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10 Product Landing Page Templates To Boost Your Revenue

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In the world of ecommerce, you'll have to make a sale to customers if you want to expand your brand. A solid product landing page is necessary for that. It will give you a basis from which to promote your physical goods to the globe if you run an online store that sells them. 

Product landing pages are an excellent way to educate prospective customers about your company's products or services. And it's much easier to build trust and increase conversions with an optimized product landing pages' design. If you want to improve your game, it's helpful to understand what makes a great product landing page.

Since we've been creating high-converting pages for a while, we've learned a few tips and tricks. Also, we've compiled a list of effective landing pages so you can view these eye-catching designs in action and incorporate their strategies into your own.

Let's get into it!


What is a product landing page?

A product landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for the purposes of selling a product or offering a service.

Visitors may arrive at your product page after clicking on an email link, advertisement, or other call to action (CTA). 

To learn more about creating landing pages in general, watch the video below! 

Product landing page vs Product description page

product landing page

Here's a breakdown of the differences between these two pages:

  • A product landing page:
    • Focus on conversions to make the design more condensed and aimed towards high-intent users.
    • Design for a search campaign. Visitors will find product landing pages through search results, paid ads, etc.
    • Have clear CTAs
  • A product description page:
    • Focus on the product.
    • Visitors are informed and directed further down the funnel. Users find these product description pages by using the website navigation. 
    • Include menus that go to sites elsewhere on the website, where there may be additional content unrelated to the product. 

The importance of product landing page

Product landing pages are important parts for your website since they promote your product to potential customers. A user has expressed interest in your product if they have found their way to your landing page.

They clicked on an advertisement or a link to find out more about the product, so you know they are at least somewhat interested in it.

Chances are you may boost the likelihood that a visitor will become a paying-customer by designing a landing page that clarifies the benefits of your product and makes it simple to buy.

Best product landing pages templates to inspire you

You're ready to launch your first product landing page, aren't you? To get a fresh start, you can choose from many of our impressive, mobile-friendly product landing page in action below and implement its strategies into your own landing pages. All of these templates below are created with PageFly - an Landing page builder for Shopify stores, therefore be sure to set up your Shopify store first!

Here you'll find some inspiration!

Hyper - Technology product landing page

product landing page pagefly

The technology industry always hits the jackpot, so now’s the right time to jump in. Use this template to outline the various components of your tech products, then get leads started buying so they can start reaping the benefits of the products.

Visitors can obtain a close-up view of the product on the top page thanks to a full-width image that greets them. High-quality photos and a problem-focused headline have been crossed off the list of best practices for this landing page.

The CTA buttons stand out on both desktop & mobile versions to visitors because of the straightforward design of the product landing page and its use of neutral colors.

Finally, a CTA urging leads to take advantage of their limited-time offer marks the page's conclusion. That strategy works well to get customers to purchase right away out of fear of missing out.

Square - Fashion product landing page

product landing page pagefly

For those looking to enter the fashion industry, this template is the best option. On the desktop and mobile, the page most likely delivers the product visualization by fusing top-notch images with a headline that focuses on the issue.

The text includes benefit-focused descriptions backed up by pixel-perfect background. Additionally, when scrolling down, the transition between each segment is fluid and eye-catching. 

Chester - Furniture product landing page

product landing page pagefly

This minimalist product landing page definitely brings the cozi feeling to any visitors. At the first glance, the page draws you in with a bold headline and a CTA button to discover more about the product.

There are also numerous CTAs scattered throughout the website utilizing a big button—this will stop site visitors from being annoyed by the layout or hitting the wrong button. Lastly, the smooth transition effect definitely makes sure to capture the attention of your audience. 

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Emerald - Beauty product landing page

product landing page pagefly

The product landing page design aligns flawlessly in each section. The text-based CTA to shop now stands out from the page because it has a lot of white space and a simple color palette.

Additionally, by assisting customers in selecting the best option for their needs, the pricing comparison is another fantastic approach to enhance user experience. The mobile version is kept simple with the original design. 

Vivid - Sweet product landing page

product landing page pagefly

The animated images and bold colors fit in perfectly with the purposes of the landing page. The headline is eye-catching combined with the font and bold style—and the description is short and to the point, almost like a tagline.

Scroll down, and you’ll see some special offers and a section to create your own mix of sweets. As soon as the user decides they desire the product, they may convert right away by clicking the CTA.

