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PageFly 4.6.0: Introducing PageFly Update with Polaris v12 App UI and UX Improvements

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Hello folks! It’s not been long since we saw each other last time. However, we're here again, hoping you're as excited as we are because we've got some groundbreaking news to share. On September 20, 2023, we rolled out the much-anticipated PageFly Version 4.6.0. This is not just another update; it's a significant leap forward in enhancing your Shopify store's functionality and your overall user experience. You may ask how. This latest version comes equipped with a major change: Complete integration with Shopify Polaris v12 and crucial bug fixes to elevate your customer experience!

Read on to discover how it works, what's improved, and how you can make the most out of it!


Update the App UI to Polaris v12

This summer, Shopify introduced its next-level design system, Polaris v12. And we've wasted no time in fully adopting it into our latest PageFly update. This means a more cohesive and intuitive user interface that resonates with Shopify's native design language. We align ourselves closely with Shopify's vision for a unified, user-friendly eCommerce experience. Polaris v12 isn't just a cosmetic makeover; it's a design system built to enhance functionality, speed up loading times, and simplify user actions.


Now, navigating through PageFly will feel smoother than ever before, making it easier to implement changes and manage your store.

Read more about Shopify Polaris.

Our efforts go beyond mere updates. We're committed to excellence, and one of the landmarks we aim for is achieving the "Built for Shopify" badge - A seal of quality that assures users of an app's flawless integration and reliability within the Shopify environment. We see it as a commitment to you, our users, that we're not just another Shopify app, but a trusted partner invested in your success. This is why we're continually refining our platform to meet and exceed Shopify’s stringent standards.


New BCFM Templates To Rock This Season

Just in time for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BCFM) season, we've rolled out two brand-new templates designed to help you maximize sales during this lucrative holiday period. Created with the merchant's needs in mind, these templates offer an optimized layout, easy customization, and features tailored for high conversion rates. With these new additions, PageFly aims to be your go-to resource for preparing your store for the biggest sales events of the year.

Fashion Home 


This template is designed to target the fashion niche as we understand the niche has the highest consumption during the season, and you may not want to miss this chance to renew your clothing store on this occasion.

Canvas Product


A simple and minimal design to fit in many niches but still stand out. That’s what we’d say about this template. 

However, it’s just our preferred opinion, you can check out 100+ delightful templates here to pick your own preferences. 

Enhance User Experience With App Improvements

Your feedback is our roadmap, and we've listened. Our latest update also focuses on improving your user experience by fixing the bugs that were present in the previous version. 

Addressing and fixing bugs isn't merely a 'clean-up' operation. Each fix represents a step toward a more seamless, efficient platform where you can execute tasks effortlessly. In other words, these bug fixes are essential in letting you focus on strategic growth activities rather than troubleshooting software glitches.

In this version, all the minor bugs related to the editor page while publishing or element bugs like Twitter, Vimeo and Vibe are fixed, and let’s ready for a seamless experience now.

In closing, the latest version of PageFly represents more than just an update—it's a promise of continual improvement and dedication to your success. We're thrilled to introduce these game-changing updates to PageFly, all designed with your Shopify success in mind. Explore the new features, and let us know your thoughts—we're excited to evolve alongside you for the next updates!


PageFly Team.

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