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08+ Free Shopify Funnel Builders For Your Online Stores [2024]

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No matter if you’re a new Shopify business owner, or you have created a couple of e-stores already, one of the most important rules is, and always will be, the success of your business will increase as long as you get as many sales as possible.

You could even say, the number of sales is the most important metric to determine if your Shopify business is thriving or not. 

There are many ways to help improve your sales with your Shopify store, one of the best possible ways is by using a Shopify Funnel Builder. 

Sales funnels can seem complicated, however, we’re here to help you navigate this process, we will help you choose the best Shopify Funnel Builder for yourself. 

Shopify Funnel Builders are easy when you understand their main function, the whole process doesn’t take as long as you might think.

Using a Funnel Builder seems like a no-brainer after understanding how it works, and so, we’re here to teach you how to get the best out of your Shopify Sales Funnel.

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I. What Exactly is A  Funnel Builder?

Every master started as a student, meaning, you need to first learn what exactly is a Funnel Builder and how it works in order to get the best advantages out of it. 

A sales funnel is simply the desired process you want to achieve when your customers land on your website. It’s the step-by-step your customers must follow in order to finalize a purchase.

What Exactly is A Funnel Builder?

Before going into specifics, you must understand the basics of creating a Sales Funnel.

Imagine these scenarios: 

1. You get into a physical store, looking for a specific type of hat -yes, we sell hats in this scenario, go with it- when you arrive at the store after looking for what seems an eternity, you realize the staff member doesn’t speak-hat, meaning, he can’t point you in the right direction, ultimately, you end without a hat, and with an awful customer experience. You won’t be coming back.

2. You decide to give a chance to the store next door, as soon as you arrive, you realize it was the right call. Staff at the store knows exactly what they are talking about, they are charming, kind, and attentive; you end up having a great customer experience. You’ll be coming back next week with a friend. 

Did you get the point of these scenarios? Scenario A) is how an online store feels without a sales funnel, messy, confusing, and ineffective. Scenario B) is how an e-store works with a great Sales Funnel. Do you get it now? 

Sales funnels are so effective if done correctly because they are key for an effective sales strategy in order to stand out from competitors. 

In the age of digitalization, is of vital importance to understand and communicate to your market in the best possible way, this means, giving them a great user experience while shopping online. 

II. How to Build Sales Funnels for Shopify Store?

But… How do we do that? How can we give our customers the best possible experience out there for them to choose us among competitors? 

AIDA modal

Step one: Attention  

Attention refers to the traffic your website is getting. This is when the potential customer first starts thinking about your product, it’s the realization or awareness that your product exists out there, for them to try it out. 

Usually, the first contact from your potential customer with your e-commerce is generated by a marketing strategy, meaning social media Ads, influencer marketing, or even, having great SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) traffic. 

Step two: Interest

Step two focuses on when the potential customer shows interest in your product. It’s when it starts researching more about it, and ultimately, starts showing interest in it. It’s when they are deciding if your product is worth the purchase or not, their preferences, and more. 

Step three: Desire 

Desire refers to the process between showing interest in a certain product and taking action and getting the actual product. It’s when the potential customer starts imagining themselves with the product, thinking constantly about it, that ultimately will lead them to a decision. 

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Step four: Action

The final step is when the potential customer becomes an actual customer, they take the action needed in order to evaluate your product. They are done with the pros and cons list, your product, turns out, might be great after all, they are about to order it, congratulations! 

Shopify Funnel Builder

You need to offer a great user experience, this is the process you need at your Shopify store in order to turn visitors into raving fans. 

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III. Best Free Shopify Funnel Builder Apps in 2022

Now what? Well, now it’s time for you to pick out the best Shopify Funnel Builder for you. There are several points to take into account when picking the right Shopify Funnel Builder, that’s what we’re for. 

1. PageFly

Shopify Rating: 4.9 (6437 reviews) (19 May 2022)


  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop landing page builder with no coding background required. 
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: Create FOMO effects, Upsell. Cross-sell, Social Proofs, Stunning Call-To-Action,...
  • 90+ highly responsive pre-made templates for all niches and page types
  • Great customer support 24/7 with multi-languages such as English, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Deutsch, Japan, Italiano, and Español.
  • Built-in analytics and integration with Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, etc. to quickly see how your site is performing.
  • Only one page per page type on the free version. 

PageFly Shopify Funnel Builder

PageFly is ranked number #1 in the page builder category and is in the top recommended apps for your Shopify store. That’s why PageFly is now used by over 100,000 Shopify active merchants worldwide. PageFly offers easy-to-use tools, specially created to help non-technical people create the perfect online Shopify store. It doesn’t matter if you’re not an expert on design, PageFly offers more than 70 customizable pre-made templates that will fit your style!

PageFly has more than 70 pre-made templates

2. UFE Cross-sell and Upsell Funnel

Shopify Rating: 4.8 (739 reviews) (19 May 2022)
    • Create upsell funnel offers on the Product page, Cart page, and Thank You page.
    • Show product upsells in pop-ups or integrated into a specific page
    • Split test upsell offers and identity which offers better performance and gives more revenue. 
    • Great real-time analytics. 
    • Countdown timers.
    • Easy one-click upsell checkout enables customers to directly checkout to Shopify payments page from the upsell funnel offer. 

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      • Not many actualizations.
      UFE cross-sell and upsell funnel

        UFE cross-sell is a simple yet powerful Funnel Builder if you’re looking for a product upsell pop-up, integrated into the website, or even from product pages, or cart pages. it is designed to 100% mobile responsive. As a plus, the UFE Script is extremely tiny that delivers fast performance for your Shopify store. 