Markian - Elegant product landing page

product landing page pagefly

The visitor's attention is drawn in by the bold headline, and a detailed description of the product comes right below. The countdown timer is placed right under to let people know how much time they have to act and do a great job of adding urgency to your offer.

This product landing page also includes unique selling points, customers’ testimonials and collections to bring more options to visitors. 

Jolly - Holiday product landing page

product landing page pagefly


The product landing is a perfect choice for a special occasion which is the upcoming Christmas holiday.

The bold header informs visitors about the product right away, and the high-quality graphics on the right side of the page show how the product is utilized. Color contrast stands out between the background color and images.

This is a dedicated product landing page, therefore, you can use this layout for a wide range of products. 

Alva - Fashion accessories product landing page

product landing page pagefly

Another minimalist product landing page design template which is dedicated to fashion accessories. Throughout the page, clever copy style was used to keep users reading. And at multiple points, you’ll see beautiful graphics that highlight the products.

Users can choose the product that best suits them thanks to the pricing table. And right under the table is a limited Best-seller section that can push the visitor to make an immediate purchase.

The template brings out the exclusivity to visitors—everyone likes to feel special, which is why exclusivity works so well.

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Olis - Activewear product landing page

product landing page pagefly

Everything about this template is vibrant in color and interesting. The headline jumps straight to the feeling that users want the most: sale off.

This design still adheres to all the best landing page practices even though it isn't as lengthy and comprehensive as the other examples on this list.

For example, the page includes:

  • Compelling headline to grab attention
  • Simple form fields
  • Customer testimonials
  • Strong CTA

It demonstrates that occasionally, even the most simple design can produce meaningful outcomes for your business. The layout of this page may be straightforward, but it nevertheless still delivers the value where it counts. 

Teki - Promotion product landing page

product landing page pagefly

Try this template if you're seeking for a simple and contemporary product landing page template. It has a flexible design. The page goes straight to its purpose: to sell the product.

Scrolling down, you’ll see the background visual effect blend perfectly with the layout. In the end, the product page has everything needed to streamline the lead generation efforts by displaying a subscribe button.

Let’s take a look at how brands apply our product landing page designs for their Shopify online stores

Kasen Bikes

Technology and style are combined in the electric bicycle brand Kasen Bikes, a concept that the company also uses on its product landing page that was inspired from Jolly template.

The forthcoming BFCM event is the focus of this product's landing page. To improve their visual appeal to visitors and encourage them to act, Kasen Bikes exhibits stunning images of their products on their online store.

After an attention-grabbing bold header on the landing page, Kasen Bikes deftly adds a button that leads users to the product page.

Scrolling down, visitors will have a quick look at Kasen Bikes’ products. A discount price was displayed versus the original pricethis is a good way for visitors to have a second thought on making a purchase potentially.

Visitors can choose colors and type of battery, followed by an appropriate CTA.

Johnny Fly

Johnny Fly, a fashion brand specializing in sustainable eyewear and sunglasses. The brand has made their product landing page stand out by drawing inspiration from Emerald template

The brand collaborates with a professional racing driver to introduce a new sunglasses collection. Johnny Fly makes a bundle by showing the campaign vision from the creator and his handwritten signature.

Beneath it, a button is placed to direct visitors to the product in detail. 

The brand encourages visitors to sign up for exclusive access as soon as their new collabs are happening. This FOMO strategy will engage the brand more effectively with their new leads.

Additionally, the color palette is well chosen, which makes it simple to connect with the brand. It seeks to assist the retailer in presenting the goods and its story in the best manner and orderly manner—all of which enrich the customer experiences.

What makes a high converting product landing page?

So, what does it take to create a good product landing page that’s not just appealing to visitors but also turns them into your future customers.

Here’s a few things to take note:

Catchy headlines

It takes microseconds for visitors to bounce—so your headline needs to catch their eye.Research reveals that while 2 out of 10 individuals will read the body of the article, 8 out of 10 people will read the headline content.

To guarantee that visitors can have a quick understanding of the product right after they open the page, make sure the product landing page headline is straightforward. If visitors can't quickly and easily access the information they need, they'll go to your competitors' websites. 

Here's a great example of a product landing page headline from Square - a company that conducts mobile transactions that merchants utilize to obtain payment from customers. 

The semi-bold headline gets right to the point and appears to be a list of frequently asked questions. Additionally, it addresses the visitor directly, enticing them to read on and discover more about their services. 

