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10 high-converting Shopify home pages created with PageFly

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What makes a great Shopify home page? Which elements convert and which don't?

In this article, I'll be exploring some of the psychology behind homepage Ecommerce website design along with some examples of homepages created with the PageFly app.


  • The purpose of quality homepage design
  • 'Above the Fold'
  • Make navigating easy
  • A compelling call to action
  • 10 high-converting Shopify homepages created with PageFly
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Shopify themes or PageFly templates?
  • Conclusion

    Try to sell a home with cracked windows, leaking roof and gutter weeds and you’re unlikely to get any sort of offer.

    Well, your Shopify home page works in much the same way. Just as a house is maintained or renovated to receive the best offer, your site’s homepage is the first thing your prospective customers will see. It’s vital to make a great impression straight off the mark.

    But more than this, your homepage should be designed to convert.

    Just as the cracked windows and weeds in your house prevent buyers from even thinking about purchasing, poor site design drives cyber visitors away just as fast.

    So which elements convert homepage visitors into customers?

    It’s about creating trust, incentivizing them and showing them exactly which steps to take from homepage to checkout. 

    10 high-converting Shopify home pages created with PageFly

    The purpose of quality homepage design

    Your homepage doesn’t have to be overly complicated in design or content. In a nutshell, you want to:

    1. Welcome your visitors to your site
    2. Tell them clearly what you want them to do
    3. Give them options to explore and find out more

    But how do you implement this? Sometimes the best way to uncover insights is to ask the right questions. Consider this:

    • What exactly do you want visitors to do? (buy something, subscribe to an email list, etc.)
    • Are you making it easy enough for them?
    • How many steps are involved from start to finish?
    • Can any of these steps be removed?

    In general, we believe in keeping the homepage simple. No need to add more complexity to confuse your readers.

    Consider that some prospects may land on your Shopify home page knowing exactly what they want. Others won’t. Always keep this in mind and design accordingly.


    Dropbox keeps it crisp, clear and under control

    Make the navigation pathways clear. This helps customers avoid “decision fatigue”, a phenomenon that causes humans to back out of a decision that takes too long.

    In analytics terms, when a user clicks away, this is known as “bouncing”. We don't like bouncing.

    Note these tips to help your customers make faster decisions on your home page.

    Take advantage of “Above the Fold”

    Above the fold is the area of the screen that customers see before they scroll down. Newspapers have been using this technique for years, placing enticing headlines in bold “above the fold” for customers to see before picking them off the shelf.

    Above the fold newspaper

    In regards to your homepage, it pays to use a compelling hero image coupled with a call to action. Remember when I said some customers arrive already knowing what they want?

    MVMT watches

    Shopify Plus company MVMT have implemented this nicely, with clear CTA’s for men and women coupled with crisp images showcasing the product. They’ve also used a banner along the top to incentivize purchase with free shipping.

    Make navigating easy

    People glide swiftly from web page to web page on the internet. So it's important to facilitate this and design your site to be as navigationally smooth as butter.

    When you're trying to attract lots of different types of visitors, it's tempting to make your Shopify home page more complex with layers of links and content.

    But in fact, it’s nearly always better to keep things simple.

    Give priority paths to the header section with links you think readers will benefit from the most. Secondary paths can be placed elsewhere - at the bottom of the page for example.

    The PageFly website does this, with the most important and relevant navigation links up top. Sections of further interest can be found in the footer section at the bottom.

    PageFly header

    This makes the entire web page cleaner and less confusing, and gives a great impression when first glancing “Above the Fold”. Notice the Call to Action in the corner too.

    PageFly footer navigation

    It’s up to you to balance your priorities. For example, if customer support is the focus of your brand, you may want to include those links in the header section.

    Note: Including these navigation links is important for Shopify homepage SEO, letting Google understand your brand and site better. 

    A compelling call to action

    Calls to action are at the heart of influential web page design. Consider them signs to follow when you're lost in the forest. They tell readers where to go and what to expect when they get there.

    Your call to action could direct to a product page, a blog, a ‘learn more page’, or a collections page. It’s important to determine your goals and apply CTA’s accordingly.

    Just remember, the harder it is for readers to find your Call to Action, the more likely they are to "bounce".

    Soul Cycle CTA

    Allow it to be clearly seen with contrasting colors and use straightforward language like Soul Cycle. There’s nothing distracting above the fold to take away from the main goal, but there are navigation links for the user to explore further if needed.

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    10 high-converting Shopify home pages created with PageFly

    #10 Notion

    Notion Shopify homepage

    Notion, created with PageFly have taken a fresh approach to their homepage design. The initial CTA is a ‘Watch Video” button aimed to help users learn more about the product.

