw-dropping: Show it full-screen, expose every beautiful detail of your product!

All you need to do is make a go to General Tab and Select Image Click Action!

Image Full Screen

2.3. Image List Sub-element

Now users will be able to select each image item in the Image List while selecting Product Image element. 

Styling for one image list item can easily be applied to enable users to edit the styling of image items separate from featured images.

2.4. Product Image Badge

A product badge to highlight discount and promotion is a request a lot of our customers have been raising and we are thrilled (after countless cans of Red Bulls and cups of coffee) to bring it onto the table! 

With Product Badge Element, you can customize your Discount information, or your Stock information. Talking about one great way to create urgency and tap into FOMO, hence, optimize your conversion rate! 

Product Badge Element

Product Badge Element also allows users to place the badge at any position you want: Left, Right, Up, Down you name it. It also allows applied conditions and goes with the selected variant. 

These sound like a lot of new information to process, but worry not! We write a detailed step-by-step manual to help you master the element in no time. 

III. Pricing Update

Each day, our teams at PageFly ask ourselves: What can be better? 

As we’ve been constantly introducing new features and updates since our birth, with a sheer determination that we can, and will, help our customers build beautiful eCommerce stores that convert. 

In order to provide the services and solutions that bring value to our customer and so that we may continue to evolve and excel, we must take meaningful steps to grow our revenue. 

In April, PageFly announced a pricing update with the introduction of 04 new plans:

  • Free: $0/month
  • Silver: $19/month
  • Gold: $39/month
  • Platinum: $99/month

Amid Covid-19 pandemic, with our heart went to our customers, we decided to offer a 50% discount for all plans. 

PageFly Pricing Update in April

In May, with the 50% Discount offer no longer in effect, we decided to update our pricing to correspond to the current situation. 

As much as we yearn to be a crowd-pleaser and everyone's favorite, as much as we carve a commitment to innovation and better quality down to our very DNA, we tried our best to layout approaches that can both benefit our customers and give our all-nighter-coding-marathon a turbo boost. 

This is why in May, 50% Discount offer will end, and be replaced by a new 20% Off Campaign, the price will change accordingly:

  1. $15.2 (for the Silver plan)
  2. $31.2 (for the Gold plan)
  3. $79.2 (for the Platinum plan)

One small note: The discount will be automatically applied when you upgrade or choose a paid plan, so there will be no need for coupons.

PageFly pricing update in May

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