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20 Product Labels To Nudge More Purchases and Why They Work

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This is a guest blogging article contributed by ModeMagic.

One of the most powerful visual elements you can add to your Shopify store to increase conversions is product labels. Product labels allow you to capture shoppers’ interests without being intrusive. When used correctly, labels can make shoppers stop scrolling and click through to products that they would want to buy.

Read more about what product labels are and the 20 types of product labels you can set up on your Shopify store right now to increase Shopify sales.

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I. What are Product Labels?

Product labels are “virtual stickers” that are added to your online products to call attention to special offers/ information about a product. A product label is shown onto the product image as a sticker and uses attractive colors and a short text to let the shopper know exactly why the product is being highlighted. 

With product labels, you can let shoppers on your Shopify store know what’s selling fast, what they would love, what’s on sale, and more. This can be done without having to send them any marketing messages. 

II. Why Do You Need Product Labels?

Product labels are highly visible since they are shown over product images. Shoppers browsing your store will see these labels and stop scrolling to learn more about the product, ensuring they don’t miss out on a product they may be interested in. 

Stores that use product labels have a 148% increase in engagement rates and a 15% increase in conversion rate. 

With labels, you can indicate why shoppers should click on a specific product. Whether it’s to drive urgency to buy a product, let shoppers know of a product’s scarcity, or create trust, product labels are the perfect way to inform shoppers about the product

Here are a few benefits of using product labels:

01. Build credibility for your products by highlighting their unique features

With a product label, you can inform shoppers more about why a product is special or trusted by other customers without having to explain it in length. They can help you build trust and increase credibility in your brand.

02. Show off your best products to build visibility.

Want to draw attention to your unique and best-selling products?

Add product labels to these unique items to build visibility and ensure you have an opportunity to convert shoppers. This strategy is especially effective if you have a large catalog and want to make browsing shoppers focus on specific products within it.

03. Grab shopper attention with a bright product label.

When shoppers are scrolling through an online store, they might end up missing out on products they may be interested in. A product label can help draw attention to it.

04. Create urgency over products by calling attention to expiring deals and stocks.

Urgency is a proven tactic that many top eCommerce brands use to get shoppers to make a purchase. You can use it within your product label to build visibility and nudge conversion.

05. Lower drop-offs with catchy labels that shoppers would want to learn more about.

Many store visitors drop-off before even visiting a product page. With labels on your products, you can create incentives to nudge these visitors to click on and learn more about your products.

III. 20 Product Labels to Increase Purchases on Your Shopify Store

To help you get started with product labels, we’re listing 20 effective product labels along with how you can use them. You can set up these product labels on your Shopify store using ModeMagic. ModeMagic functions like a product label maker, adding stickers to the products of your choice. These labels can be customized as per your store design and according to your needs.

Here are 20 product labels you can add to your Shopify store to nudge visitors to make a purchase.

01. Product Labels for Scarcity

Use these product labels to create a feeling of scarcity over your products and make shoppers shop quickly!

1. Almost Gone

Product labels like ‘Almost Gone’ can help you catch shoppers’ attention. Shoppers will see that the product is about to go out of stock and will be tempted to click through and learn more about it to see if they would need the product. 

product labels, Shopify product label, increase conversion

2. Low on Stock

Inform shoppers about products with low stock by adding a product label that draws attention to it. A ‘Low on Stock’ product label to make your store visitors stop scrolling and look at the product more closely.

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3. Back in Stock

Products that often go out of stock should have a ‘Back in Stock’ product label. This label will indicate to shoppers that the product is in high demand and often goes out of stock. This would successfully nudge your shoppers to purchase the item so that they don’t miss it.

product labels, Shopify product label, increase conversion

4. Limited Edition

Do you have a product on your Shopify store that is only being sold for a limited period? Ensure that your limited edition products get the hype they deserve with a well-placed product label about. Add a ‘Limited Edition’ product label to highlight the product’s short sales period. 

5. Only X left

We’ve all seen a product label like ‘Only 2 left’ and instantly jumped to buy the product. Use this scarcity tactic on low stock products on your Shopify store to elicit this feeling among your shoppers.

Shoppers are highly likely to buy a product they are slightly interested in if they see that there are very few left in stock. Add product badges like ‘Only 3 left’ so that shoppers who want to shop won’t put it off for later.

product labels, Shopify product label, increase conversion

02. Product Labels for Urgency

Urgency is a powerful tactic to use when you want to drive quicker purchases. Enable these product labels to create urgency to shop your products.