    Notion CTA

    When the carousel slides across and the second hero image is revealed, the CTA promotes purchase with a contrasting ‘Shop Now’ button.

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    #9 Caledonian Mobile Coolers

    Caledonian Mobile Coolers

    A great example of consistent theme, relevant imagery and concise call to action by Caledonian Mobile Coolers. Nothing distracts heavily from their main CTA and more information can be easily found directly on the homepage.

    #8 Monasita

    Monasita Shopify home page

    Above the fold, Monasita is targeting users with a ‘Spring Special’. This area of your Shopify home page is perfect for seasonal promotions to capture more sales.

    #5 Livroom

    Livroom homepage

    Although we’re not quite sure what exactly Livroom do (looks like a house party delivery service), we dig the design.

    #6 Baby Bare Bubbles

    Baby Bare Bubbles

    When it comes to bathing your baby, it’s important to stress the use of natural products. Baby Bare Bubbles have done this with a neutral color scheme and ingredient transparency. The benefits are clearly stated on their homepage, and multiple calls to action can be found throughout.

    #5 SJC Custom Drums

    You can see some really cool animations and interactive moving elements on this custom drum website built with PageFly.

    When trying to create design features that seem like they’re outside the scope of the app, the support staff at PageFly might be able to help you apply custom code if needed. All you have to do is request a ticket via the chat box in the right corner of the PageFly dashboard.

    PageFly help

    #4 Edward & Sons

    Edward & Sons

    The key to Edward & Sons home page design lies in its simplicity. Each image is actually a CTA, which can be seen when they move as you hover the mouse over them.

    #3 Zen Egg

    Zen Egg homepage

    The Zen Egg website is extremely minimal, perhaps reflecting the empty state of mind needed to find 'zen'. This minimalism combined with testimonials and a word from the designer inspires trust.

    #2 Probi Solution

    Probi homepage

    Finnish cleaning company Probi boast a visually appealing homepage with nice hero imagery and minimal design.

    #1 A.H Apothecary

    A.H Apothecary homepage

    Last on our list of Shopify home pages created with PageFly is A.H Apothecary, with a design that’s as unique as it is wholesome. The dark background is easy on the eyes and the home page tells a story from the get-go.


    PageFly usage isn’t limited to any specific niche, as you can see from the range of brands mentioned above. With PageFly, all aspects of design are placed back in your hands, and not in those of a designer with biased opinions.

    Mobile responsive design

    I seem to say this with every piece I write, but it’s worth repeating. Mobile responsive design should be your priority, with more than half of all eCommerce sales globally coming from handheld devices.

    When creating your store with PageFly, you’ll have the opportunity to view and edit it from a mobile standpoint, just as these merchants have done to capture as many sales as possible.

    Notion mobile site#10 NotionCaledonian mobile coolers#9 Caledonian Mobile Coolers
    Monasita#8 MonasitaLivroom#7 Livroom
    Baby Care Bubbles#6 Baby Care BubblesSJC Custom drums#5 SJC Custom Drums
    Edwards & Sons#4 Edward & SonsZen Egg#3 Zen Egg
    Probi Solution#2 Probi SolutionA.H Apothecary#1 A.H Apothecary

    Shopify themes or PageFly templates?

    A perfectly valid question sits in front of you. But the answer is clear.

    Most merchants join Shopify and quickly browse the theme store, selecting a free theme or paying a premium for one. Now don’t get me wrong, a lot of Shopify themes are great, and fulfill users needs for the most part.

    But, they are very limited in customization. The CSS editor is hard to access, and even if you do go in and meddle with the code, it can lead to problems.

    Plus, you run the risk of your store looking like thousands of others who use the same theme.

    PageFly, on the other hand, has Shopify homepage templates designed for every type of page in all industries. They’re SEO optimized, and fully customizable using simple drag and drop technology. And if you do need to modify some code on the backend, it’s made easy with the Custom CSS editor.

    No fuss.

    PageFly templates

    When creating a new page in the PageFly dashboard, you’ll be prompted to ‘Start from Blank’ or select a template.

    What’s more, you’ll save time and money, and be able to customize the template to fit the look and feel of your brand. Adding products and collections to templates takes only a few minutes as seen in this tutorial video.


    Thousands of merchants are seizing opportunities with PageFly for its powerful customization and customer support.

    Some people call excuses simply well planned out lies. All I know is that you can’t deposit your excuses at the bank. PageFly offer a free 14-day trial with the top tier plan - no strings attached - so you can start building a business today.

    If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way.

    If not, you'll find an excuse.


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