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Shopify Plus Pricing: Is It Worth the Investment? (2024)

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One of the most powerful enterprise-level e-commerce platforms on the market is Shopify Plus. Thousands of businesses worldwide, including well-known names like Heinz, Red Bull, and Victoria Beckham Beauty, rely on this ecommerce platform.

heinz - shopify account

Source: Heinz

If you need to upgrade from a less feature-rich Shopify package or if you want to make improvements to your online store, Shopify Plus can be a great choice.

All businesses, though, are concerned about costs. In the e-commerce space, there are numerous competitors in addition to price. Why should you pick Shopify Plus over other options considering all of these facts?

This article looks at the Shopify Plus pricing, possible fees associated with using the ecommerce platform, and the costs of various competitors.

How Much is Shopify Plus a Month?

Shopify plus pricing

Source: Shopify Plus

Base Plan Fees

  • Monthly minimum Shopify Plus license fee: Shopify Plus starts at a fixed monthly fee, ranging from $2300 monthly for a 3-year term, and $2500 monthly for a 1-year term. This fixed, base fee covers core platform functionalities such as product management, order fulfillment, basic reporting, and access to essential features like abandoned cart recovery and basic analytics.
  • Revenue and business model: Shopify Plus also offers variable fees for more complex business structures. I will give you one example. Let’s say your business grows and exceeds a certain annual revenue threshold – which is typically around $800,000. In this case, you might want to transition to a variable fee structure.

Shopify Plus Transaction Fees

These costs are typical for any e-commerce business, of course; whichever platform you choose, you'll need a way to process credit card payments. In other words, they're not just "Shopify Plus costs."

Nevertheless, fees will be paid in addition to the Shopify Plus license fee when processing transactions through Shopify Payments. with an additional fee due if a third-party processor is used.

You have to pay third-party transaction fees to support Shopify's maintenance of its integration with these platforms. The reduced amount of payment processing costs is one of Shopify Plus's main benefits.

  • If you use Shopify Payments as your primary payment gateway: You pay Shopify all online and in-person card fees, with the lowest rates of any plan. Card rates vary per country. Third-party transaction fees are waived globally.
  • If you use a third-party processor as your primary payment gateway: You pay your processor fees, plus 0.20% per transaction to Shopify for security and compliance costs.

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App Fees

The vast array of carefully chosen apps that are available on Shopify Plus is just one of its many advantages. These apps can really elevate your store, even though they are optional. These apps can handle shipping, automate email responses, and integrate accounting software, to name just a few of their features.

Every business does not need these kinds of systems. However, it's crucial to make sure that your back office businesses are as high-quality as Shopify Plus's front end products and services.

Considering these apps' power, you might want to know how much using them will cost. Yes, it varies a lot. While some applications can be purchased for as little as a few dollars per month, others may cost up to $500. The costs of each application are listed in the Shopify Plus Certified App Program store.

Design and Development costs

If you want extensive store customizations in terms of design and development, or custom functionalities beyond the platform's capabilities (such as custom app development or third-party integrations), you may need to hire developers. There will be further costs associated with this. The normal hourly rate for Shopify Plus development is between $38 and $61.

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Migration fees

To switch to Shopify Plus, there are no costs involved. However, the cost will normally range from $500 to $25000 if your setup is complex and you want them to meet special requirements.

Site Maintenance Fees

Shopify Plus is a platform that is fully hosted. This means that all maintenance expenses (server fees, security patches, etc.) that you would typically associate with other options are included in the license.

The fact that there are no additional costs to pay after the monthly fee is paid is one of the key advantages of Shopify Plus and other hosted services. This covers the cost of site maintenance. Shopify will cover the cost of any security upgrades that occur.

Other than depending on your needs, you might have to pay a lot of money to work with an e-commerce website design agency if you want to enhance your site. Custom elements on your website might not be updated because Shopify Plus won't be able to edit them. As a result, hiring an agency to update those areas of your online store might be necessary.

What is the Difference Between Shopify Plus vs Shopify?

Your budget, customer support, contracts, and extra features should all be taken into account when selecting a platform for your e-commerce requirements. Furthermore, it is crucial to examine these factors in more detail and decide which ones will determine the outcome of your decision before deciding whether to switch from Shopify to Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus vs Shopify?


The pricing tiers of standard Shopify plans are simple to comprehend and flat, making it easy to select the plan that best suits your needs. The monthly cost of Basic is $29, Shopify is $79, and Advanced is $299 (paid annually). To find the one that best suits your needs and budget, you can test any of them out for free with a free three-day trial.

The price of the Shopify Plus software is more complicated than that of the regular plans because your final fee total is determined by your sales volume. A minimum of $2,500 will be paid by each company each month for standard setups and integrations. Shopify Plus converts to a revenue-based model too.

Shopify Features

Shopify Features

Source: Shopify

Shopify provides some of the greatest features in a very competitive e-commerce market because it wants its users to stay satisfied and loyal. Firstly, it provides professional themes, branding, domain names, and customizations like blogging, making it easy for anyone to create a storefront.

The options for managing shopping carts and stores come next, including customer profiles, refunds, automated carrier shipping rates, and recovery from abandoned checkouts. With discounts, Google Ads credits, and social media integrations, there's no shortage of room for marketing and SEO.

Additionally, you'll have access to different levels of product organization, analytics, and potential mobile app development. Lastly, Shopify offers 24/7 dedicated support, giving customers access to a team of support representatives via phone, email, and live chat, seven days a week.

