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The best page builder for Shopify: PageFly - home to +30,000 promising merchants.

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Let’s face it, having an online store doesn’t make anyone look cool anymore.

Gone are the days when online retailing delivered a competitive edge over physical stores. Fueled by Shopify and other platforms, the eCommerce boom lays open equal chances of success to everyone. An online store can be deemed as outdated and traditional overnight without something that helps merchants keep up with changes - something like a page builder for Shopify stores.

Changes take time. For online stores, changes start with knowing how to code. With a given theme downloaded somewhere on the Internet, you get what you see. The only way to change this used to be to sacrifice your time for studying and applying codes in countless hours. The most available solution for merchants is to outsource this work to a coder to build their page, right? 

Not quite. You don’t have to be a coder to design a website anymore. Why build a page from scratch with coding when you can use a page builder app for your clients?


A moment of truth: a Shopify store is never enough

Clients don’t just want to get what they were given. They want more!

When I first started out with a trial plan on Shopify, I thought I already had everything I needed. It took me quite a while to get familiar with the ecosystem, but eventually I managed to complete a few basic pages and update a few features for the store.

Shopify theme settings

But that was the problem - everything was just so... basic.

As I considered adding more to my store, I figured that it was easy because Shopify pages are all about text and static photos, and these don’t perform much functionality.

This is all I got from theme settings

Shopify theme settings

If I want to do something about this, then I have to play around with some custom codes in the backend.

Shopify edit codes

Shopify codes

With no computer science background, the thought of learning this foreign language did freak me out a little. Now that I am in an app company and I’ve talked to some tech guys, I acknowledge that the process can get highly challenging at times. 

I want my clients to focus on their store and leave the coding work for my team to operate.

That being said, Shopify does offer several appealing themes to choose from. A few minutes looking in the Shopify themes and you’re likely to find a theme that accommodates upgraded features and an attractive storefront. The price for a premium theme ranges from $140 to $180 (as of March 2020) and is done as a one-time payment.

The bother here is that if you wish to modify anything about a theme, you’ll have to switch to another one. After the theme’s free trial expires, the price might double or triple before you get to the right one. It might get even trickier - now you are already deep into a theme, you wouldn’t want to get rid of it. Instead, you will turn to outsourcing third-party apps/extensions and a coder to work on your theme. The cost just skyrockets from there!

A page builder app like PageFly can come to the rescue in this situation. Keep your free theme, and PageFly will liberate you from all the coding while giving you a more dynamic store front.

PageFly - A trusted page builder for Shopify stores

PageFly is a simple page builder app with a drag-and-drop system designed to boost conversion rates. The app saves you time by allowing pages you’ve created to be downloaded and used as templates for other pages. This means that you don’t have to jump from theme to theme to look for your desired layout.

PageFly has a proven track record of trust from Shopify and customers alike. The app is ranked number 1 in the page builder category, as well as landing in the top 8 most recommended apps on the Shopify apps store among 3,800+ apps.

PageFly on Shopify app store

Some of our 2,000+ five-star reviews

PageFly reviews

Right now, PageFly is hosting over 30,000 active Shopify merchants from different industries. Our customers have created more than 80,000 Shopify pages from product pages, homepages, collections, blogs, and landing pages.

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A cost-saving all-in-one solution

PageFly may not come at the lowest price, yet it comes at the most promising cost.

Let’s talk about price first. PageFly is somewhere between Gempages and Shogun, which charge $15 and $39 per month, respectively. Unlike those two fellows, newcomers to PageFly can start with a free plan with access to all templates and available features. This means that every month you’ll only have to pay $29 for a Shopify basic plan subscription.

While common practice is to give a time-limited trial, the newly released PageFly 2.9.0 gives you a free trial that never ends. Once you get certain benefits from the first page, consider upgrading to have more value from more pages.

In terms of cost, you don’t have to constantly rely on third-parties to improve your store. The simple drag-and-drop system enables you to comfortably design the storefront based on SEO principles. In addition, PageFly is extensively partnering with different apps and service providers to ensure a seamless shopping experience for merchants’ customers with no extra fee.

PageFly app partners

If you're on Shopify Partner Program, you can freely test PageFly advanced plans in the development store as a partner-friendly app. Regular charges will apply once the store is switched over to a paid plan. Your client proposal therefore will look more budget-friendly and stand out with a captivating store demo.

By introducing clients to both Shopify and PageFly paid plans, you can enjoy extra financial benefits from Shopify Affiliate and PageFly Affiliate. The income can total more than $80 in the first month.

PageFly Affiliate Cookies are available for 60 days, including in the 14-day on free trial. This period is to make sure that you as a PageFly partner won’t miss the “conversion”.

Join PageFly Affiliate Programme

“You don’t run an app, you run a team!”

24/7, PageFly’s got your back! When you’re on board with PageFly as a partner, you can be assured that we’re here to serve your customers better.

Round-the-clock customer support

PageFly customer support

Technical issues are handled by skilled developers

PageFly Tech Support

Customer service tickets are well stored on the Crisp messaging platform. After a short request briefing with the chatbot, our frontline support team will jump in to explore the issue, investing huge efforts into your store.

From these customer-centric conversations, PageFly learns more about their customer’s expectations and constantly improves our system.

If you’re struggling or have any new ideas that could benefit your customers, shoot us a message and we can start the discussion from there.

Make your clients’ businesses better with PageFly and let us be part of your contribution!


We are sure that finding the right platform to serve your clients is no easy game. Congratulations on landing on Shopify - welcome to a stable infrastructure that reliably handles eCommerce websites.

With a page builder like PageFly, partners can maximise the store development experience since coding and excessive time constraints are now off the table. That is when we really start to better understand our customers and think strategically, together.

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