5 best Christmas landing page templates for Shopify

Not just like Black Friday, which is pure promotion, Christmas event is somewhat more meaningful. It is all about sharing, caring and giving. That's why it would be better that you give your store a Christmas spirit, which may encourage online shoppers to engage more. Christmas sales event is not just promotion but more than that - emotion. In this article, we will introduce to you some Christmas landing page template that may inspire you with some ideas to bring Christmas spirit to your Shopify stores

1. eMax - Multi purpose Christmas landing page template (Shopify version)

eMax template is created for any Shopify store in any niches. For the design, the theme was created with a lot of graphic and pattern that is suitable for Christmas sales events, such as white brush-style text on red background, snowflakes patterns or snowman, gift and candy figures. The social icons are also decorated with Santa Claus's hat, that encourages people to engage. All of the above bring a Christmas spirit to your Shopify store.

eMax is suitable to design a sales page with a lot of elements that help you boost your sale, for example, a big banner with the attractive headline to lure shoppers focus, a countdown clock that may create a sense of urgency. In the below, there is a featured product with full description and buy button, that may help online shopper focus on the product that has highest conversion rate and also take action right away. There is also a “deal of the day" section that offers the shoppers with more options.

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2. Javis - best landing page template for Shopify Fashion store’s holiday sales

Javis template is best optimized to create a Fashion collection page with Christmas spirit. First of all, about the design. Javis brings a Holiday look with white brush-style text on red background, which always refer to Christmas. Besides, the social icons are decorated with Santa Claus's hat, that may add a little excitement and encourage people to engage. Javis was simply designed with the minimalist pattern, in order to drive people attention to images, that's why it would most suitable for the fashion store.

About the design structure, Javis was designed with a top banner which contains a big headline and an attractive call to action button, that may help online shopper focus more on the most important headline, and also take action right away. Under that banner, here comes a top category section, which helps the customer to skim over all collection that is on-sales. After that, there is a best seller item with customizing “Buy button" that encourage people the take action immediately.

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Christmas giftby PageFly Pagebuilder

Open gift

3. Milo - Christmas landing page template for Shopify beauty store

Different from the 2 above template, Milo is created to be the most suitable for Shopify beauty sales page which has multiple sales collections. The template is created with the red background and some small Christmas pattern (Santa Claus's hat for example), that bring Christmas spirit and encourage people to engage more.

Simple as it is, Milo has many sales boost elements, for example, countdown clock and best feature section. Besides, Milo supports a lot of category section with the customizable number of rows, which is most suitable for to create the sales page with multiple sales category.

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4. Noah - Product focus sale page template

As one of my research, almost Shopify owners focus their traffic on the product page. Product page, which is the last sales point, is the most important page. Noah focuses on sales optimizing for your Shopify landing pages. Noah template contains all of the elements that help you optimize your Shopify product page and sell more, for example, countdown clock, which creates a sense of urgency, product feature or rich media (video and images…) and guarantees badge. In the end of the pages, there is a “product with same category" section that offers the shoppers with more options

About the design, Noah brings a simple Christmas spirit with red, white and green color, snow and Santa Claus figures.

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5. Raphael - multiple purpose product page template for Christmas sales

Raphael also helps you to build a single product sales page for Christmas event, just like Noah template that is mentioned above, but is supported by several sales boost elements, such as countdown clock, video review, testimonial section and trust badge. Product image and buy button is repeated twice so it is easier for the customer to take action, click add to cart button.

The design and structure of Raphael template are quite simple, which is suitable for any kind of product.

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Conclusion: 2 easy steps to quickly use these templates

These templates above help you to start creating your landing page faster, at any time, for any niches. Above all, we created these themes based on our eCommerce experience, deep analysis, and continuous testing, that guarantees your sales rate when using these template. Start using them in 2 quick step:

1. Install PageFly Page Builder for free

These templates are the inbuilt feature of PageFly page builder. You would need to install PageFly Page Builder. It's free, don't worry

2. Create a new landing page with Christmas template

Choose any template you want and get started

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