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PageFly 3.29.0: Free Services, AiTrillion, Recurpay and Track123 Integration

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PageFly has just released its latest version 3.29.0 on February 23th, 2023 with exciting new features and improvements. This update is intended to provide users with greater flexibility and when creating custom pages for your Shopify business.

In this new release, PageFly came with Integration with Loyalty Program, Email, Review by AiTrillion, Integration with Subscription App by Recurpay and Integration with Track123. With these new features, your Shopify store will be more flexible and powerful, creating more room for conversion rate growth. 

Free Page Conversion Page Program 

We understand that building a page from scratch can be difficult, especially when you’re a newbie. That’s why PageFly is here to help you with our program, which is now easily accessed inside the new version of the app. 

To get started, all you need to do is to have a Shopify store and page design for inspiration. We'll help you build fast and fully functioning page sections with a comprehensive video tutorial. After this process, you’ll have complete control over the page in the future. 

To find out more about our free services, please visit this page

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App Integration

In this new version, we have 3 app integrations in total with 3 partners: AiTrillio, Recurpay and Track123. To see the completed lists of apps integrated with PageFy, you can check out our list of partners

Integration with Loyalty Program, Email, Review by AiTrillio

AiTrillion offers features such as email marketing, SMS marketing, push notifications, pop-ups, web push notifications, segmentation, automation, loyalty & reward, and more. The platform's AI-powered predictive analytics helps businesses understand customer behavior and preferences, enabling them to deliver targeted and personalized messages to their customers. 

You can read more about AiTrillion here.


Just like any integration, AiTrillion elements are located in the “Add third party elements” menu icon on the left sidebar inside the PageFly editor. You need to enable it first then it’ll appear in the ”Reviews & Rating”, “Upsell & Cross sell” and “Loyalty & Rewards” list. This integration allows users to drag and drop review sections, loyalty programs for customers and upsell/cross sell products for more profits. 

Integration with Subscription App by Recurpay

Billing has always been a difficult task for merchants due to its repeated labor, complexity yet it must be done under urgency. As a solution, Recurpay simplifies recurring billing and subscription management for businesses, freeing up time and resources to focus on growth and customer satisfaction.

Find out what Recurpay can do here

To access Recurpay integration, simply enable the element first and drag the desired element into your page.

Integration with Track123

Tracking orders is a crucial part of the buying experience in online shopping. Keeping track of orders not only maintains enthusiasm for buyers, it also reflects your store’s credibility by displaying transparency. Built to help customers have a distinguished shopping experience, Track123 generates a branded tracking page under your store theme with an easy to use page in multiple languages. 

To learn more about Track123, please read here

pagefly page editor

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