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Cristian Salazar

Cristian Salazar

Technical Operator at PageFly

PageFly's From Zero To One:

This webinar is designed to help you build a responsive store and create a seamless experience across devices in PageFly.

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Webinar Description

Build your powerful pages and launch a responsive website!

It is a known fact that more than 70% of people have made an online transaction while using a mobile device. With mobile shopping on a rise, how do you need to do to bring 2/3 of your customers a swift experience when they browse on your site?

Some online store owners are excited to launch their store right after they complete a great website that they overlook mobile navigation. This badly affects their customers' experience as well as makes them lose a lot of sales and damage their business reputation. Others who are aware of this, however, struggle with personalizing mobile pages and eventually go mad.

Understanding the importance of website responsiveness, we bring this webinar to you to help you build a responsive store and create a seamless experience across devices in PageFly.

We will explore:

  • General understanding of responsiveness.
  • How to build a responsive page on multiple devices.
  • Q&A session with PageFly's expert.

PageFly's Expert Information

Cristian Salazar

Cristian Salazar

Technical Support Operator at PageFly

Cristian is one of brilliant technical operators in PageFly support team. He always works with enthusiasm, responsibility and desire to satisfy the customers he assists.

With over 2800 hours on the app, he definitely will offer you a high-quality tour around PageFly editor mode and insightful tips when building pages with PageFly.

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August 10th, 2022


The webinar ended.


1 hour

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