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DreamShip Meetups in Vietnam. In partnerships with Google, PayPal & PageFly

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Over two days - Sep 9 in Ho Chi Minh City and Sep 10 in Hanoi - DreamShip organized a meetup with the participation of over 400 people. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen such a big event with increasing interest from merchants during the holiday season. Along with DreamShip, other partners that joined from Singapore were Google and PayPal teams. 

In this blog post, we’d like to share some key insights that we gained over those two days.

DreamShip - competitive pricing during holiday season

DreamShip released new products for sellers to support the holiday sales season. From September till December a lot of holidays will be kicking off around the world. These new releases came just in time to support sellers with a variety of product sets. 

Ms. Bo (co-founder of DreamShip) shared core values of the company including Powerful Supplier Network, Fast Fulfillment & Delivery, Quality products, and Ethical eCommerce.

Regarding technology updates, I really like the mockup generator coming in Q4 2019. It’s an essential part of selling products in the Print On Demand niche. If you’re new to DreamShip, join the official DreamShip Vietnam Sellers group on Facebook.

DreamShip pricing

Google - DreamShip Partner Case Study by Queena & Brandon

The Google team from Singapore also joined the DreamShip meetup presenting “Reach more customers and drive more sales with Google”. Queena and Brandon shared a valuable case study on the Smart Shopping Campaign. With such high competition in the Facebook Ads arena, it's the right time to consider Google as an alternative advertising channel to acquire customers.

At the meetup, the Google Team also introduced the exclusive partner program in collaboration with DreamShip. The conditions to join are:

  • Clean business and brand vision
  • Committed ads spending budget $45k/3 months
  • Use Shopify and fulfill with DreamShip

If you meet the requirements above contact

Google Singapore Team

Brandon shared a very interesting case study in the print on demand niche.

sales holiday season

PayPal Pro - one more solution like Stripe.

During the meetup organized by DreamShip, there was a topic from a PayPal guy sharing their new product PayPal Pro. It grabbed our attention because sellers can now have one more choice in addition to Stripe for accepting credit cards. One of the main challenges merchants struggle with is Stripe payments. It’s a little bit hard to open a Stripe account if you started your business outside the US.

With PayPal Pro sellers now can integrate credit card payments directly on their Shopify store. The integration happens directly on the merchant’s store. This will help decrease cart abandonment rates and get a higher ROI. There are special conditions to join such as $1 mln USD early volume, a business license in Singapore and some other requirements.

PayPal presentation

Looking at customer insights with Shopify & Google Analytics by PageFly Team

At the DreamShip Vietnam meetup, the PageFly crew also shared best practices for finding customer insights through Shopify Analytics & Google Analytics. We’ve been doing Conversion Rate optimization consultation for exclusive DreamShip clients in recent times. With our experience in ecommerce, we decided to share the best practices for finding customer insights and optimizing ROI with merchant’s traffic.

We shared our flow for building key pages on Shopify, measuring with Analytics, execution of A/B testing and repetition of the flow. With the PageFly app any merchant can easily build eCommerce pages and optimize them for better conversion.


Some moments from the meetup [Image Gallery]

Feel free to check some photos from the event to “feel the atmosphere” and see the rising interest in DreamShip and Shopify.


Future Shopify meetups 

Official and non-official Shopify meetups are happening around the world. Partners, experts, and sellers are gathering together to exchange insights and find new ways to collaborate. If you’re interested in knowing where commerce is going, feel free to check out one of the local meetups from

In addition, feel free to catch our latest report from Shopify Regional Meetup in Penang. You'll get valuable insights as well in Ecommerce world.

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