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Sell Collectible Items On Shopify In 7 Easy Steps

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Entrepreneurs who sell collectible items often find success on ecommerce because they are able to reach like minded collectors from all over the world. As these are niche items, selling them via physical stores might not be the best business model if you want a quick turnaround and high profits month after month.

Therefore, if you want to sell collectibles, using a capable ecommerce platform is your best bet in reaching more customers and establishing a name for yourself in the industry.

In this article, we will teach you how to sell collectible items on Shopify in seven (7) simple, very easy to follow, steps – you don’t even need to be tech savvy to get started.

What Is A Collectible Item

A collectible item is something of rare and popular kind, usually from the past decades or centuries, that is now sought after by other people with entire collections of the same kind.

Collectible items are usually worth far more than their original prices when they were first released. Some great examples of collectibles are vintage toys, coins, cars, and comic books.

To some affluent buyers collectibles serve as investments that increase in value as time goes by.

Contrarily, when we talk about collectibles in the modern time, these are not just limited to vintage or antique items. Some modern collectibles that appreciate in value over time are:

  • Limited edition cars
  • Luxury watches
  • High-end bags

Not All Collectibles Are Expensive

Although we immediately imagine expensive things (like the ones we mentioned above) when talking about collectibles, not all collectibles are expensive and opulent.

To some people, items related to their favorite anime, bands, and places, among other things, qualify as collectibles.

Some examples are:

  • Fast food collectible toys
  • Anime action figures
  • Stuffed toys
  • …and more

To each their own, as they say.

Best Collectible Items to Sell

If you are thinking what types of collectibles you should start selling, here are some of the best items to sell.

In this list, we will stick with small items that you can carry by hand, we will be ruling out classic cars, paintings, sculptures, and thoroughbred horses ( yes, horses are collectibles! )

Comic Books

Comic Books


To most of us, comic books are meant to be opened and read. But to hardcore collectors, these are best left inside their plastic covers, untouched, and tucked away from moisture, sunlight, and smudgy finger tips.

First edition or classic comic books are your best bet if you want healthy returns on your investment. However, these items already command a hefty price tag, so, you should be ready to dig deep into your pocket

If you are looking for graded comic books, 7ate9 Comics is a great place to start. They have a large collection of 9.8 CGC graded first print comic books ranging from $10,000 all the way to more than $100,000 each.

Vintage Toys

Vintage Toys


We’ve all laid our hands on toys when we were young. But while some of us were very excited to open our new toys back in the day, some discerning children decided to preserve these toys in their boxes – gaining satisfaction by merely looking at them. Who would have thought that half a century later, these rare toys would become collectibles?

Classic toys from the 70’s to 90’s are now one of the more expensive vintage toys you can buy – especially in the era of Star Wars and G.I. Joe.

Are you an avid toy collector? If yes, Rogue Toys is a great place to begin your treasure hunt. They have an impressive collection of modern and vintage Star Wars, Marvel, Transformers, and GI Joe action figures.

Sports Memorabilia

Sports Memorabilia


Sports, be it basketball, football, or baseball, have a special place in all our hearts – children or adults. To some of us, this is where we find our first idols.

Sports memorabilia include jerseys, sports cards, signed baseball bats, MVP rings, game tickets of historical events, etc. One of the most expensive sports memorabilia ever sold was Michael Jordan’s 1998 NBA Finals Game 1 Jersey which was sold for more than $10 million in 2022.

Serious sports fans will surely appreciate what AAA Sports Memorabilia has to offer. They have hand signed merch from famous football stars. If you are a fan of combat sports, their hand-signed gloves by none other than Connor McGregor and Jorge MAsvidal will definitely get you excited.

And if you are one of many people who believe that Mike Tyson is the best boxer ever, you wouldn’t want to miss his signed merch as well.

Rare Coins

Rare Coins


Extremely rare coins that are no longer in circulation, those that come from past centuries, or those related to historical events are amongst the most sought-after items for serious rare coin collectors and investors.

The most expensive coin ever sold in recorded history is the 1933 Saint-Gauden Double Eagle which was sold for more than $20 million. At that time, this coin was only worth $20.

But if you are just starting your coin collection and don’t have a jaw-dropping bank account, you can start investing in modern commemorative coins – these may not be expensive today, but let time do its job.

Are you one of those people who look beyond the value of money for their rarity? Banknote Coin Stamp is definitely the place to go. They have rare and vintage coins and bank notes from more than 100 countries across all six continents. From pre-war British-India banknotes, gold coins, to vintage US post stamps, BCS has them all.




