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Limitless Potential: Shopify Plus Features To Grow Your Business

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In the world of ecommerce business, all the stores, no matter being low-cost startups or enterprise level businesses, we all want to provide amazing shopping experience to grab attention of customers and drive more sales. In this point, The Shopify Plus features are designed to meet the most harsh requirements of merchants thanks to abundant advanced features such as Shopify POS system, payment process fees, customizable checkout, transaction costs. In this blog, we will take a deep understanding about this enterprise level platform to know why Shopify Plus is worth for investment.

Why Shopify Plus Features Can Foster Business Growth

shopify plus features

Shopify Plus Features (Source: Vsourz)

Shopify Plus is considered as an enterprise-level ecommerce platform that simplifies the process of operating an online business by providing customizable templates for creating digital storefronts.

As businesses expand in the modern day, the complexity and special requirements increases, and all the features of Shopify Plus thereby offer a highly flexible solution that helps merchants to build a customized eCommerce store to meet all the demands.

Being a member of Shopify Plus plan, merchants can have access to core features and dashboard available in other plans. That is the reason why Shopify Plus is designed specifically for large corporations dealing with huge volumes of data and customers, empowering them to raise the visibility of their branding and customer experience while optimizing resources.

Top Advanced Shopify Plus Features To Foster Your Success

Shopify Plus is truly an evolving and scalable eCommerce platform that grows alongside brands, making it an appealing choice for both established and new businesses in the industry. Here we introduce top excellent Shopify Plus features to make it widely regarded as the most powerful hosted ecommerce platform in the market.

Shopify plus multiple stores

multiple shopify stores

Shopify Multple Store (Source: Mage Solution)

Shopify Plus Multiple Stores can be seen as an optimal choice for businesses that are inclined to open their own online store in  different  languages and currencies because it allows you to access it no matter where you are. You can also access Shopify Plus multi-store analytics from a single location, which gives you a better understanding of customer’s behaviour and preferences through multifarious locations. Managing all stores without going anywhere but staying in one place is possible, just by using different types of tools.

Case study of Vitruvian can illustrate how to implement Shopify Plus multiple stores in Canada successfully. The Vitruvian team decided to use multi-store model and got remarkable results:

  • a 100% increase in revenue;
  • a 33% increase in AOV; and
  • a 200% increase in conversion rate.

Multichannel integration

Shopify Plus recognizes the importance of omnichannel selling in the industry 4.0 and provides seamless integration with various sales channels. By integrating with multiple media channels, online marketplaces, mobile interfaces or blogs, merchants can have opportunities to sell online and reach more customers through a wide variety of sale channels such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Pinterest, and other third party apps such as Wish, Wanelo. Retail businesses can utilize a number of mobile apps or partners to broaden their networks and tap into new customer segments, regardless of discrepancy between language, localization, currency and other aspects.

Shopify plus flow

Shopify Flow

Shopify Flow (Source: Shopify)

Shopify Flow is definitely a powerful tool for large-scale merchants because it can lower impressions on administrative staff and simplify complex tasks. By using Flow, merchants have the opportunity to eliminate manual processes such as sending emails to suppliers or identifying and categorizing customer segments. It also leverages your ecommerce services provider to make promotional campaigns, customized emails to make sure your business will not get failure.

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When VIP customers make purchases, they are guaranteed to be served with exceptional service every moment. In case when an order poses a hint of fraudation, alerts will be sent to employees and the purchase will be reviewed again to make sure nothing goes wrong, then the process continues. Therefore, it ensures the accuracy for the whole purchase journey of customers.

A clothing retailer Shelfies is an example of dealing with high-risk order successfully by implementing Shopify Flow. Previously, they had to sort and verify orders, addressed the problem of chargeback fees manually. However, after setting up Shopify Flow to the operation, they can automatically analyze the new order and reduce the amount of time for mundane things.

Try Shopify Flow templates here


Launchpad is an automated scheduling tool that allows merchants to coordinate and manage events such as sales, product launches, marketing campaigns without too much effort spent. Acting as a virtual checklist, it takes responsibility for manual scheduling and handling them automatically based on merchants’s specific requirements.

For instance, if you want to hold seasonal events like Black Friday sales, you can let Launchpad decide  when the product will be added to your site, what is the best suitable time for advertising campaign and when your sales team will start taking orders to optimize your profits.

You can find more information about Launchpad through the video below.

Schedule an event with Launchpad

Shopify scripts

With Shopify Scripts, users can create tiny code fragments for additional customization.

