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PageFly 2.9.0: New Pricing Plans, Page Analytics & COVID-19 Response

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Updated on November 20, 2020

July 30th marks the final day of discount campaign. Starting from August 1st, all PageFly plans will return to their original prices.

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On April 1, 2020, PageFly officially released PageFly 2.9.0 with new Pricing Plans and some radical changes aiming to deliver the best possible value-for-money. This article will explain the details of the new pricing plan and the reasons behind all of the adjustments.

New Pricing Plans

The pricing updates introduce the new Free, Silver, Gold and Platinum plans.


PageFly's new pricing model

Access to all features

Comparing to the old pricing model

With the previous pricing model, access to many features was limited and users were required to upgrade to higher plans to use these features.


Previously, users would have to upgrade their plan to use many important features.

The same applied to page templates, users were required to upgrade to higher plans to use certain templates.

The new pricing model

In the new pricing model, all templates and features are available for users of all plans. Users can now actually use the once-paid features to build their powerful pages, without having to pay a single buck for the app (with the new Free Plan).


The once-paid features and templates are now free for all plans.

Page limitation

Plans are now classified by the number of pages that users can create and edit.

  • Free: 1 page of each type.
  • Silver: 20 regular pages, 2 pages of other types.
  • Gold
    • 30 pages of each type: Regular pages, Product pages, Collection Pages, Blog Posts.
    • 5 pages of each type: Homepage, Password pages.
  • Platinum: Unlimited pages of all types.


Plans are now classified by the number of pages that users can create and edit

Other feature limitations

Besides pages, there are some other features that require you to upgrade if you need more. 

  • Saved sections: The total number of sections that you can save and reuse in other pages.
  • Version History: The total number of page versions made in the past that you can restore.
  • Analytics tracking sessions: The total number of sessions that can be tracked by Analytics feature.


Storage is what requires upgrading if you need more

For these features, the limitations are the following:

  • Free: 1 saved section, 3 history versions
  • Silver: 5 saved section, 10 history versions
  • Gold: 20 saved section, 30 history versions
  • Platinum: Unlimited saved sections, 50 history versions.

Why we updated our Pricing Plans

Experience the value of the app

Things take time to prove their effectiveness and merchants need time to feel the value of an app. While common practice is to give a time-limited trial, PageFly gives you a free trial that never ends.

With the new Free Plan, you have access to all features for unlimited time to make the most of them. Once you get certain benefits from the first page, consider upgrading to have more value from more pages.

Flexibility for everyone

Silver Plan - For users who need more landing pages

From the insights collected via customer support, we found that many users use PageFly solely to create landing pages. These users barely make changes to other page types, yet have a high demand for creating a large number of landing pages.

The new Silver Plan, with an extension to 20 landing pages, is for these types of visitors. This makes sure users pay only for what they actually use, while still offers a slight increase in other pages and features.

Gold Plan -  For those who need more customization, more homepages and other types of pages

The most significant extension of the Gold Plan is the number of homepages and other page types. For stores with constant updates on homepages or stores that target a variety of audiences, this plan is to make sure your customization needs are met with a reasonable charge. 

Platinum Plan - For large and global enterprises 

As the highest plan, the Platinum Plan unlocks unlimited pages of all types. This plan is for users with higher demand for localization, globalization, and customization. Shopify Plus users are typical examples of users with these needs.

Upgraded product and service quality

The new pricing plans offer 4 options for how you’ll be charged when you subscribe to the app:

  • Free: $0 /month
  • Silver: $19 /month
  • Gold: $39 /month
  • Platinum: $99 /month

In general, the charges have increased slightly compared to the previous plans.

With a 30k+ user base, maintaining system stability and high-quality customer support have become our top priorities. Along with product development, these will continue to be the areas that we invest in the most in the future. This is the origin of this pricing plan adjustment.

The price increase guarantees a customer-centric product enhancement, system stability, and 24/7 in-person customer support. The slight price increase is expected to result in enormous value delivery. Just get yourself ready for it!

Existing Users - Keep your old charge

For existing users who installed and subscribed to a paid plan of PageFly before April 1, please keep in mind that the pricing plan update does not affect your current recurring charge. Your current plan will be upgraded to the corresponding new plans with more benefits for you. Be sure to make the most out of the new value for the same price! 

For users who are on trial period, there are 2 sub-cases:

  1. If you subscribed on a paid plan during the trial, you will be migrated to Platinum after the trial period ends.
  2. If you didn’t subscribe to any plan during the trial, you will be transferred to Free plan after the trial period ends.

Analytics - Track the pages performance with 6 key metrics


PageFly's new Analytics feature

PageFly’s Analytics feature allows you to track your pages’ performance with 6 key metrics:


What to be tracked

Insights you get from tracking this parameter


The total number of visitors to a page.

How much traffic a page is acquiring and the growth of your traffic to a page.

Time On Page

The average time visitors spend on a page.

Whether the content of a page is compelling and valuable enough for visitors to stay.

Product Views

The percentage of visitors who clicked on the “Product View Details” element on a page.

Which product of a collection attracts the most attention.

Add to cart

The percentage of visitors who add a product to their carts.

Whether a product page is converting well.


The total number of revenue generated by a page. This number is calculated based on the product price from completed orders.

Which page contributes the most to your total store revenue.

Conversion Rate

The percentage of visitors who clicked a CTA on a page. Currently, the following elements are supported:

  • Button
  • Image
  • Headings
  • Slideshow

Which CTA of a page is the most efficient.

With this new Analytics feature, you can take a closer look at the performance of your pages, and make necessary changes to improve them.

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COVID-19 Response: 50% discount for all plans

This Pricing Plan update has been planned since long before the COVID-19 outbreak. After several delays, we have decided to move forward, but with the application of a 50% discount for all plans.


A 50% discount is applied for all plans

The offer itself is time-limited, but once you subscribe to the discount, you will get it every month as long as you keep the app installed.

We hope the new pricing plans, which offer more benefits for the same price, will help you to keep your business up to scratch during the COVID-19 outbreak.


For more information and/or questions about any problem, please send us an email at or chat with our 24/7 support.

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