Collectibles are not only the items from past centuries. Nowadays, there are things that reach the “collectible” status because of their popularity, scarcity, and serious fondness of their fan base. Among these are sneakers.

The first one on the list that will surely make sneakerheads drool is Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro High Chicago. Other collectible sneakers of our time are Louis Vuitton x Nike Air Force 1 Mid White (2022) and Nike Dunk Low Off-White Lot 01 of 50 (2021).

Archived is a treasure trove for sneakerheads who salivate over vintage Jordans. They had a 1985 Air Jordan 1 High OG Breds which was sold for over $8,000. Looking for Nike Lebron 7 DJ Clark Kent 112 Promo Sample sneakers? They have one up for grabs in their store for just a little over $4000.

Sell Collectible Items In 7 Steps

If you are extremely interested in the collectibles industry and want to learn how you can turn it into a business, follow these seven (7) steps so you can establish a global ecommerce store where you can sell your collectibles all around the world.

01. Become An Expert In Your Niche

The truth about the collectibles industry is that it’s very hard to start doing the business if you have zero or very little knowledge about it. Unlike other niches where you can learn as you go, selling collectibles requires a solid knowledge about which things are worthy of your time and which aren’t.

In coins, for example, not all old coins are collectibles. Mostly, only those that have manufacturing defects or error coins, limited minting, or coins within a certain year. Such is also true with classic cars – not all are collectibles.

To sell collectibles online, make sure that you have the necessary knowledge to be competitive and to provide real valuable items.

02. Create A Business Plan

Since you plan to sell collectibles online, it is important to choose the right platform for your business. Not just from a marketing perspective, but also from the perspective of your customers who want a secure way to pay for their purchases online.

Create A Business Plan


Distrust with financial details is the top 4 reason why US adults abandon their online shopping carts. Thus, payment security is a serious matter.

Shopify is a great ecommerce platform that is capable of handling any type of online business so you can sell your collectibles on either the local or international market. It provides your customers a secure payment gateway through Shop Pay or with their online payment channel of choice.  

In addition to choosing a reliable platform, you should also include the following in your business plan:


In deciding for a niche in the collectibles industry, it is important that you factor in your expertise. This will play an important role in choosing the products that you sell. Having an existing network within your niche is also a huge plus because these will serve as your initial customers.

Initial Capital Investment

Your initial capital investment must include the following:

  • Recurring expenses in website maintenance
  • Initial inventory
  • Readily available cash so you have money to spend in case you see good deals from your dealers.

It is crucial that you have a computation of the cash that you have invested in your business because this is how you will know whether you are making or losing money.

Marketing Strategy

Formulate a strategy on how you can successfully sell collectibles through your online store. Seize the clout that you can get through social media. These are effective tools to promote brand awareness as well as launch some ads to attract more customers to your online store.

Social media will be your main weapon in achieving your sales goals. You should also consider pay-per-click (PPC) ads if you want to dominate specific search results.

03. Reach Out To Your Target Customers

Social media is a must nowadays. These platforms offer equal opportunities to small and large businesses to gain the exposure they need and to reach their target customers.

Instagram is very effective in establishing a brand portfolio as it allows for high-quality images so you can show your collections in all their glory.

If  you are selling classic comic books, find people who are into comic books as well. A great way to find these is to search for hashtags.

A simple search of the #comicbooks will give you a lot of results so you can start finding your customers.

hashtag comicbooks

Let’s say you choose the first result:

hashtag comicbooks 2

Click on any of these posts and you’ll see comments from people who also like comic books.

In making your posts, don’t forget to also use related hashtags so your target customers can see your products.

Bonus Tip: Use Reddit To Engage With Potential Customers And Gain More Knowledge

There is a popular joke that “there is a Reddit group for anything”. Although we won’t know that for sure, Reddit does not disappoint when looking for groups to join in. This gives you an opportunity to engage with real people with knowledge and expertise in your niche. There is also a huge probability that some people in your chosen group are looking for collectibles to buy.

Look, there is even a group for coin collecting:

coin collecting group in reddit

When joining a Reddit group, be sure to follow the community guideline or else moderators will remove you from it. Nevertheless, Reddit can offer you access to a rich source of knowledge on whatever you want to learn.

Go ahead, see if there is a Reddit group for your chosen niche.

By knowing how to find your target customers, you’ll know that there is someone out there who is patiently looking for the product that you are selling. Thus, it is important that you pay serious attention to customer outreach.

04. Establish A Network Of Reliable Suppliers

Establishing a network of suppliers ensures that you can continue to sell collectibles online. Suppliers do not necessarily mean dealing with businesses alone.