Another noticeable thing is that web developers can create scripts with Shopify Scripts API. These scripts are classified into 3 groups:

  1. Line-items scripts.These scripts enable changes in all item prices when they are added to shopping cart
  2. Shipping scripts. These scripts enhances shipping experience by modifying shipping rates and shipping method while customers are interacting with shipping page
  3. Payment scripts. Whenever customers use payment gateway, these scripts active and allow them to hide, order or reorder the payment options.

This video is to explain detail information about Shopify Script

Explain about Shopify Scripts

Unlimited staff accounts

As your business grows, it is essential for hiring more staff to handle multiple tasks day-to-day. Shopify Plus offers new features that allows merchants to create unlimited staff accounts so everyone can access to relevant information they need to complete their work.

As an owner, merchant has the right to tailor special permissions for each staff member to control sensitive information and data efficiently. This is ideal for larger companies because it will ensure that your data is secure and that only those with access to certain information can access it.

Apps & integrations

Shopify Plus Plus offers a wide range of applications and integrations to enhance business process’s efficiency. With more than 3200 apps, many of which are free, merchants can gain profitability easier and empower businesses. These are the apps that gain the most popularity:

  • PageFly: A landing page app helps you create high-converting pages.
  • Yotpo: The app lets customers leave product’s review easily.
  • MailChimp: A popular email marketing platform coordinated with Shopify app allows you to connect your email marketing campaign with Shopify store.
  • Klaviyo: An app which is best suited for customizing email and SMS marketing campaigns by analyzing customers’ browsing habits.
  • Instafeed: Your Instagram feed will be showcased on online store, which gives you a chance to boost social proof and engage with your customers efficiently.

These apps are just some examples of diverse apps and integrations of Shopify Plus. For higher functionality, it is possible to integrate with third-party like ERP, 3PL, PIM, you can also alter all these apps to match your business changes.

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Advanced security with SSL certificates

SSL Certification

SSL Certificates (Source: Instapage)

Shopify Plus places a high value on security and maintains the highest standard to protect the right for merchants and their online stores. Owning an SSL certificate, all Shopify Plus stores sensitive information is protected strictly.

To bolster security, it even implements two-factor authentication as an extra layer of protection and any merchants who want to access their accounts, they are requested to provide a second way of verification such as code sent to their mobile device. If fraudulent transactions are detected, they will be checked again for manual review, and you can decide whether you want to cancel or complete the order.

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Customizable checkout

Customizable checkout is a key feature of Shopify Plus which offers superior checkout experiences to customers and brings greater control over the brand to merchants. Through this extensibility features, merchants can use the checkout editor to customize and manage the functionality as well as the appearance of the checkout in a different place from their theme editor. By this way, even the small elements such as font text, background color, image, logo can be designed to be aligned with the concept of the brand, thereby enhancing the overall customer experience.

Moreover, app developers and Shopify partners can build apps to add additional functionalities to the checkout, such as item upsell apps to drive customer satisfaction and  boost conversions.

You can learn more about customizable checkout through the video tutorial below


Shopify checkout tutorial

Shopify POS pro

shopify pos pro

Shopify POS Pro

This comprehensive application helps with store management, metrics, customer management and much more. The Pro version opens up a range of additional features including sales reports, demand forecasting, sale item suggestions and a lot more.

Twinkle Twinkle Little One is an evidence for utilizing resources from POS Pro. From the beginning, this was an online store that used QuickBooks desktop POS. However, the platform did not work well with Magento, the brand’s ecommerce platform at that time. They quickly migrated its system to Shopify POS and eventually the brand found point of sale and ecommerce capabilities above and beyond what they were expecting.

Shopify Plus merchant success program

The main focus of the program is coming up with solutions to overcome challenges in merchant’s business path, as well as forming a community for people to interact with other partners. Shopify Plus Merchant can also access Shopify Launch Engineer, the support team who specializes in the field of technological needs and advices on how to migrate to Shopify from other ecommerce platforms.

The key point of the program is that you have ability to stay connect with your merchant success team 24/7 whenever you have questions about Shopify Plus platform, and engage with the community through:

  • Shopify plus academy
  • Shopify community
  • Shopify plus meet-up and invite-only events

Is Shopify Plus Worth It?

