How dynamic content can leverage your customer reviews and rocket sales

If you are looking to increase credibility and trust for your products (and brand), testimonial is an expensive yet effective way to leverage the game of user-generated content. In fact, adding customer reviews is now essential to achieve high-converting profiles. They are authentic, data-driven and unbiased opinions that can uplifts brand trust better than any creative campaign.


Shopify Product Reviews is not enough

If you haven’t heard of Shopify Product Reviews, you are missing out on one free good tool. Product Reviews by Shopify is a popular choice for beginners in eCommerce and a perfect starting place to add reviews to your store. (And it’s free!)

Shopify product review

Built by Shopify’s developers, this is a great first bet, especially if you’re just looking for the essentials: a product review section on every product page, SEO-friendly review scores to your Google search listings and theme-adaptive design. Here’s a sneak-peak of how the reviews by Shopify displayed on mobile view.

Shopify product review on mobile

This one by Shopify is the most effortless solution for adding reviews to your store, compared to others. If you are not looking to invest much effort or conversions on reviews, simplicity is acceptable. However, to be honest, these written reviews are no longer in their glory days. Who would read all of these long text? According to Forbes, 65% of human are visual learners. We yearn for images and moving, dynamic content.

If you believe that testimonials can make a great impact on your store’s conversion rate, and you want to achieve such effect, Shopify Product Reviews can go its own way.

Why dynamic is the new queen

Unless you have lived in a cave and had no access to Internet (God bless you), 2018 has been a year of transformational video and boomerang, from being a marketing tactic to become an entire business strategy. Videos haven’t only transformed how business market and how consumers shop. They also revolutionized how sales people connect with and convert prospects. As strange as it is, videos are making positive influences across various channels.

Video is becoming the new standard of content that is more engaging and of course, more fun to watch. That’s why video testimonial is no longer exotic. In fact, according to Forbes, 90% of customers say video helps them make buying decisions and 66% increase in leads, reported by Aberdeen. It is a must-try due to 4 reasons:

  • Videos build credibility and trust. And when we say “credibility”, we mean the real authenticity that we crave for in virtual world. While text testimonial still holds its stand firmly, its downside is the limits (text length, visual quality, feelings) and the possibility of being fake. With an easy-breezy access to the Internet, people are growing more skeptical of everything. “Is this information verified?” - that’s what your customers care for, and that’s your math. Video steps in to be an effective tool to capture the experience and feelings at their most originality - giving your product undeniable credibility. A happy client is the strongest salesperson and a video testimonial ensures to capture their satisfaction to its full potential.
  • But what about from the perspective of the customer? Will they be bothered when I ask for video testimonial, you may wonder? The answer is absolutely not. Asking a client to give a video testimonial is the ultimate sign of respect and trust. It means your company appreciates their opinion so much that you’re willing to invest in getting in documented. When people feel highly valued, they talk to their friends and families - people who can go extra miles and happily share the video in their networks, boosting further credibility to your brand, without you spending a penny. So video testimonials can increase referrals effortlessly.
  • Videos are easily shareable on social media. A strong reason that makes videos so powerful is because they are easy to be shared across many channels. According to HubSpot, 78% of internet users watch videos online every week. So the testimonial will receive more exposure, which increases brand awareness and credibility.

How to create quality dynamic testimonial

Know your checklist

Before rolling out your camera and equipment, you need to keep in mind that your prospects (or even current customers) will be watching this testimonial when they want to know if your product can (and will) solve their specific problem. This ultimate purpose helps shape the video format and content, making sure you are going the right way. Others essential factors that you should pay attention to (who’s the audience, where’s the channel/platform to distribute, what’s the budget, what’s the success for the video), you can check out this super helpful article by Hubspot. Now we can get back to video testimonial.

The average retention rate of personalized videos is 35% higher than non-personalized videos. Especially, business in high tech and professional services tend to keep their content shorter, with a high percentage of videos under 120 seconds in length. This trend towards short, concise content seems to be consistent across the board and reminds us a traditional wisdom - videos don’t need to be long to be successful, they just need to be helpful for their audience.

Consider the platform

89% of views of business-related videos take place on desktop browsers, with only 11% on mobile devices. Mobile views of B2B content actually decreased by 3% as compared to last year’s data. However, if you plan to seed the videos on Youtube, Youtube reminds people that half of their video consumption is via mobile devices. The entertainment industry even have artists producing vertical videos to better serve their audiences.  

Facebook can be a platform to publish your videos on - but make sure it’s interesting enough that someone would want to keep watching it without sound. Add an eye-catching thumbnail and well execute the caption to ensure your message is delivered through. Twitter is a potential place to trigger your video too (here video is 6 times as likely to be retweeted as photos).

Choose the right tool

We’ve saved you some time (you’re welcome) and tried some review apps available in the market. If you want to focus on product reviews and adore a visually static approach, Loox is a great choice. However, if you want to leverage the testimonial game to a more exposed space such as Home page, Landing page or Sales page, is a better call because of their tools to create dynamic contents. Product Reviews is built with the mission to increase your store's conversion rate, organic traffic, and buyer engagement.

Some highlight features of Product Reviews app

  1. Product Reviews with in-email review form
  2. Video Reviews & Photo Reviews
  3. Review Carousel
  4. Product Review Groups / Shop Synchronization
  5. Q/A and custom forms/questions: People can ask public questions you can answer, like an interactive FAQ. features

Not only doing a great job in-store, team even excels in marketing aspect compared to others. They include SEO Rich Snippets so the ratings are marked up in Google search, while ranked up in Google Shopping at the same time so it can improve the click-through rate. These reviews also create automatic social push to drive traffic from Facebook and Twitter - the 2 busiest social platforms on Earth. reviews display

Last but definitely not least, what makes merchants and customers fall in love with it so hard is how people can write in-email reviews, so they don’t have to go anywhere far from their inboxes. It’s so convenient - who would want say no?

If this is what you are looking for, install now.

Ready. Set. Install!

Think strategically about where you are going to place your customer reviews. Statistics show that embedding video testimonials in landing pages can raise conversion rates by as much as 80%, while other types of reviews can be placed anywhere you want to test (probably everywhere).

With the most suitable review app installed, you can help the next customer make better buying decision. Once they see that they’re safe to purchase a product, enjoy your boosted conversion rate!

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