Introducing the PageFly Shopify Affiliate Program. Lifetime commission and more.

You might have heard about the Shopify Affiliate program or maybe already signed up as a Shopify Affiliate Partner. The excellent quality of product and helpful support has been the backbone of the customer’s trust. You can recommend the product when it’s proven to be good with reliable customer service.

You might be asking now what the similarities are between the Shopify Affiliate Program and PageFly Shopify app are? Well, the PageFly app crossed 12,000 users last year and over 80,000 pages have been created by Shopify merchants so far. PageFly has been the 1st choice by many Shopify Experts and partners. We appreciate your “trust” and to reward you and future friends, we’re launching the PageFly Affiliate program.

Before digging into the PageFly Affiliate Program, now, just a few words about the PageFly App and why customers choose our solution.


PageFly App Quick numbers

PageFly Shopify page builder app has been approved officially on the Shopify App store since September 2017.

In that time we gained over 800+ reviews on the app store with an average rating of 4.8 stars.

Right now, PageFly is helping over 12,000 merchants to customize their Shopify storefronts. Our customers have been creating different Shopify pages from product, home, collections, blogs to the landing pages.

PageFly Shopify page builder app on the Shopify app store

We have 24/7 Customer Support service around the world and cover all time zones. The PageFly team uses Intercom solution to provide customer support. There is still room for improvement, and we’ll keep finding more ways to optimize the support flow.

  • The Median first response time is 9 minutes and 25 seconds.
  • The Median time to close the conversation is 21 hours and 31 minutes.

PageFly customer support team stats

Sometimes we are not available right away, so in this case, customers can find the answer through the PageFly Help Center. We have published almost 100 tutorials. They are carefully written, and you can get to know each detail of the PageFly app.

Why do customers choose PageFly to customize Shopify stores?

There are many reasons why customers love the PageFly app. Some of them are related to the product itself, another one is about support. Just take a look at testimonials coming from the Shopify App store.

PageFly app testimonial 01

PageFly app testimonial 02

PageFly app testimonial 03

PageFly app testimonial 04

PageFly app testimonial 05

PageFly App and Lifetime Affiliate Program Commission.

The PageFly Shopify app is based on a monthly subscription business model. Customers use PageFly as much as they need the solution. They might start with PageFly usage for building a simple ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact us’ page. Then continue with making landing pages to run Facebook or Google ads campaigns. Once, you as a PageFly Affiliate partner refer a customer, you earn the following commission structure.

  • For the 1st month you earn 100% of the net profit based on the PageFly plan the merchant has chosen.
  • From the 2nd month you earn 30% and for the customer’s lifetime.

Just keep in mind that the affiliate commission share is calculated after 20% deduction of Shopify’s App store fee.

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Tapfiliate - the affiliate program app we use for tracking Shopify merchants signups

Since the PageFly business model is SAAS (Software As A Service), we need to find the affiliate platform which matches the specific demand of SAAS businesses. Plus, the platform should be reliable and secure. Our internal research leads us to the Tapfiliate affiliate platform as the solution to build the PageFly Affiliate program.

Tapfiliate affiliate tracking software

Shopify merchants affiliate tracking signups. How does it work?

When you register a PageFly affiliate partner account, you’ll have a unique tracking ID. To refer the merchant to use PageFly use “?ref=username”. For example, the SalesHunter Theme partner refers customers using the URL

PageFly Affiliate Cookies are available for 60 days. These days customers research before making a purchase decision. When the merchant agrees to test drive the PageFly app, they have a 14 day free trial. We understand the buyer persona journey and give 60 days cookies to make sure that you as a PageFly partner won’t miss the “conversion.”

Join PageFly Affiliate Program

Tapfiliate affiliate program dashboard - user

Where should I drive my affiliate traffic?

Common sense will probably give you the answer with driving traffic to which means the “home page.” As an experienced affiliate marketer, we do believe that you might test it with traffic to the specific pages on For example, you promote PageFly with a blog post about PageFly sales templates. So the best landing page would be, and you need to assign the ID at the end of that page address. To be precise, it’s (SalesHunter partner).

PageFly page templates - affiliate landing page

On all pages, we have a clear Call To Action called “TRY PAGEFLY FREE.” You can find this button in the top right position of the web browser. When a Shopify merchant clicks on that button, a popup window will appear asking about the store URL’s address and PageFly installation button.

PageFly Shopify Affiliate program signup through the modal window

Affiliate Strategies to drive PageFly Affiliate signups.

We have been driving thousands of merchants to signup for Shopify. We understand you are strong in your community and have a unique approach to refer customers. So here are just a few strategies you might consider to drive traffic to

Content Makers - Youtube?

You love to make videos and provide educational content to your audience.

Actionable Idea: install the PageFly app, give it a test drive and record your experience with the PageFly Shopify app.

Small tip: by default PageFly comes with a 14 day free trial. If your audience need more trial time just drop us an email at ;)

Content Makers - Blogger?

You may have a personal review blog and provide value to your audience by finding quality products and making  review blog posts.

Actionable Idea: write a Shopify + PageFly review and sell the “solution” to your audience. You can earn an affiliate commission from both Shopify and PageFly.

Niche Experts and don’t have a blog?

You know eCommerce and have experience with setting up an eCommerce store. You’re active in the local niche communities.

Actionable Idea: participate actively in the Reddit or Quora communities and provide valuable advice. Mention how PageFly conversion rate optimization solution might help the community.

Digital Agencies?

Your client needs traffic and are supposed to launch a Google Ads campaign. PageFly can help you to build a landing page to promote your client’s products.

Actionable Idea: use the PageFly app to build the “landing page template” and sell the template package to your client. Currently, we have 50+ Shopify page templates covering different page types. You can use them to sell your solution.

Shopify Setup Experts?

A client asked you to build the Shopify store from scratch. The overall design covers brand related pages.

Actionable Idea: use PageFly to build specific information pages to match the brand.

Shopify and PageFly Affiliate Program Mix strategy.

Customers buy the “solution” to solve the problem. You can create a unique video or blog content to cover both products, Shopify and PageFly. For example, you are the instructor on and teach e-commerce store building skills. During the video course, you can show the process of building the store. And when it comes to building the “trust signal” such as About Us or Contact Us pages, you can mention PageFly and showcase the process of building those pages.

Another idea regarding video, you might consider the product page building process. Show the method of using PageFly to build hi-converting product pages for Shopify store.

Did you know that PageFly is a partner friendly app?

Once you have a Shopify partner account, you can install the PageFly app and explore all Premium plan features at no cost and no trial limitation. This unique Shopify partner feature is available in PageFly for you to explore the app with ease. Affiliate PageFly plan will have the badge “AFF”.

Install PageFly App

PageFly Shopify app is the partner friendly

Let’s take action. How do you join the PageFly Affiliate program?

We have a simple application process.

  1. Fill out the survey
  2. Create a Tapfiliate account at our affiliate system.

Usually, the approval process should not take longer than 48 hours.

Join PageFly Affiliate Program

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