Since we have introduced Shopify Plus with many valuable features to support your business, you may think that the price many times higher than the standard plans. But to ensure that this is the best worthy investment for merchants, we would compare Shopify Plus with other platforms and one more time highlight Shopify Plus features to leverage your business. Let’s first look into comparison table and see advanced functionalities that Shopify Plus offers to customers



Many ecommerce platforms offer users with a wide range of stunning templates, from free to paid version. All are professionally designed which shows their effort to research and deeply understand customer insights.


Besides free templates available, the rest can be purchased within the range price varies depending on each platform policy.

Language support

Shopify allowed store owners to translate their stores into five languages to motivate selling internationally. To improve this feature, based on analyzed data, the Translation app from the Shopify App Store facilitates IP-based translation can now automatically converting the store into the local language depending on the customers' location.


Multi-currency is roughly the basic functionality of many ecommerce platforms for the purpose of enabling businesses to expand their international selling. Furthermore, some can even offer products’ currency displayed in stores which can change depending on the location of customers, which is really convenient for users for not having to to do manually on their screen.

Shopify Plus


Shopify Plus can realize user's IP address and automatically select multiple currencies for users. Therefore, it can save much effort for users since there is no wasting time to manually change currency as before.

Moreover, it can also customize purchasing process based on merchants’ preference. Merchants can decide how the price will be displayed even in different currency, thus making the interface become more eye-catching and improve checkout experience.

Store and product features

Shopify Plus plan provides some high technical apps to help merchants run on businesses more efficiently and smoothly. They include Shopify Flow, Script Editor, Bulk Account Inviter. All can contribute to your store management become much easier.

Help and support answer

The help and support system are available 24/7 to assist all merchants. However, merchants from Shopify Plus plan are benefits with additional services such as:

  • Receiving dedicated support attitude from Launch Manager. They are always willing to provide merchants with expert guidelines in various areas like strategy and methodology to stay updated with modern trend in business
  • Being in priority order whenever unexpected problems arise and have issues addressed by specialists who are majored in the field.

So is Shopify worth it? We are sure that now you have the answer. In other words, choosing the right plans to operate an online  store is not straightforward. Weighing up pros and cons before making decisions to ensure that you would not put your career path at risk.

Which Shopify Plan Is Best For Your Business?

shopify vs shopify plus pricing

Shopify Plus offers numerous advanced features and dedicated support. However, the cost for investment may be higher than the standard plans. For the rest of this article, we will help you understand more precisely to decide which is the greatest plan for your ecommerce store by evaluating 5 options below




Suitable for

Shopify Starter

  • $5 per month
  • An extra 5% transaction fee
  • A 30¢ fee per transaction
  • Dedicated themes consist of essential pages with appealing elements
  • Simple storefront with secure checkout process
  • Essential tools for store management

Beginner seller with limited resources

Shopify Basic

  • $39 per month
  • a transaction fee of 2.9% and 30¢
  • Ability to customize the look of the the store
  • Access to 90+ mobile-responsive themes
  • Add 2 staff account
  • Provide report to have overview operation of the store
  • Offer significant discounts from Shopify Shipping

Small-medium scale

The Shopify

  • $105 per month
  • A transaction fee of 2.6% and 30¢

Businesses that are growing and need access to powerful report types

Shopify Advanced

  • $399 per month
  • a transaction fee of 2.4% and 30¢
  • Offer 100+ mobile-friendly themes
  • Blogging features allow to share news with customers and receive reviews
  • Add 15 staff account
  • High security with SSL certificates
  • Access to Shopify Market to expand international ecommerce
  • Shopify POS allows to sell almost everywhere to boost profits
  • Big discounts from Shopify Shipping
  • Automate repetitive tasks by Shopify Flow

Scaling up businesses that require advanced reporting

Shopify Plus

  • $2,000 per month additional transaction fees
  • Provide dedicated support form Launch Manager
  • Advanced apps for significant growth
  • Provide in-depth report to get closer to customers and have more control the brand
  • Unlimited staff accounts
  • Connection to partners through Shopify Plus Partner Program

Large corporations doing business on the multi-continent scale

If you see Shopify Plus has potential to make your business become thriving,  it’s time for you to upgrade to Shopify Plus and get gigantic benefits from this ecommerce platform and grow your business quickly.

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Shopify Plus is a powerful e-commerce platform that leads the way for business by its unlimited potential. Shopify Plus features with the abilities for scalability, customizability, advanced multi-channel selling, multi - integrations, and helpful support system, it provides a comprehensive solution for merchants who have to deal with high sales volume or customers. Whether you are a merchant, a developing business or a high-level enterprise, Shopify Plus features offer the best tools to elevate your online store.

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