        3. Layout Hub

        Shopify Rating: 4.9 (2255 reviews) (19 May 2022)
          • Easy-to-use and drag-and-drop platform for non-technical people. 
          • Responsive interface with all devices.   
          • Easy customization with 130+ pre-made templates.
            • Footer branding for the freemium package. 
            • Free pricing plan is available, but with limited layouts and features, only email support, and non-removable branding.   
            Layout Hub Shopify Funnel Builder

              Layout Hub is more than creating a page builder tool actually. It works for the purpose of helping online Shopify store owners create professional websites with high converting pages. 

              4. Honeycomb Upsell Funnels 

              Shopify Rating: 4.9 (434 reviews) (19 May 2022)
                • Sell more with One Click Cart & Post Purchase Upsell Offers
                • Boost conversion rate with multiple upsell offers
                • Built-in AI recommendation engine
                • Provide upsell funnels in Cart page, Product page and Blog page and Post-purchase.  
                • Mobile-first design.
                • Funnel split tests available 
                  • Only 10,000 monthly funnel views with premium pricing plan 
                  Honeycomb Upsell Funnels

                    According to Honeycomb, they help you “catch” customers whenever they are being loyal, meaning you’re able to offer post-purchase offers. It’s easy to set up, even for non-technical users. Also, it has non-intrusive upsell and cross-sell offers.

                    5. Shogun Landing Page Builder 

                    Shopify Rating: 4.8 (2802 reviews) (19 May 2022)
                      • Simple yet professional page builder with more than 30 pre-made page templates for product pages, home pages, landing pages, product collections, blog pages. 
                      • Easy customization with a drag-and-drop tool.
                      • Extra features such as built-in split testing and analytics on the higher price plan.
                      • Integrates with Google Analytics, Adobe Typekit, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest. 
                        • The price is very expensive if you want to upgrade your pricing plan. 
                        • Split testing is only available from the “Measure”  plan ($99/month).
                        Shogun Landing Page Builder

                          Note: Free Trial? Yes. But it only lasts for 10 days. 

                          Shogun does a great thing in user interface and user experience. With more than 30 pre-made templates, you can easily create a faster, higher converting landing page. Landing pages are a key element of any sales funnel. It makes creating marketing campaigns and product promotions perfect and stress-free. With those great features, it’s easy to understand why Shogun is the favorite of many.

                          6. Zipify

                          Shopify Rating: 4.8 (595 reviews) (19 May 2022)
                            • Easy customization with powerful drag-and-drop features. 
                            • Native Shopify conversion reporting.
                            • 100% integrated Facebook and Google tracking
                              • Expensive pricing plan with only two options when you want to upgrade.
                              Zipify Shopify Funnel Builder

                                Note: You only have a 14-day free trial with number of unlimited pages.

                                Zipify Shopify sales funnel app has a 14-day trial, which is great to try building high converting landing pages with a few clicks of your mouse. It runs with a native Shopify connection, meaning it is easier to manage, display and/or track your pages.

                                7. AVA Email Marketing, SMS, Popups

                                Shopify Rating: 4.9 (518 reviews) (19 May 2022)
                                  • Automation workflow: Abandoned Cart, Welcome, Transactional emails, Cross-sell, Up-sell emails.
                                  • Auto send emails to remind customers to recover their carts
                                  • Send a warm welcome to new subscribers and convert them into buyers with follow-up emails. 
                                  • Drag and drop email builders for non-tech people
                                  • Ready-to-use email templates
                                    • Only offer 500 emails/day and 1000 contacts for a free pricing plan. 
                                    AVADA SMS Email Marketing Automation

                                      AVADA SMS Email Marketing Automation allows online Shopify store to create emails in minutes with pre-designed templates. Also, AVADA offers a stunning Sign-Up form to collect quality leads for your shops via exist-intend Popups or exciting Spin to Win. Moreover, it reminds shoppers to recover purchases when they abandon their carts which quickly recover lost sales. 

                                      Design Your Own Shopify Store With No Limit

                                      Fully Customizable. 70+ Templates and 50+ elements.

                                      Completely Free/ No Trial. Optimized for Fast Speed. 

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                                      8. Metrilo Growth Platform

                                      Shopify Rating: 5.0 (6 reviews) (19 May 2022)

                                        Rather than an app designed for building landing pages or upselling, Metrilo Growth Platform is used for “instant eCommerce analytics, powerful CRM and email marketing”. 

                                          • Offer tools to track sales, revenue and customer behavior
                                          • Ecommerce analytics and insights to optimize marketing campaigns. 
                                          • Segment customer database
                                          • Monitor customer journey
                                            • Only offer a 14-day trial for free plan. 
                                            Metrilo Growth Platform

                                              9. Raid Funnels

                                              Shopify Rating: 3.9 (40 reviews) (19 May 2022)
                                                • Easily create upsell funnels with no theme code changes required. 
                                                • Good funnel analytics and upsell strategies.
                                                  • Updates usually take time.  
                                                  Raid Funnels Shopify Funnel Builder

                                                    This Shopify Funnel Builder is great for designers, or visual clients, as it gives you the opportunity to fully customize the flow of upsells. It gives you the opportunity to show your visitors the best offers for them, meaning great conversion rates. 

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                                                    IV. Wrap-up

                                                    In conclusion, having an effective sales funnel strategy is a never-ending process, there’s always something that can be changed, optimized, or created in order for your customer to pay more attention to you. Remember, you need your customer to fall in love with your products over and over again. Ultimately, it’s worth it. 

                                                    It might sound overwhelming, however, like with everything else in life, it’s simply a process you will master with effort and time, don’t give up just yet, you’re just starting! 

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