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Shopify Plus Features

shopify plus

Source: Shopify Plus

All of the features found in Shopify Standard are also included in Shopify Plus, along with additional resources meant to assist retailers who want to boost sales and revenue. You can oversee every store in your group from one place with the Shopify organization admin.

Shopify Plus merchants can only use the Users, Store, and Shopify Flow management tools in the Shopify organization admin. Customers can also access sophisticated apps made specifically for fast-growing companies, and Shopify Plus offers extra application programming interface (API) calls that enable integration with third-party apps.

Users also get access to Shopify POS Pro, the Shopify Plus Partner Program, the Merchant Success Program, and a Shopify Plus Community on Facebook in addition to additional integrations and permissions.

Start a free trial and enjoy 3 months of Shopify for $1/month
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Which Shopify Plan is Best?

One of the biggest ecommerce platforms on the market right now is Shopify. Selecting a package to use is one of the most important choices a business owner will have to make.

The ideal Shopify price plans for all scenarios are as follows:

shopify pricing

Source: Shopify

  • Basic Plan is suitable for small businesses getting started with easy customization options and the ability to add extra pages like blogs.
  • Shopify Plan is perfect for growing your medium-sized businesses with a more robust set of ecommerce needs and handy features such as professional reports and lower credit card rates, plus support for up to five staff accounts.
  • Advanced Plan is tailored for larger businesses with lots of sales, giving you the lowest transaction fees, customizable pricing, and advanced reporting tools.
  • Shopify Plus Plan is great for enterprise businesses that require several features for high-volume businesses.

Shopify is a feature-rich, easy-to-use platform that serves e-commerce companies of all kinds, from small vendors just getting started to bigger names with multiple stores. While many of these companies will eventually need to upgrade their Shopify plans in order to accommodate their growth, moving up to Shopify Plus is a completely different story.

Shopify Plus is much more than just a premium version of the standard Shopify plan, despite its high price. Rather, enterprise sellers those who possess the resources and demand for more support are the target market for the software. In summary, if your yearly revenue isn't in the millions, continue using the standard Shopify plan until your ships come in.

How is Shopify Plus as Compared to Its Competitors?

It is important to note that the cost of competing with Shopify Plus, like Magento Commerce (Adobe Commerce), BigCommerce Enterprise, and Woocommerce Enterprise, is typically custom-quoted and depends on the size, complexity, and unique requirements of your online store.



Source: Magento

Shopify Plus licensing is at least $27,600 annually, while Magento Enterprise licensing is at least $22,000. However, depending on the revenue of your company, Magento might cost more.

Moreover, with Magento Enterprise, you have to pay for hosting, an SSL certificate, and a domain name as well.

  • Pros: Highly customizable, omnichannel capabilities, enterprise-grade features.
  • Cons: Complex setup and maintenance, requires significant technical expertise, high cost of ownership.


Woocommerce online marketplaces

Source: Woocommerce

The most expensive Woocommerce package runs about $31.99 per month. It is therefore a wise choice for smaller enterprises.

  • Pros: Highly customizable, open-source platform, full control over data.
  • Cons: Requires significant technical expertise for setup and maintenance, ongoing hosting and security costs.


other platforms

Source: BigCommerce

BigCommerce Enterprise has monthly costs ranging from $1,000 to $15,000, or $12,000 to $180,000 annually. Nowadays, a lot of big online businesses use Shopify Plus and BigCommerce Enterprise, two dependable and strong e-commerce platforms.

  • Pros: Scalable, B2B functionalities, built-in marketing tools.
  • Cons: Limited app selection in comparison to the Shopify App Store and a less user-friendly interface than Shopify Plus.

Is Shopify Plus Worth It?

Kylie Cosmetics

Source: Kylie Cosmetics

Larger businesses have more complex c-commerce needs, even though Shopify is sufficient for the typical e-commerce business. These businesses therefore require exceptional solutions. As a result, Shopify Plus is used by numerous flagship brands, such as Gymshark, Skims, Kylie Jenner, Allbirds and others.

Despite using the same dashboard, editor, and help center as all of Shopify's options, including Shopify Plus, Shopify Plus offers these enterprise-level businesses far more functionality than any of Shopify's other plans.

For instance, Shopify Plus offers personalized help and support in addition to an infinite number of staff accounts. Furthermore, it has a transaction processing speed of more than 10,000 per minute. Large-scale retailers can therefore stop worrying about your website crashing.

Shopify Plus features for ecommerce business
  • Scaling Reliability: Reliable infrastructure that helps businesses grow to the enterprise level or support businesses operating at that level; advantageous for retailers who must scale up during the holidays to handle a spike in traffic
  • International Deployment: Features like currency conversion, language selection, and geo-targeting are built-in for quick and simple global expansion.
  • Omnichannel commerce: This functionality is great if you have physical stores and want to integrate those with your online stores to deliver an excellent experience to your customers across different channels.
  • APIs, Integration & Extensions: Easily extensible and add-on compatible, with an exclusive App Store ecosystem
  • Development and Maintenance: The platform consists of servers, hosting, bug fixes, order management, bandwidth, feature implementation, and file storage.
  • Technical Support and Account Management: A personal account manager for every customer
  • Marketing: contains a wide range of common marketing tools

Shopify Plus is worth the investment for starting an online store or adding e-commerce features to existing sites because of all these features.

Shopify Plus is a great platform for new ecommerce sites or businesses looking to migrate to a more robust platform when compared to well-known platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. So Shopify Plus is undoubtedly one of your best e-commerce options regardless of whether you're already at the enterprise level or you have plans to scale up to the next level like Campus Protein.

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