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Inspiration Story: How to Start an eCommerce Business at 50 Years Old

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When you read stories about successful eCommerce entrepreneurs they’re usually about young twenty-somethings. But the truth is, you can start an eCommerce business at any age.

Take Mark Stewart for example. At the age of 50, he decided to give eCommerce a try, and within six months he’s already making money. It just goes to show that this business model is for people of all ages.

Mark was kind enough to sit down with us and tell his story. We hope you find it as inspiring as we did. And for anyone who thinks they’re too old for eCommerce, keep reading to find out why it’s never too late and how to start an eCommerce business online.

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I. Getting Started 

Mark didn’t have any experience with eCommerce when he got started.

“I have been flying hot air balloons for over half of my life,” he said. “So this is as far from the norm as it gets.”

While he enjoys flying balloons, he was ready to try something new. He was also interested in the freedom that having your own business provides. 

As Mark puts it, “I wanted to get into eCommerce because I won't be flying forever. I hope to make this business my future and retirement.”

Out of the many e-commerce destinations, he decided to give Amazon a try. He got started like most others do, experimenting with different product research tools, trying to find one that worked for him. After some searching, he finally found some software that had the information he needed.

“I started researching using a few different tools recommended to me by other sellers,” he said. “And then I came across AMZscout. This tool, by far, has been the most helpful and informative out of all the tools I have tried.”

In addition to using product research tools, Mark also invested in a mentorship. This has given him a proven strategy for finding profitable products and is a big part of his success.


II. Mark’s Product

With the help of his product research tools, and the skills he gained from his mentorship, Mark was able to find a product he knew would sell well.

“My product is a baby backpack diaper bag with a changing station,” he said. “It’s a high-quality diaper bag with many functions, beyond just a diaper bag.”

Mark identified an underserved niche and also recognized a number of features people were looking for. In addition to being a diaper bag, his product includes a changing station that extends out of the bag. To top everything off, he redesigned the bag to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

III. Mark’s Progress

Mark started his journey just six months ago, but he’s already made tremendous progress.

“I currently sell on Amazon, and have created a website to sell on as well,” he says. “I also have started running ads on Facebook and Instagram. I even plan on making a TikTok video soon!”

It’s clear that the time and research he put in beforehand paid off. By using tools like AMZScout, and learning from experienced sellers, he thoroughly prepared himself for the world of eCommerce.

Now he’s running his own successful business and is already planning how he’s going to grow it.

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IV. Why Was Mark’s Product So Successful?

You’re probably wondering how you can find a profitable product like Mark did. It’s not luck. He put in the time to identify a great niche, and how he’s reaping the rewards.

Here’s a breakdown of why his diaper bag is a great product:

  • It’s a Good Price: Mark sells his bag for $49.99, which is high enough to generate profit, but low enough that people don’t have to think too hard before buying it.
  • High Profit Margins: Even after the cost of the product, shipping, and Amazon fees, there’s still plenty of profit left over.
  • High Demand: Products in the niche average 1,360 sales per month, which shows there’s a lot of demand for diaper bags.
  • New Niche: Diaper bag backpacks are relatively new, which allowed Mark to get into the niche early.
  • Low Competition: There aren’t many other sellers offering this product, and those who are aren’t big brands.
  • Consistent Sales: As you can see from the graph above, diaper bag backpacks sell well all year round. This means Mark doesn’t have to worry about his sales dropping during certain times of the year.

As you can see, Mark made an excellent choice for his first product. But that’s not the only reason he’s successful. Once he started selling he did a number of other things right that have helped him grow his business:

  • He used multiple high-quality images that show his product from many different angles.
  • His descriptions are extremely detailed and highlight the many benefits that his item offers.
  • He’s integrated a number of relevant keywords into his listing, which has helped him appear in more search results.
  • He’s answering customer questions, which builds trust and helps lower return rates.

This just goes to show, if you’re willing to do the necessary work before and after you start selling you can achieve amazing results.


So, where does Mark go from here? Well, he’s definitely going to keep working on his eCommerce business. But that doesn’t mean he’s given up flying balloons.

“I didn't stop flying hot air balloons and probably never will,” Mark said. “It’s so much fun!”

We’re so happy that Mark has been able to build a profitable eCommerce business that allows him to make an additional income while still doing what he loves.

We wish him the best and hope he continues to find success on Amazon for years to come.

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