6. Last Day of Sale

Leverage your last day of sale by ensuring every store visitor knows about it. Place a product label with the text ‘Last Day of Sale’ to inform shoppers that they’ll miss out on great discounts if they don’t shop immediately.

7. Offer Running Out

Another product label that is sure to make shoppers pay more attention is the ‘Offer Running Out’ label. This label will surely make shoppers click through on products that you’ve added the label to.

Pro-tip: You can add this label to products that are well-stocked so that you can increase its sales easily.

8. Flash Sale 

Amazon’s lightning deals work brilliantly to ensure shoppers check out their product faster. You can add this feature to your Shopify store as well with the ‘Flash Sale’ label. Highlight products that have a time-sensitive discount on them by adding this product label. 

product labels, shopify product label, increase conversion

9. Discount

Product labels like ‘40% off’ and ‘30% off’ are perfect to allow you to inform your shoppers about the different kinds of discounts running on your store. This is especially helpful since you may want to add different kinds of discounts on different products. Such a discount label will allow you to keep your store interactive so that shoppers can look for specific discounts according to their preferences.

product labels, shopify product label, increase conversion

10. Clearance Sale

Ensure that your last stock of specific products doesn’t go unnoticed. Add a ‘Clearance Sale’ product label to make these products stand out. With such a label, you can inform shoppers about the product and make them check it out. This way, interested shoppers will buy the product before the stock runs out.

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03. Product Labels for Trust

Use these product labels to build trust in your product and make shoppers more confident about shopping from you.

11. As Seen On

Build credibility with a badge on products that have been featured on publications, TV shows, etc. Add a product label like ‘As Seen On Cosmo’ on products so that shoppers are compelled to click on and check out the product.

product labels, shopify product label, increase conversion

12. Award-Winning

Has your product ever won an award? Boast about it with a product label that instantly lets shoppers know. Add an ‘Award-winning’ product label to products that have won awards. Don’t forget to add a paragraph within the product page, giving details about the award that the product won.

product labels, shopify product label, increase conversion

13. No Toxins

Do you sell crayons or other such products that are known to have toxins added to them? You can inform shoppers about your product’s safety standards with a ‘No Toxins’ product label. Such labels ensure that you don’t miss shoppers looking for products similar to what you sell.

product labels, shopify product label, increase conversion

14. COVID Safety

Are you selling certain products specifically for COVID requirements? Or are manufacturing products specifically during this time with high safety standards? Add a product label named ‘COVID Safety’ so that shoppers can quickly find these products and make a purchase.

product labels, Shopify product label, increase conversion

04. Product Labels for Social Proof

Show your store visitors how well your products are received by other shoppers and how popular they are by displaying social proof with your product labels.

15. Deal of the Day 

If you have short-term deals set up on your Shopify store, you can draw attention to the deal with a label on the product. Add a ‘Deal of the Day’ product label that informs shoppers of the time-sensitive deals you have on the store. You’re sure to boost your sale with such a label!

16. Online Exclusive

Add a label for products that you only sell online by adding an ‘Online Exclusive’ or ‘Exclusive’ product label. This can help shoppers identify these products quicker and make them want to buy the product before it runs out. 

product labels, Shopify product label, increase conversion

17. Hard to Find 

Give your rare products the well-deserved attention with a ‘Hard to Find’ product label. Such a label will help you grab the attention of shoppers who are looking for exclusive items.

18. Staff Picks 

Provide an interactive experience with products that have been picked by your staff. Add a ‘Staff Picks’ product label on your team’s favorite products so that shoppers can check out products that your team loves.

19. Top Selling

Ensure that your shoppers don’t miss out on top-selling with a product label. Add a ‘Top Selling’ product label on selected products to navigate your shoppers to products you want them to notice and shop.

20. Bestseller 


product labels, Shopify product label, increase conversion

IV. Enable product labels to increase conversions!

We hope this guide helps you understand why you need to add product labels to your products and helps you identify the product labels best suited for your Shopify store. 

Adding product labels is easy with ModeMagic. This product label app allows you to add labels to products like stickers. This way, you don’t have to spend any time editing your products, and instead, just enable and disable labels as per your requirements.

Install ModeMagic and add product labels to increase conversions.

About the author:

Vanhishikha Bhargava is an eCommerce expert and Content Marketer at ModeMagic. You’ll find her actively seeking out strategies for online business growth and sharing them on Shopify.

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