Write product descriptions that persuade

Although your headlines may draw in readers, your body text is what describes the true worth of what you have to offer. In order to give potential customers additional information about your product and persuade them to buy it, the product landing page copywriting is crucial.

Include the appropriate details that will help users understand what makes your items unique.

In the meantime, here's a great example of a product landing page from the makers of Helix Mattresses

The content on the landing page is more concerned with how their mattresses would help you sleep better than it is with selling the features of the product. 

High quality product images and videos

You might be surprised by how much a low quality visual can turn off a customers’ interests. This ought to be obvious! But don't worry, fixing this issue is one of the quickest ways to improve the appearance of your product landing page.

According to research, “humans process visuals 60,000 times faster than text”. Use high-quality images and videos to evoke a feeling in viewers and give them a sense of the product's experience.

Finally, you might want to think about including a video that illustrates how to use your product and shows it in action.

Here's a great example of landing page imagery from Orangina, a company selling carbonated citrus drinks has been around since 1935:

This colorful product landing page example from Orangina does a fantastic job at capturing the essence of the company. High-quality graphics and short animations that play whenever you move the pointer over each portion of the website add interest and curiosity to customers. 

Social proof

When considering whether to purchase your goods, social proof boosts the sense of security and trust that potential buyers have in you.

72% of consumers will wait until they read reviews before taking action. When online shopping, customer testimonials are extremely important for prospects. They are more likely to believe in the caliber of a brand if they can read a frank review of a product.

Employ social proof strategies like: to maintain control over your brand narrative.

  • Customer reviews
  • Video/images feedbacks for products from customers
  • Expert recommendations

For a great example of social proof, look no further than the Fender product landing page:

This social proof is particularly powerful since it originates from well-known worldwide artists. It doesn't provide the product the most shining endorsement, but stating the abilities, chords, songs, and riffs the user learnt from the course does testify to the product's usefulness.

Clear USPs & primary CTA buttons

Convince visitors by showing your unique selling point (USP), let them know what you can offer to match their desires.

The more accurately consumers perceive the unique selling point offered with the service, the greater the opportunity to earn income. It is the primary reason customers prefer your brand to competitors. 

Make sure it's as simple as possible for visitors to purchase your product once they have all the information they require. 

Add engaging call to action (CTA) buttons to your page in various places. You can add buttons to the page's top, middle, and bottom to reach consumers at various points in the purchasing process.

For example, this stated USP from Harry’s landing page is impossible to miss amongst the rest of the elements on the page:

Harry's developed the USP that helped people become familiar with them. The delivery of their items from the purest source is the main point of emphasis. The assertion that they will donate 1% of their sales to the social sector is really audacious and demonstrates that they are not your average brands.

Live chat feature

By including a live chat feature, you can assist customers in finding what they're looking for as they browse your product landing pages. As shown in research that “73% of customers find live chat the most satisfactory form of communication”.

Customer support team can respond to customer inquiries through live chat in just a few minutes. As a result, you can boost your website's communication effectiveness and make other improvements.

For example, the live chat feature of appears as you browse the website and gives you the option to inquire about the available wine selection:

The users are drawn in by the personalized welcome message, "Welcome to" The operator's photo and position are displayed on the chat window together with the company's emblem in a design that resembles red wine. 

How PageFly can help you craft the perfect product landing pages

After looking at those beautiful templates and some crucial criterias for creating great product landing pages, you may wonder where to start building one. Fret not! The good news is that you can easily create remarkable product landing pages if you’re a Shopify merchant without splashing out money on developers and designers, with the one and only PageFly.

PageFly is the #1 Shopify page builder with a drag-and-drop system for building and perfecting online stores with the goal of enhancing the customer experience and thereby raising conversion rates and sales figures.

You can design unique homepages, about us pages, product pages, landing pages, and more with PageFly. With hundreds of free responsive product landing page templates, the journey has never been easier.

Your creativity has no boundaries because there are so many available elements. Additionally, you may change your page in real-time and view the results with the live view. 

Bottom line

Since the online market is always changing, vendors must change along with it. While planning ahead can be challenging at times, it will pay off in the long run.

Product landing pages help you attract more customers on your products and boost conversion rates. By following our guidelines above, you’ll no-doubt building product landing pages that catch the attention of anyone. 

It's simple to make excellent product landing pages that convert window shoppers into loyal customers.

Are you ready to begin creating your first successful product landing page with PageFly? You don't even have to pay a cent to use any of our product landing page templates to get started.

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