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PageFly 3.28.0: Element Data Source Selector Improvement, Upgraded Text Editor Element & New App Integration

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PageFly has just released the latest version 3.28.0 on February 9, 2023 with exciting new features and improvements. This update is designed to provide users with even more flexibility and ease of use when creating their custom pages.

In this new release, we have included the Element Data Source Selector improvement to make it easier for you to select and keep track of certain elements’ data sources. Additionally, the Text Editor element has been upgraded, providing users with a more advanced text editing experience. Finally, PageFly has integrated with new apps, allowing users to extend the functionality of their pages even further.

Check our video to learn more details about the update: 

Element data source selector improvement

UX has always been our priority and we are proud to introduce the new Element Data Source Selector in PageFly 3.28.0 that makes it impressively easier for you to select and check the content of elements with a data source such as Product Details, Image, Icon, HTML Video, etc. 

The upgraded Element Data Source Selector also displays previews of the selected sources in the General Tab. For example, Product Source is displayed when selecting the Product Details element and Image Source for the Image Element as you can see in the screenshots below. 

product details element

image element

Displayed data ensures that you have all the necessary information you need when checking the design or making changes to your pages. With the new Element Data Source Selector, PageFly hopes to provide a more intuitive and consistent experience for store owners and store designers when working on your custom pages.

Upgraded text editor element

The Text Editor has been rebuilt for PageFly 3.28.0 to support users with a more advanced text editing experience. One of the changes in this update is the removal of the wrapping on the text editor element. This change has been designed to optimize page speed and to ensure that the styling set in the PageFly editor is effective and not overridden by the theme's styling. 

In other words, this allows you to have more control over the look and feel of your text elements and ensures that the text will appear exactly as intended on your live pages. The scope of this update applies to all text-related elements from our element catalog, including the Heading, Paragraph, Product Title, Product Description, Button, Product Add to Cart, Blog Post elements and many more. 

New integration with Globo PreOrder & Back in Stock 

PageFly has added a new integration with Globo including two fresh elements, the Product Pre-order and the Notification Form. This integration allows users to configure pre-orders and back in stock notifications from Globo application and display them directly within PageFly pages.

Globo PreOrder pagefly

With the Globo Product Pre-order element, store owners can configure pre-orders based on their Shopify inventory and set start/end times for pre-orders. It will also automate the process of adding tags like "pre-order" and "shipping date" to orders and send pre-order emails to customers. The Notification Form element, on the other hand, will automatically send notifications, either via email or SMS, to subscribers once the out-of-stock product is available again.

A few things to keep in mind when using the new elements: Just like any other third-party elements, all of the configurations must be done from Globo app’s end. Also note that the elements can only be used for Product Page, nested inside the Product Details element. Last but not least, both the Product Pre-order and Notification Form are only visible in Liveview. 

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