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PageFly 2.13.0: Release Chinese Version and Pricing Update

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Updated on 19 April, 2020. 

We have gone a long way since PageFly 2.13.0, check out the latest version of PageFly: PageFly V3 - Built For Tomorrow of eCommerce 

For the most up-to-date information about PageFly, check out: PageFly Help Center


I. PageFly 2.13.0: Chinese Version

In our continuous mission of localizing and serving customers across borders, PageFly team is happy to announce the next version of Chinese. 

Why Chinese?

In our previous launches, we emphasized PageFly's popularity in German-speaking, Portuguese-speaking, and French-speaking countries, this time is also no exception.

With the ultimate mission to assist customers easily on their way to build up an online business, both translators and developers have worked days and nights to release the Chinese version - in just one month since the release of French and Portuguese versions

How does it work?

By switching from the default language to Chinese in PageFly Settings, users now can easily work on a native language app UI.

Change UI to chinese

Easily accessible in Settings

Everything, from page editor, page list, to dashboard, can now be quickly translated to Chinese, with just a single click!

Chinese version UI

Everything is now in your mother tongue 

Not only in the App UI, but Chinese is also available in the app listing page. With this improvement, we have hope to reach customers in the Chinese-speaking countries in a genuine and honest way. Languages will no longer be a barrier between users and our product. 

App listing Chinese

Reduce omission of a good product due to the language barrier

For more detailed information, checkout:  PageFly User Interface and Settings

II. Pricing Updates

July 30th marks the final day of our one-month 20% discount campaign. Starting August 1st, all PageFly plans will return to their original price.

If you ever talk to our 5-star support team, you know Customer Success wired into our DNA - so as much as we shy away from disappointing our valued customers, the ending of our discount campaign is inevitable. 

Please note that the pricing update will not affect customers who are already on discounted paid plans prior to July 31st - you won't be charged with the full price of the current pricing plan. 

How can you help?

As this is the first Chinese version so there might be some parts missing translated content, our team is still on the way to continuously improve the product.

We also hope from our first-hand users who experience the updates can send us any feedback. 

Feel free to send us any thoughts to this email:

Your insights are always appreciated and who knows maybe one day your ideas will live in our products. Stay tuned for more thrilling features from PageFly!

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