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PageFly’s Unpack Series: A Mini Suitcase for Your eCommerce Journey

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Among the hustle and bustle of digital transformation, eCommerce has made its way up to become a total buzzword. Boy, a single Facebook post doesn’t make you a successful content marketer, neither does an email or a little image on your website. Without a solid foundational understanding of eCommerce concepts, it is easy to get lost in the shuffle of what works best for your brand and company. 

Whether you are from the outside looking in or going ham in business, you should always brush up on your eCommerce knowledge from the right sources with an optimized amount of time. Coming out at the end of July, PageFly’s Unpack Series will equip your eCommerce-hungry brain with everything you need from the get-go of the journey.

I. PageFly’s Unpack: Not just your eCommerce 101 series

Unpack is the first-time webinar series put together by PageFly, rolling out every month to inform viewers of anything eCommerce-related. Similar to Netflix's Explained series, PageFly’s Unpack sets out to address various aspects of eCommerce from the ground up. This is to help bridge the gap between the rookie and the savvy by offering PageFly deep expertise and expert insights into this fast-paced era of online business.

PF Event

Behind this undertaking are an innovative group of thinkers and dreamers from PageFly, who promise to satisfy the two halves of your brain and deliver the best watching experience.

As a seasoned solution provider in the Shopify ecosystem, PageFly has served more than 110.000+ active Shopify merchants from over 120 countries. Just like any of you, we started out as a rookie in the industry and have relentlessly worked our way up to where we are now. For the Unpack series, our approach will not come from the perspective of an inexperienced academic preaching on a macro level, but rather an industry insider that brings in new techniques and select practices for success.

PF webinar series

Such extensive experience in eCommerce has allowed us to walk a thousand miles in the shoes of different customers. Therefore, in Unpack, the language and visuals will be tailored to compel multiple types of eCommerce enthusiasts, all in an effort to both educate and entertain the audience to the max.

II. First season - first episode: A launchpad for your lead generation goal

Unpack Series

Unpack first season centers on the umbrella theme of lead generation, tapping right into the one goal that matters to us all in the industry. 

The three episodes seek to summarize what you need to interact with your digital audience, spanning advertising as a whole, down to the use of emails and videos in marketing. By jamming key highlights into munchy 20-minute videos, PageFly’s Unpack season 1 drives the storyline following a short and sweet approach.

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Each episode begins with a thorough explanation of the topic concepts, then a number of tried-and-true practices, and ends with applicable recommendations at the closing. Don’t worry, we won’t rub facts and figures into your face, which, by the way, sounds like absolute boredom! Instead, our storytellers will walk you through the exploration with practical sharings, along with a creative mix of illustrations, interviews and analyses.

The vibe? Let’s say it’s something that you can grab some popcorn and a bean bag and unwind to. A super chill show for eCommerce lovers!
For debut, the producers of Unpack expect to lure you into a (very healthy) rabbit hole with the first episode called Unpack: Advertising and The Booby Trap.

Unpack first episode

During this time when the amount of information consumed every day gets more and more overwhelming, targeting the right audience and drawing their short-lived attention is a true bottleneck. With the boom of digital marketing and social media specifically, marketers get to gather a well-rounded picture of the customers thanks to endless interactions online.

Top of the pack are Facebook and their sophisticated algorithms that help translate user behavior into meaningful insights, including locations, interests, education levels and many other demographic points. Through its highly advanced Facebook Ads, the tech giant enables marketers to easily target potential customers and deploy marketing materials that accurately address the market needs.

This, however, is not as easy as it sounds. Operating Facebook Ads doesn't adhere to the one-size-fits-all philosophy. 

Pursuing an in-demand idea, the debut piece by PageFly’s Unpack aims to demystify the age-old assumptions in advertising and prepares a light pack for merchants to steer their business with Facebook Ads.

Just a quick glance into the three key questions covered in the video:

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  • What is Advertising and Explain the power of Ads as a tool to generate leads?
  • How do people oversimplify the process and eventually cost money, time and effort (trials and errors)?
  • How to overcome and avoid these mistakes (successful practices)?

Every eCommerce enthusiast can hope to bag meaningful takeaways out of this short watch, whether you are interested in Facebook Ads, paid media, lead generation or advertising in general.


At the end of the day, eCommerce should be made accessible for all, not an overhyped claim that fuels FOMO, misinformation and the fear of running behind. PageFly’s Unpack series is here to help you establish your eCommerce brand in the most well-structured way possible.

Han Solo cannot defeat Darth Vader on his own. Sam cannot single-handedly destroy the ring. Every hero has their sidekick, so let PageFly be yours. 

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