You can establish your supply chain by also connecting to other collectors and showing interest in their collections. Sometimes, you can find collectible items from your previous buyers or from a random post in the Facebook marketplace.

The most important thing here is that you should know where to find your products.

05. Be Honest And Upfront With Your Dealings

Sell your collectibles with integrity by being honest in their condition. In this industry, dents and scratches matter a lot and they significantly affect the value of the items.

In vintage toys, having them in mint condition can boost their selling price. Take this 1978 Luke Skywalker Action Figure for example.

Be Honest And Upfront With Your Dealings


It commands a selling price of $25,000 because it is in its original box and it remains unopened up to this day.

To collectors, item conditions matter a lot. Therefore, do not misrepresent your products by saying that they are in mint condition when they are not.

06. Aim For A Win-Win Price

Collectibles are only worth as much as what someone is willing to pay for it. However, there are also those that are extremely expensive because of their rarity and popularity.

But you should also accept that just because something is collectible, it doesn’t mean that you can sell it at a price higher than it should be. Do your research and price accordingly so you can sell your collectibles in a win-win transaction.

07. Launch Your Ecommerce Store

After preparing everything you need, you are now ready to sell collectibles online using your Shopify store. If you need an in-depth explanation on how you can start using Shopify as your ecommerce platform, we wrote an in-depth article highlighting everything you need to learn.

Bonus Tip: Make Your Ecommerce Store Stand Out

Take your ecommerce store design to another level by customizing it to your niche. There are more than 100 Shopify themes to choose from.

94% of first impressions will relate to a website’s design. Thus, if you want to truly make an incredible first impression to your website, use a pagebuilder to unlock more customization features to implement designs that will give your online store that “wow” factor.

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Shopify Stores Selling Collectible Items

If you need inspiration to sell your collectibles, draw some from these Shopify stores who are making a name for themselves in the collectibles industry.

Take a look at the list below:

01. Geek Love

Geek Love

Geek Love sells collectible action figures of anime, game characters, pop culture, robots, and more. They have a vast collection of toys from worldwide brands such as Bandai, Sega, Mega House, and other hot brands.

This store is a haven for One Piece, Naruto, and Genshin Impact fans as they have a vast collection of items of these anime.

02. 007 Store

007 Store

From the name itself, this store is for the avid fans of the svelte secret agent, James Bond series. The website design successfully makes us relive our favorite James Bond films.

They sell 007 collectibles such as autographed prints, prop replicas, scale vehicles, and figurines. Along with the collectibles, they also sell 007-branded items such as cufflinks, keychains, water bottles, and more.

03. Poke-Collect


Are you a fan of these cute but fierce pokemons? This store is a treat! From pokemon cards to action figures and other accessories, they have it all.

What makes this store special is that you can find rare pokemon products from their entire collection. (Check out their auctions.) They also have their separate platform to those who want to trade their pokemon toys to their collection – although you’ll need login credentials to do so.

04. Ozzie Collectibles

Ozzie Collectibles

Ozzie Collectibles is a treasure trove of fine and rare collectibles from your favorite childhood series such as Star Wars, One Piece, and the venerable Marvel Cinematic Universe.

They also have licensed toys from Disney and Harry Potter. Browsing their entire collections is an overwhelming experience because they have such a lot of things to offer – such a heart-pumping experience that will surely bring out the kid in you.

05. Signables


Signables is a dealer of licensed sports memorabilia for Soccer, NFL, and Major League Baseball.

They have signed soccer balls  (plaques, not real footballs)  from teams like Barcelona, Liverpool, and Manchester. Additionally, they have signed baseball plaques of famous players like Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, and Aaron Judge.

Are you a fan of the NFL? They have them too – signed football plaques by Russel Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, and Patrick Mahomes II.

Their collectible items start at less than $15, thus making them very affordable to new collectors.

Bottom Line

Collectible items are one of those things that bring joy to people who understand their value. To some, collectibles are a ticket to the past because these things make them relive sentimental moments in their lives.

That’s why selling collectibles is an exciting business as it is not only profitable, but it also gives you the opportunity to fulfill your customers’ desires.

With that said, passion is the primary fuel of the collectibles business. And whatever type of collectibles you want to sell – be it opulent items or novelty stuff –  as long as you know how to market it, you will eventually establish a name for yourself.

Don’t forget that your ecommerce store is your gateway to the world. Therefore, be sure to spend valuable time in creating a remarkable website.

Using a fully-customizable ecommerce platform like Shopify will help you create a stunning website that will help your customers develop fondness and loyalty to your brand.

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