The Shopify Regional Meetup. Market Insights from Asia.

August 22, for the whole day, 25 Shopify partners decided to meet and share experiences. 

It happened in Penang. A historical and cultural city of Malaysia was chosen as the meeting point. A few local partners from Penang joined in and most participants were flying from Singapore, US, New Zealand, Japan, India, Hong Kong, and Vietnam.

The meetup started with opening remarks from Shopify APAC Manager Namra Deka.

Namra Deka opening remarks

Xavier continued the meetup with his story about Jumpstart Commerce. It was an interesting story about friendship, business and some fun facts. Other speakers included Yoshi Yamaoka - Weblife, and Joyce Quah - Shopify Plus MSM.

Xavier Lee from Jumpstart Commerce

Some moments from Penang Meetup

shopify partners attending

Shopify participants

rounding table of partners

Tri Nguyen from Boostcommerce

Shopify Partner from Japan

PageFly partner

Partners from Vietnam

At the meetup have met with BoostCommerce, and Happy Points Shopify partners. These Shopify meetups allow us to connect with like-minded partners. From discussion, we found common business directions and new ways to do business together with Shopify. 

Soon you can expect to see Boostcommerce and PageFly app integration. Stay tuned ;).

PageFly, Boostcommerce and HappyPoints Teams

Some feedback from partners

“It was great to see regional partners coming together with the sole purpose of making e-commerce better for everyone. This meetup gave us the opportunity to understand each other’s business better and also seek advice from partners who are more experienced. Usually this won’t be possible without the right platform. I see this regional partner meetup as an essential platform for us to know insights on what’s going on in Asia and the opportunities that lies ahead.” 

“A big thanks to Jumpstart Commerce for organizing such an amazing event. We've got great insights and learned valuable lessons from the speakers' sharing. Besides the presentations, the top partners in APAC had an open fireside chat about the rise of Shopify in the region, which also brings a lot of value to the attendees. Everyone knows eCommerce is booming in Asia. That's why it's a great idea to host many more Partners Events here to help us collaborate with other partners and get more Shopify merchants on board. We are looking forward to the next event, perhaps in Vietnam, in the next quarter.”

“I always love to attend the Shopify meetups and meet fellow partners from all corners of the world. This week I attended the Regional Partner Meetup hosted in Penang, Malaysia by Xavier Lee, Founder of Jumpstart Commerce. It was great to hear from the partners there. Sellersmith team shared their experience how they overcome the challenges in the early days and then created one of the leading page builder app on Shopify, Pagefly.

Tri from Boostcommerce shared about the team culture in their company how they always focus to make their team members happy and created one of the best remote team. Their whole team works from home, still efficient and a very strong team. At the end, the fireside chat by all speakers was amazing, we enjoyed the conversations and Q and A session. Looking forward for the next awesome meetups like this.”

“That was a lot of fun and learning, it’s not about Shopify but building a strong team with unique culture, growing customer base, saying “No”, focusing on customers’ success; and one more thing - the future of e-commerce in Asia.

I did meet many great guys from Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, India, United States, New Zealand and had an opportunity to dive into the Shopify ecosystem. Highly recommend anyone who is interested in e-commerce, to come and join upcoming Shopify meetups in our region.”

Final thoughts

The 1st regional Shopify Meetup went well. Thanks to Xavier from Jumpstart for connecting partners and make it happen. 

Ecommerce in Asia is growing rapidly and future Shopify meetups will happen again soon. From the PageFly Team, you can expect to see us soon at the local meetup with collaboration with DreamShip, Shopify and PayPal soon in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh cities. Stay tuned.

Shopify partners in Penang

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