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PageFly 3.4.0: Bold Subscriptions Integration, Enhanced Slideshow Element and Better Product List

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You will love this release - with PageFly 3.4.0, we aim to tackle the most popular request from our customers, including
  • Bold Subscriptions Integration 
  • Enhanced Slideshow Element 
  • Improved Loading Status For Product List Element  

I. Bold Subscriptions Integration 

Dollar Shave Club sells razors. Stich Fix sells clothes. and SnackNation sells snacks. 

They sell vastly different products, but they have one thing in common: The fact that they are all shining examples of subscription box business done right and dominating in a market expected to be worth over 1.2$ billion in 2022 (Royal Mail). 

Soaking it in for a moment, you’ll find that having a subscription offer can give your eCommerce business a substantial competitive edge, especially when 54% of online shoppers said they subscribed to at least 01 subscription box.  - this is why PageFly has been expanding our integration with Shopify Subscription apps, first was ReCharge Subscription, and PayWhirl, now we're happily well-versed with Bold Subscriptions, one of the most popular Subscription app on the market. 

To use Bold Subscriptions with PageFly, simply open our 3-rd Party Library, select Bold Subscriptions, then add it to your working editor. 

Bold Subscriptions element

To set up basic subscription offerings, you just need to hop over to your Bold App Dashboard and set it up, PageFly will then be synced with Bold Settings instantly. 

Bold Subscriptions on Editor

If you want to learn more about building your own subscription box on Shopify, check out PageFly’s course produced in partnership with Shopify Learn here: How To Build A Online Subscription Box Business

Shopify Compass Course

II. Enhanced Slideshow Element 

PageFly's slideshow element also got a major power boost. 

The first major enhancement is that now you can drag and drop almost everything to the slideshow, even the Product List element. 

Simply remove the default background then drop the Product List element to your Slideshow, then adjust Slideshow Height using Paddings. 

Slideshow element

The 2nd major enhancement is Slideshow Height management: Your Slideshow Height is now automatically set based on your slide content. 

For example, in the below screenshot, I have an image for each slide, and the slideshow's height is now taken after the height of the largest image (the middle one). 

New PageFly Slideshow

Your question will naturally be: Now how can I scale all my slides to the same height? 

Great question - the easiest way is to make sure all images you use in your slideshow have the same size right from the beginning. 

If not, you can also turn on the “Set Max Height" option. This option will max out to the height of the tallest slide in the slideshow including invisible one, then you can simply resize the other images to the fixed slide height. 

Max height Settings

III. Product List Update and Other Improvement

Have you ever get slightly annoyed by this “Loading….” bar whenever you add Product List to your working editor? 

Product List Loading Status

We know we do - this is why we have also built on this particular functionality and brought forth a better-looking loading status design. 

Better Slideshow design

Other improvements we've added to this PageFly 3.4.0 releases: 

  • Fix the glitchy bug in Media Manager 
  • Add another 3rd-party element library - reserved for 3rd-party integrations that have a site-wide impact. 

That's all for this 3.4.0 release.

We'd like to remind you that we take our customer feedback seriously and we hold dear to a future where every session with PageFly will put a smile on your face.  

We're not there yet, but we're one step closer with every feedback we receive. So make sure you hit us up in our 24/7 Support Live Chat if you have any questions and requests! 

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