Five reasons to choose PageFly as the best Shopify solution to increase conversion rate

Let’s face facts!

If you’re a Shopify merchant who's managing your store to stand out in the industry, you should adequately notice how important optimizing the conversion rate for your site is. Nowadays, people usually obsess over driving traffic, but it is not enough. The most critical aspect is how many ‘sales’ you can obtain from that traffic.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of enabling people to take action when they visit a website. (Hubspot)”

Based on the recent study, only about 22 percent of businesses are satisfied with their CRO. Do you think that you belong to the remaining unsatisfied 78%? If yes, it’s the time to look at an ultimate secret weapon that has helped numerous Shopify stores boost their conversion rates and gain more sales. It’s called PageFly.

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So what is PageFly?

Put simply, PageFly is an e-commerce CRO solution for Shopify. With various powerful elements, sections, and features, this app is a necessary tool to empower the customization ability of users and increase conversion rates.

Appearing on Shopify apps store from September 2017, counting to 2019, PageFly successfully serves over 12,000 merchants, and the number is still increasing. There must be a few reasons why people are counting on us, right?

If you’re curious, here are five reasons why you should use PageFly now!

Five reasons to use PageFly

Ease of use

When landing on the PageFly dashboard, you can easily find all the necessary information related to the app and your account. On the top, the three tabs ‘Dashboard’, ‘Manage Pages’, and ‘Account’ will allow you to switch areas for quicker access. Or you can ‘Create a new page’ right away by clicking on the plus button.

PageFly Dashboard

With the mindset of putting user-friendliness as our top priority, PageFly was built with a drag-and-drop interface and offers a wide range of useful customized options. As a result, It gives users full control over each element’s styling, formatting or placement as they don't need to know a single line of code.

Pagefly editor

Overall, PageFly Editor structure is divided into four main areas with specific purposes.

  • On the top editor, the top menu allows users not only to access the quick help center but also set up the configurations for this whole page, such as ‘Page settings’ (SEO & layout options), ‘Device Switcher’ or ‘Save & Publish’.
  • The right sidebar is where you can find all elements to adapt with any designing request which are organized into smaller folders such as ‘Elements’, ‘Shopify elements’, and ‘Third-party element’.
  • To the left, we get the Inspector sidebar, which will display all the available settings options when any section/element/etc is selected.
  • Lastly, at the bottom, the breadcrumb provides a detailed structure of each selected element. The right order will be Sections > Row > Column > Element as basically the page parts and will help to keep the page layout responsive on all device screens.

Small tip

When using PageFly, getting to understanding the margin/padding and how to use it will give you a higher degree of control over the frontend customization ability.

About the margin/padding

By checking ‘Styling’ tab on the PageFly Editor, you can effortlessly adjust the element/section place by inserting the number (with or without px) into ‘Margin’ and ‘Padding’ field.

How to use margin/padding options on PageFly

Plenty of optimized templates

Not only providing the necessary elements to build site pages from blank, PageFly also offers plenty of ready-to-use templates so you can use to kick-start your store in a fraction of the time.

PageFly templates library

When talking about PageFly templates library, here are some exciting things you may need to know:

  • The number of templates is 50+ pages and is updated frequently, especially for special events to boost sales such as Black Friday, Halloween or Valentine's day.
  • The template topics are diverse; from fashion, food to furniture or service.
  • Those also cover a wide range of page types; you can easily find a suitable template on the appropriate type, like homepage, collection page, product page or password page.
  • Following the mobile-first design concept, all the templates are highly responsive to mobile view and other device screens.
  • Based on deep research about UX/UI and CRO, the templates are optimized for the highest conversion and will help you save lots of time and effort when building pages.

Small Tip

If you don’t want to use the whole template but one or several sections there, use the ‘Save section’ feature to store it on your library first as a pre-built section, then, you can freely re-use it on any page at any time.

Save sections to reuse on PageFly

App integration

One of the highlights is that the users can go even further than PageFly’s features with the integrative section from other apps. If you want to collect the customer's email as the foundation for the future great email marketing, there is a MailChimp form element which helps to create a subscription form on your page. Alternatively, If you desire to translate the page language, you can integrate Langify Shopify app to make your store multilingual.

Moreover, with efforts to revamp the app quality, PageFly is now becoming the partners with two visual functional review apps: Loox and . Using the review section to renew the page look will be a great way to present testimonials of your product and help to convince customers about the product’s quality and lead to the final goal - increase in conversion rate.

Integrate Loox and review with PageFly

Small Tip

Integrating two Shopify apps can cause some confusion at first. Be sure to have a look at our step-to-step guides , so everything will be more precise!

PageFly third-party integration guide

Conversion rate optimization

In fact, using templates or app integration elements are also ways/steps that you can apply to increase your conversion rates. However, there are still more things I want to share to convince you that PageFly is a great CRO solution your store always needed.

Firstly, besides creating landing (regular) pages, you can also choose and apply your PageFly page to be many different page types, included “Homepage”, “Collection page”, “Product page”, “Password page”, and “Blog post page”. This feature will help to expand the customer's touchpoint on the merchant's store and give users full control over the appearance of all site pages to build consistency.

PageFly page types

Moreover, to deliver the best experience when the visitor’s browser on different devices, PageFly allows users to build a unique view for different device screens, including All screens, Laptop, Tablet, and Mobile. For a closer look, after switching the device view, all the settings on the ‘Styling’ tab will be explicitly set for only this view.

Set the different view for each device on PageFly

Small Tip

Do you know that only 16% of landing pages don’t have navigation bars but removing the navigation menu can increase conversions by 100%?

While a landing page is a standalone page that was created for a specific purpose, having a header and footer available can cause unnecessary distraction and lead visitors to other pages. If so, that means you failed to achieve your goal. However, with PageFly, you can easily display or hide the theme header and footer for any specific page by choosing the option on ‘Page Settings’.

How to hide Header/Footer on PageFly pages

There are still more CRO tips and tricks. Check out our blog!

Helpful support

Becoming a PageFly user also means that we always have your back.

At the PageFly help center, you can effortlessly access our articles series with step-by-step guides that cover every single elements tutorial to the commonly asked questions about our policies.

However, what if you don’t find the needed information through the documentation? Don’t worry. Our dedicated support team is always here. With 20 agents from multi-timezones, the team is always ready to provide outstanding customer support through a 1on1 five-star live chat, 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Let’s have a look at 800+ reviews on Shopify apps store to see their experience with PageFly.

PageFly Support reviews

Small tip

While working on PageFly Editor, if you need a bit of help, don’t forget the ‘Quick help’ option that allows you to search for the guidelines quickly, access the Help Center or contact to the live chat supporter right away!

Access Quick Help on PageFly Editor

PageFly Free plan and 49-day trial?

One interesting thing is that PageFly currently is the only solution in the marketplace which has a Free plan. That means you can use PageFly without any charge, forever.

However, if you want to explore plenty of advanced features on the paid plans, don’t forget that PageFly does offer you a 14-day trial for any plan.

But what if I say you can have up to 49-day trial?

It’s not a joke! After installing PageFly to your store, on the Dashboard, you first need to choose Extend trial day button on the top-right.

Extend PageFLy trial days

Then, following each step to set up PageFly, you can have the bonus 35 trial days by finishing all the tasks. Summing up with the default 14 trial days; now you will have 49 days to experience the app before choosing any plan.

What are you still waiting for? Start using PageFly Now!


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